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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Never have I had such a shock! In an instant, with a tiger-spring,the dying man had intercepted me. I heard the sharp snap of atwisted key. The next moment he had staggered back to his bed,exhausted and panting after his one tremendous outflame of energy."You won't take the key from me by force, Watson, I've got you, myfriend. Here you are, and here you will stay until I will otherwise.But I'll humour you." (All this in little gasps, with terriblestruggles for breath between) "You've only my own good at heart. Ofcourse I know that very well. You shall have your way, but give metime to get my strength. Not now, Watson, not now. It's fouro'clock. At six you can go."
2.  "'I must see that paper, Musgrave,' said I, 'which this butler ofyours thought it worth his while to consult, even at the risk of theloss of his place.'
3.  Holmes considered for some little time.
4.  "He disappeared so suddenly."
5.  "Ah, it is not part of, your profession to carry about a portableNewgate Calendar in your memory. I have been down to see friendLestrade at the Yard. There may be an occasional want of imaginativeintuition down there, but they lead the world for thoroughness andmethod. I had an idea that we might get on the track of our Americanfriend in their records. Sure enough, I found his chubby facesmiling up at me from the rogues' portrait gallery. 'James Winter,alias Morecroft, alias Killer Evans,' was the inscription below."Holmes drew an envelope from his pocket. "I scribbled down a fewpoints from his dossier: Aged forty-four. Native of Chicago. Knownto have shot three men in the States. Escaped from penitentiarythrough political influence. Came to London in 1893. Shot a man overcards in a night-club in the Waterloo Road in January, 1895. Man died,but he was shown to have been the aggressor in the row. Dead man wasidentified as Rodger Prescott, famous as forger and coiner in Chicago.Killer Evans released in 1901. Has been under police supervisionsince, but so far as known has led an honest life. Very dangerous man,usually carries arms and is prepared to use them. That is our bird,Watson- a sporting bird, as you must admit."
6.  "I say that I have solved it."


1.  The plump young man led us to a spot where the top of one of thewooden rails had been cracked. A small fragment of the wood washanging down. Holmes pulled it off and examined it critically."Do you think that was done last night? It looks rather old, does itnot?"
2.  "We went upstairs together, the colonel first with the lamp, the fatmanager and I behind him. It was a labyrinth of an old house, withcorridors, passages, narrow winding staircases, and little lowdoors, the thresholds of which were hollowed out by the generationswho had crossed them. There were no carpets and no signs of anyfurniture above the ground floor, while the plaster was peeling offthe walls, and the damp was breaking through in green, unhealthyblotches. I tried to put on as unconcerned an air as possible, but Ihad not forgotten the warnings of the lady, even though Idisregarded them, and I kept a keen eye upon my two companions.Ferguson appeared to be a morose and silent man, but I could seefrom the little that he said that he was at least a fellow-countryman."Colonel Lysander Stark stopped at last before a low door, whichhe unlocked. Within was a small, square room, in which the three of uscould hardly get at one time. Ferguson remained outside, and thecolonel ushered me in.
3.  "At least I have tried to."
4.  "He was white with rage, and, indeed, I felt myself in sodifficult a position that I could only stammer out a few incoherentapologies in which I tried to excuse myself by urging my anxiety formy friend.
5.  "Well, well," said he, at last. "It is, of course, possible that acunning man might change the tyres of his bicycle in order to leaveunfamiliar tracks. A criminal who was capable of such a thought is aman whom I should be proud to do business with. We will leave thisquestion undecided and hark back to our morass again, for we have lefta good deal unexplored."
6.  "We have had the pleasure of making the doctors acquaintance,"said Holmes, and in a few words he sketched out what had occurred.Miss Stoner turned white to the lips as she listened.


1.  "And now there is only she to be described. She is my niece; butwhen my brother died five years ago and left her alone in the worldI adopted her, and have looked upon her ever since as my daughter. Sheis a sunbeam in my house sweet, loving, beautiful, a wonderful managerand housekeeper, yet as tender and quiet and gentle as a woman couldbe. She is my right hand. I do not know what I could do without her.In only one matter has she ever gone against my wishes. Twice my boyhas asked her to marry him, for he loves her devotedly, but eachtime she has refused him. I think that if anyone could have drawnhim into the right path it would have been she, and that hismarriage might have changed his whole life; but now, alas! it is toolate-forever too late!
2.  "One evening, shortly after my arrival, we were sitting over a glassof port after dinner, when young Trevor began to talk about thosehabits of observation and inference which I had already formed intoa system, although I had not yet appreciated the part which theywere to play in my life. The old man evidently thought that his sonwas exaggerating in his description of one or two trivial featswhich I had performed.
3.  But Holmes was shaking his head, and his face was puzzled andexpectant rather than joyous.
4.  The quick eye of my companion had noted some change in her manner.She coloured and hesitated.
6.  Holmes rose from his chair.


1.  "Is he at home at present?"
2.  "But why?"
3.  "'"I'd had nearly a quarter of a million, hadn't I?"
4、  Holmes and I put on our dress-clothes, so that we might appear to betwo theatre-goers homeward bound. In Oxford Street we picked up ahansom and drove to an address in Hampstead. Here we paid off our cab,and with our great coats buttoned up, for it was bitterly cold, andthe wind seemed to blow through us, we walked along the edge of theheath.
5、  "There are objections to the joke theory, no doubt" said he, "butthere are much stronger reasons against the other. We know that thiswoman has led a most quiet and respectable life at Penge and herefor the last twenty years. She has hardly been away from her homefor a day during that time. Why on earth, then, should any criminalsend her the proofs of his guilt, especially as, unless she is amost consummate actress, she understands quite as little of the matteras we do?"




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      I lit my pipe and leaned back in my chair.

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      He strode off upon his way, while Stackhurst, with angry eyes, stoodglaring after him. "Is he not an impossible, intolerable man" hecried.

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       "Unless this is a clever forgery to put us on the wrong scent. Thering, after all, proves nothing. It may have been taken from him.""No, no; it is, it is his very own writing!"

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      "I was afraid that you were engaged."

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    {  "Pending the alterations, as I understand. By the way, there doesnot seem to be any very pressing need for repairs at that end wall.""There were none. I believe that it was an excuse to move me from myroom."

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      "How do you know?" he gasped, sitting down heavily in his chair."It is my business to know things. That is my trade."}

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      "Yes, one thing which struck me more than anything else. I haddriven to the Blackheath Station and had caught my train there when,just as it was starting, I saw a man dart into the carriage next to myown. You know that I have a quick eye for faces, Holmes. It wasundoubtedly the tall, dark man whom I had addressed in the street. Isaw him once more at London Bridge, and then I lost him in thecrowd. But I am convinced that he was following me."

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      "Was there ever a more exact demonstration?" he cried. "See, Watson,your revolver has solved the problem!" As he spoke he pointed to asecond chip of the exact size and shape of the first which hadappeared on the under edge of the stone balustrade.

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       "I have been considering that."

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    {  "Who keeps Lady Beatrice Falder company?" he asked at last."There is her maid, Carrie Evans. She has been with her this fiveyears."

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      "I should like to see him very much."