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505彩票app苹果版【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Really, you should relate all this aloud, you would havethe greatest success."   "What fortune?"

    "Ah!" exclaimed mine host, "I did not think it likely yourexcellency would have chosen to mingle with such a rabble asare always collected on that hill, which, indeed, theyconsider as exclusively belonging to themselves."

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   The doctor, without shaking hands with Villefort, withoutadding a word to what he had said, went out, amid the tearsand lamentations of the whole household. The same eveningall Villefort's servants, who had assembled in the kitchen,and had a long consultation, came to tell Madame deVillefort that they wished to leave. No entreaty, noproposition of increased wages, could induce them to remain;to every argument they replied, "We must go, for death is inthis house." They all left, in spite of prayers andentreaties, testifying their regret at leaving so good amaster and mistress, and especially Mademoiselle Valentine,so good, so kind, and so gentle. Villefort looked atValentine as they said this. She was in tears, and, strangeas it was, in spite of the emotions he felt at the sight ofthese tears, he looked also at Madame de Villefort, and itappeared to him as if a slight gloomy smile had passed overher thin lips, like a meteor seen passing inauspiciouslybetween two clouds in a stormy sky.

   Neither Mercedes nor Edmond observed the strange expressionof his countenance; they were so happy that they wereconscious only of the sunshine and the presence of eachother.


    "Alas, your excellency is right," replied Bertuccio, "andGod made this infant the instrument of our punishment. Neverdid a perverse nature declare itself more prematurely, andyet it was not owing to any fault in his bringing up. He wasa most lovely child, with large blue eyes, of that deepcolor that harmonizes so well with the blond complexion;only his hair, which was too light, gave his face a mostsingular expression, and added to the vivacity of his look,and the malice of his smile. Unfortunately, there is aproverb which says that `red is either altogether good oraltogether bad.' The proverb was but too correct as regardedBenedetto, and even in his infancy he manifested the worstdisposition. It is true that the indulgence of hisfoster-mother encouraged him. This child, for whom my poorsister would go to the town, five or six leagues off, topurchase the earliest fruits and the most temptingsweetmeats, preferred to Palma grapes or Genoese preserves,the chestnuts stolen from a neighbor's orchard, or the driedapples in his loft, when he could eat as well of the nutsand apples that grew in my garden. One day, when Benedettowas about five or six, our neighbor Vasilio, who, accordingto the custom of the country, never locked up his purse orhis valuables -- for, as your excellency knows, there are nothieves in Corsica -- complained that he had lost a louisout of his purse; we thought he must have made a mistake incounting his money, but he persisted in the accuracy of hisstatement. One day, Benedetto, who had been gone from thehouse since morning, to our great anxiety, did not returnuntil late in the evening, dragging a monkey after him,which he said he had found chained to the foot of a tree.For more than a month past, the mischievous child, who knewnot what to wish for, had taken it into his head to have amonkey. A boatman, who had passed by Rogliano, and who hadseveral of these animals, whose tricks had greatly divertedhim, had, doubtless, suggested this idea to him. `Monkeysare not found in our woods chained to trees,' said I;`confess how you obtained this animal.' Benedetto maintainedthe truth of what he had said, and accompanied it withdetails that did more honor to his imagination than to hisveracity. I became angry; he began to laugh, I threatened tostrike him, and he made two steps backwards. `You cannotbeat me,' said he; `you have no right, for you are not myfather.'

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   "That was not enough for those latitudes," said theEnglishman; "I should have taken four reefs in the topsailsand furled the spanker."

    all the Englishman appeared to know. The agent arose, andhaving bowed to Lord Wilmore, who returned his salutationwith the stiff politeness of the English, he retired. LordWilmore, having heard the door close after him, returned tohis bedroom, where with one hand he pulled off his lighthair, his red whiskers, his false jaw, and his wound, toresume the black hair, dark complexion, and pearly teeth ofthe Count of Monte Cristo. It was M. de Villefort, and notthe prefect, who returned to the house of M. de Villefort.The procureur felt more at ease, although he had learnednothing really satisfactory, and, for the first time sincethe dinner-party at Auteuil, he slept soundly.

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   "On the contrary," returned Gaetano, "the chief, who wastold you were a young Frenchman, invites you to sup withhim."

    "Count, I have your word," said Morrel coldly; then takingout his watch, he added, "It is half-past eleven."

<  "Ah, it is No, then?"   "Really, this is too absurd," said Villefort.

    Caderousse remained for a moment aghast under the weight ofsuch an idea. "Oh!" he said, taking up his hat, which heplaced on the red handkerchief tied round his head, "we willsoon find out."


<  "`"General," said the chief of the assembly, "one man mayinsult fifty -- it is the privilege of weakness. But he doeswrong to use his privilege. Follow my advice, swear, and donot insult." The general, again daunted by the superiorityof the chief, hesitated a moment; then advancing to thepresident's desk, -- "What is the form, said he.   "Grief has consumed her," said Villefort -- "yes, grief,doctor! After living forty years with the marquis" --

    "The festa was magnificent; not only was the villabrilliantly illuminated, but thousands of colored lanternswere suspended from the trees in the garden; and very soonthe palace overflowed to the terraces, and the terraces tothe garden-walks. At each cross-path was an orchestra, andtables spread with refreshments; the guests stopped, formedquadrilles, and danced in any part of the grounds theypleased. Carmela was attired like a woman of Sonnino. Hercap was embroidered with pearls, the pins in her hair wereof gold and diamonds, her girdle was of Turkey silk, withlarge embroidered flowers, her bodice and skirt were ofcashmere, her apron of Indian muslin, and the buttons of hercorset were of jewels. Two of her companions were dressed,the one as a woman of Nettuno, and the other as a woman ofLa Riccia. Four young men of the richest and noblestfamilies of Rome accompanied them with that Italian freedomwhich has not its parallel in any other country in theworld. They were attired as peasants of Albano, Velletri,Civita-Castellana, and Sora. We need hardly add that thesepeasant costumes, like those of the young women, werebrilliant with gold and jewels.





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