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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I think so," returned Hurstwood. "He said he would."
2.  "Why don't you keep part of your money and buy yourself one?" shesuggested, worried over the situation which the withholding ofCarrie's money would create.
3.  "What's the use worrying? I'm not out yet. I've got six weeksmore. Even if worst comes to worst, I've got enough to live onfor six months."
4.  He smiled good-naturedly as he said this.
5.  His dinner cost him .50. By eight o'clock he was through, andthen, seeing guests leaving and the crowd of pleasure-seekersthickening outside wondered where he should go. Not home.Carrie would be up. No, he would not go back there this evening.He would stay out and knock around as a man who was independent--not broke--well might. He bought a cigar, and went outside onthe corner where other individuals were lounging--brokers, racingpeople, thespians--his own flesh and blood. As he stood there,he thought of the old evenings in Chicago, and how he used todispose of them. Many's the game he had had. This took him topoker.
6.  "You want to look out for them things," said the officer on theleft, condescendingly.


1.  Drouet hesitated, now that he was in her presence, uncertain asto what course to pursue. He was no diplomat. He could neitherread nor see.
2.  "Oh, lovely!" exclaimed Lola, walking about.
3.  "Dinner's ready," she said, passing him for something.
4.  "Ah, be very humble now--very humble indeed. Tell us what it isyou require. Tell it quickly, nervously, and without a vestigeof self-respect. If no trouble to us in any way, we may see whatwe can do."
5.  When he came near the office in question, he saw a few menstanding about, and some policemen. On the far corners wereother men--whom he took to be strikers--watching. All the houseswere small and wooden, the streets poorly paved. After New York,Brooklyn looked actually poor and hard-up.
6.  Hurstwood was interestedly remarking to Carrie.


1.  Suddenly he turned to considering the peculiarity of herdisposition, expressing her feelings so frankly.
2.  "Yes," said Carrie.
3.  Carrie, left alone since the scene in question, and having no onewith whom to counsel, had at first wandered from one strangemental conclusion to another, until at last, tired out, she gaveit up. She owed something to Drouet, she thought. It did notseem more than yesterday that he had aided her when she wasworried and distressed. She had the kindliest feelings for himin every way. She gave him credit for his good looks, hisgenerous feelings, and even, in fact, failed to recollect hisegotism when he was absent; but she could not feel any bindinginfluence keeping her for him as against all others. In fact,such a thought had never had any grounding, even in Drouet'sdesires.
4.  Carrie looked at him and felt justified. She was looking forsomething which would calm her conscience, and here it was, alight, airy disregard of her claims upon his justice. He hadfaithfully promised to marry her, and this was the way hefulfilled his promise.
5.   "Mercy!" interrupted Carrie. "I couldn't pay any such rate asthat."
6.  "We are going to supper, of course," he said, with a voice thatwas a mockery of his heart.


1.  "Well, I won't," said the little girl, who had a resource in heradmirers. "I went once and I didn't have anything at the end ofthe season."
2.  Hurstwood, being an older man, could scarcely be said to retainthe fire of youth, though he did possess a passion warm andunreasoning. It was strong enough to induce the leaning towardhim which, on Carrie's part, we have seen. She might have beensaid to be imagining herself in love, when she was not. Womenfrequently do this. It flows from the fact that in each exists abias toward affection, a craving for the pleasure of being loved.The longing to be shielded, bettered, sympathised with, is one ofthe attributes of the sex. This, coupled with sentiment and anatural tendency to emotion, often makes refusing difficult. Itpersuades them that they are in love.
3.  "Yes, I guess so," said his companion, looking up at him. Shewas thinking it was slightly strange.
4、  "Oh, yes I do--course I do--what put that into your head?"
5、  "Well, now, I'll tell you what we are trying to do," went on Mr.Quincel. "We are trying to get a new set of furniture for thelodge. There isn't enough money in the treasury at the presenttime, and we thought we would raise it by a littleentertainment."




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      "Very well," said Hurstwood. "Rather anxious about you though.You'd better go out now and cheer her up."

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      After it was over she dressed quickly, and as the manager hadscolded some others and passed her, she imagined she must haveproved satisfactory. She wanted to get out quickly, because sheknew but few, and the stars were gossiping. Outside werecarriages and some correct youths in attractive clothing,waiting. Carrie saw that she was scanned closely. The flutterof an eyelash would have brought her a companion. That she didnot give.

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       "And then if that little real estate deal I've got on goesthrough, we'll get married," he said with a great show ofearnestness, the while he took his place before the mirror andbegan brushing his hair.

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      "Supposing I do lay it on the top," he said, "and go away,they'll know who took it. I'm the last to close up. Besides,other things will happen."

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    {  Carrie noticed his agitation, but said nothing. She had no ideawhat it meant or that it was important.

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      Carrie was surprised to see him at a quarter of three.}

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      He looked rather determined now, in a desolate sort of way, andCarrie felt very sorry. Something of the old Hurstwood was here--the least shadow of what was once shrewd and pleasant strength.Outside, it was cloudy and blowing a few flakes of snow.

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      "Where has he gone?" he asked, looking up. He had never beforebeen kept in ignorance concerning departures.

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       "They say you can get things lots cheaper there."

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    {  When she went into her own flat she had this to think about. Shedid not know whether she would ever see this man any more. Whatdifference could it make--what difference could it make?

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      "Our lease expires when?" asked Hurstwood, thinking. "NextFebruary, isn't it?"