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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "So much the better for the dogs," said Monte Cristo.
2.  "No, to-morrow; I shall not have time to day."
3.  "A piece of dry bread, since the fowls are beyond all pricein this accursed place."
4.  "Yes," said Monte Cristo "I think M. Danglars mentioned thatin a visit which I paid him; and," continued he, casting aside-glance at Lucien, who was turning over the leaves of analbum, "Mademoiselle Eugenie is pretty -- I think I rememberthat to be her name."
5.  "The count has an unlimited credit upon me; a credit openedby Thomson & French, of Rome; he came to demand fivemillions at once, which I paid him with checks on the bank.My funds are deposited there, and you can understand that ifI draw out ten millions on the same day it will appearrather strange to the governor. Two days will be a differentthing," said Danglars, smiling.
6.  "Does your excellency happen to be hungry?"


1.  "In my trunks? I have but one portmanteau."
2.  "No -- yes, he was. Now I recollect" --
3.  "Don't mention it." The major drew an arm-chair towards him,and proceeded to seat himself.
4.  "Besides what?" asked the Count.
5.  "Indeed, you give me more credit than I deserve; I only wishto do what will be agreeable to you, that is all."
6.  "Why, surely a man of his holy profession would not deceiveus!"


1.  "As you please, sir," said Franz.
2.  "Yes; yours -- your own property."
3.  "It is very clear, notwithstanding," replied the young man,with an artlessness wholly free from affectation; "tell hersome fine morning an unheard-of piece of intelligence --some telegraphic despatch, of which you alone are inpossession; for instance, that Henri IV. was seen yesterdayat Gabrielle's. That would boom the market; she will buyheavily, and she will certainly lose when Beauchampannounces the following day, in his gazette, `The reportcirculated by some usually well-informed persons that theking was seen yesterday at Gabrielle's house, is totallywithout foundation. We can positively assert that hismajesty did not quit the Pont-Neuf.'" Lucien half smiled.Monte Cristo, although apparently indifferent, had not lostone word of this conversation, and his penetrating eye hadeven read a hidden secret in the embarrassed manner of thesecretary. This embarrassment had completely escaped Albert,but it caused Lucien to shorten his visit; he was evidentlyill at ease. The count, in taking leave of him, saidsomething in a low voice, to which he answered, "Willingly,count; I accept." The count returned to young Morcerf.
4.  Villefort fell, rather than seated himself The doctor stoodbefore him, with one hand placed on his shoulder. Morrel,horrified, supported his head with one hand, and with theother pressed his heart, lest its beatings should be heard."Dead, dead!" repeated he within himself; and he felt as ifhe were also dying.
5.   "From an apoplectic stroke."
6.  "Yes, indeed!" replied Debray. "That worthy prince. Deucetake those Italian princes!"


1.  "I am extremely sorry you find me so ignorant a cicerone,"replied Morcerf, "but I am reluctantly obliged to confess, Ihave nothing further to communicate -- yes, stay, I do knowone thing more, namely, that she is a musician, for one daywhen I chanced to be breakfasting with the count, I heardthe sound of a guzla -- it is impossible that it could havebeen touched by any other finger than her own."
2.  "Nay, madame, I pray you pardon this little traitor. Ipromise you that to make up for her want of loyalty, I willbe most inflexibly severe;" then casting an expressiveglance at his betrothed, which seemed to say, "Fear not, foryour dear sake my justice shall be tempered with mercy," andreceiving a sweet and approving smile in return, Villefortquitted the room.
3.  "It is well. Adieu, mademoiselle. Continue to be the good,sweet girl you are at present, and I have great hopes thatheaven will reward you by giving you Emmanuel for ahusband."
4、  "Where is he?"
5、  Emmanuel hesitated a moment, but his desire to make Juliedecide immediately made him reply.




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      Monte Cristo nodded his head in token of assent. "But thatis not all," continued Danglars; "he has opened an accountwith my house for his son."

