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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You are dreaming!"
2.  "In the first place, both my friend and I must spend the night inyour room."
3.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
4.  His words were cut short by a sudden scream of "Help! Help! Murder!"With a thrill I recognized the voice as that of my friend. I rushedmadly from the room on to the landing. The cries, which had sunkdown into a hoarse, inarticulate shouting, came from the room which wehad first visited. I dashed in, and on into the dressing-roombeyond. The two Cunninghams were bending over the prostrate figureof Sherlock Holmes, the younger clutching his throat with bothhands, while the elder seemed to be twisting one of his wrists. Inan instant the three of us had torn them away from him, and Holmesstaggered to his feet, very pale and evidently greatly exhausted."Arrest these men, Inspector," he gasped.
5.  "This was excellent news, Watson, for it showed me that I was on theright road. I looked up at the sun. It was low in the heavens, and Icalculated that in less than an hour it would lie just above thetopmost branches of the old oak. One condition mentioned in the Ritualwould then be fulfilled. And the shadow of the elm must mean thefarther end of the shadow, otherwise the trunk would have beenchosen as the guide. I had, then, to find where the far end of theshadow would fall when the sun was just clear of the oak.""That must have been difficult, Holmes, when the elm was no longerthere."
6.  "'I have heard so.'


1.  "And, no doubt, to free the country from a pest?"
2.  "I've left Barker to look after the formalities," said Holmes."You had not met Barker, Watson. He is my hated rival upon theSurrey shore. When you said a tall dark man it was not difficult forme to complete the picture. He has several good cases to his credit,has he not, Inspector?"
3.  "Neither, sir. It was William the coachman. Shot through theheart, sir, and never spoke again."
4.  "You appear to me," he said, at last, "to be taking matters too muchfor granted. I am, of course, familiar with the contents of theseletters. My client will certainly do what I may advise. I shallcounsel her to tell her future husband the whole story and to trust tohis generosity."
5.  "Only this: What did you do with the bodies?"
6.  "Did you observe the colour?"


1.  When we were out in the darkness of the quadrangle, we againlooked up at the windows. The Indian still paced his room. Theothers were invisible.
2.  The young lady blushed and laughed.
3.  I felt some reflection of his elation in my own mind, for I knewwell that he would not depart so far from his usual austerity ofdemeanour unless there was good cause for exultation. All the longNovember evening I waited, filled with impatience for his return. Atlast, shortly after nine o'clock, there arrived a messenger with anote:
4.  "What the devil do you mean by this, Mr. Holmes? Do you dismiss mycase?"
5.   "A pathetic, futile, broken creature."
6.  "I felt I must follow you. Oh, Jack, I have been so dreadfullyfrightened! It is awful to be there alone."


1.  "You wrote it? There was no one on earth outside the Joint whoknew the secret of the dancing men. How came you to write it?""What one man can invent another can discover," said Holmes. Thereis a cab coming to convey you to Norwich, Mr. Slaney. But meanwhile,you have time to make some small reparation for the injury you havewrought. Are you aware that Mrs. Hilton Cubitt has herself lainunder grave suspicion of the murder of her husband, and that it wasonly my presence here, and the knowledge which I happened topossess, which has saved her from the accusation? The least that youowe her is to make it clear to the whole world that she was in no way,directly or indirectly, responsible for his tragic end.""I ask nothing better," said the American. "I guess the very bestcase I can make for myself is the absolute naked truth.""It is my duty to warn you that it will be used against you,"cried the inspector, with the magnificent fair play of the Britishcriminal law.
2.  "A starting-point for our investigation." He hailed a cab. "King'sCross Station," said he.
3.  Ferguson sat up with a cry of joy.
4、  He pointed to a smallish, dark, well-dressed man who was bustlingalong the other side of the road. As we watched him he looked acrossat a boy who was bawling out the latest edition of the eveningpaper, and, running over among the cabs and busses, he bought one fromhim. Then, clutching it in his hand, he vanished through a doorway."There he goes!' cried Hall Pycroft. These are the company's officesinto which he has gone. Come with me, and I'll fix it up as easilyas possible."
5、  "Exactly," said Holmes. "What rugged common sense! None the less,I should be curious to see it."




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      "Who was he?" asked Holmes.

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      "You? Who are you? How could you know anything of thematter?"

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       "He's a fine fellow," said Holmes as we came out into Whitehall."But he has a struggle to keep up his position. He is far from richand has many calls. You noticed, of that his boots had been resoled.Now, Watson, I won't detain you from your legitimate work anylonger. I shall do nothing more to-day unless I have an answer to mycab advertisement. But I should be extremely obliged to you if youwould come down with me to Woking to-morrow by the same train which wetook yesterday."

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      "A printing press- a counterfeiter's outfit," said Holmes."Yes, sir," said our prisoner, staggering slowly to his feet andthen sinking into the chair. "The greatest counterfeiter London eversaw. That's Prescott's machine, and those bundles on the table are twothousand of Prescott's notes worth a hundred each and fit to passanywhere. Help yourselves, gentlemen. Call it a deal and let me beatit."

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    {  "Good. You could keep up an intelligent conversation on thesubject?"

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      "Half an hour, sir. He was a very restless gentleman, sir, a-walkin'and a-stampin' all the time he was here. I was waitin' outside thedoor, sir, and I could hear him. At last he outs into the passage, andhe cries, 'Is that man never goin' to come?' Those were his verywords, sir. 'You'll only need to wait a little longer,' says I.'Then I'll wait in the open air, for I feel half choked,' says he.'I'll be back before long.' And with that he ups and he outs, andall I could say wouldn't hold him back."}

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      "I admit nothing."

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      "That is final. Then someone came into your room and placed thepistol there in order to inculpate you."

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       "Well, well, we shall be strong enough. 'Thrice is he armed who hathhis quarrel just.' We simply can't afford to wait for the police or tokeep within the four corners of the law. You can drive off, cabby.Now, Watson, we'll just take our luck together, as we haveoccasionally done in the past."

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    {  "He was very ill, poor fellow. I left him collapsed in the chair.I was in such a hurry to come to you."

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      "It is our French gold," whispered the director. "We have hadseveral warnings that an attempt might be made upon it.""Your French gold?"