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      "Well," replied Monte Cristo "suppose, then, that thispoison was brucine, and you were to take a milligramme thefirst day, two milligrammes the second day, and so on. Well,at the end of ten days you would have taken a centigramme,at the end of twenty days, increasing another milligramme,you would have taken three hundred centigrammes; that is tosay, a dose which you would support without inconvenience,and which would be very dangerous for any other person whohad not taken the same precautions as yourself. Well, then,at the end of a month, when drinking water from the samecarafe, you would kill the person who drank with you,without your perceiving, otherwise than from slightinconvenience, that there was any poisonous substancemingled with this water."

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       "By heaven!" cried Caderousse, drawing from his waistcoat anopen knife, and striking the count in the breast, "you shalldisclose nothing, reverend sir!" To Caderousse's greatastonishment, the knife, instead of piercing the count'sbreast, flew back blunted. At the same moment the countseized with his left hand the assassin's wrist, and wrung itwith such strength that the knife fell from his stiffenedfingers, and Caderousse uttered a cry of pain. But thecount, disregarding his cry, continued to wring the bandit'swrist, until, his arm being dislocated, he fell first on hisknees, then flat on the floor. The count then placed hisfoot on his head, saying, "I know not what restrains me fromcrushing thy skull, rascal."

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    {  "Why, simply from the circumstance of my having bought herone day, as I was passing through the market atConstantinople."

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      "Cucumetto was a cunning fiend, and had assumed the form ofa brigand instead of a serpent, and this look from Teresashowed to him that she was a worthy daughter of Eve, and hereturned to the forest, pausing several times on his way,under the pretext of saluting his protectors. Several dayselapsed, and they neither saw nor heard of Cucumetto. Thetime of the Carnival was at hand. The Count of San-Feliceannounced a grand masked ball, to which all that weredistinguished in Rome were invited. Teresa had a greatdesire to see this ball. Luigi asked permission of hisprotector, the steward, that she and he might be presentamongst the servants of the house. This was granted. Theball was given by the Count for the particular pleasure ofhis daughter Carmela, whom he adored. Carmela was preciselythe age and figure of Teresa, and Teresa was as handsome asCarmela. On the evening of the ball Teresa was attired inher best, her most brilliant ornaments in her hair, andgayest glass beads, -- she was in the costume of the womenof Frascati. Luigi wore the very picturesque garb of theRoman peasant at holiday time. They both mingled, as theyhad leave to do, with the servants and peasants.}

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      "Yes," replied the angry look.

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      "Well, it surpasses that."

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       "You do not understand me, Maximilian. About a year ago, Italked of retiring to a convent. Madame de Villefort, inspite of all the remarks which she considered it her duty tomake, secretly approved of the proposition, my fatherconsented to it at her instigation, and it was only onaccount of my poor grandfather that I finally abandoned theproject. You can form no idea of the expression of that oldman's eye when he looks at me, the only person in the worldwhom he loves, and, I had almost said, by whom he is belovedin return. When he learned my resolution, I shall neverforget the reproachful look which he cast on me, and thetears of utter despair which chased each other down hislifeless cheeks. Ah, Maximilian, I experienced, at thatmoment, such remorse for my intention, that, throwing myselfat his feet, I exclaimed, -- `Forgive me, pray forgive me,my dear grandfather; they may do what they will with me, Iwill never leave you.' When I had ceased speaking, hethankfully raised his eyes to heaven, but without uttering aword. Ah, Maximilian, I may have much to suffer, but I feelas if my grandfather's look at that moment would more thancompensate for all."

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    {  "Really, he is by no means a light load!" said the otherbearer, sitting on the edge of the hand-barrow. Dantes'first impulse was to escape, but fortunately he did notattempt it.

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      "What ails you, baron?" he exclaimed. "You appear quiteaghast. Has your uneasiness anything to do with what M. deBlacas has told me, and M. de Villefort has just confirmed?"M. de Blacas moved suddenly towards the baron, but thefright of the courtier pleaded for the forbearance of thestatesman; and besides, as matters were, it was much more tohis advantage that the prefect of police should triumph overhim than that he should humiliate the prefect.