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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  When we were left alone in the stone-flagged kitchen, it wasastonishing how rapidly that sprained ankle recovered. It was nearlynightfall, and we had eaten nothing since early morning, so that wespent some time over our meal. Holmes was lost in thought, and once ortwice he walked over to the window and stared earnestly out. It openedon to a squalid courtyard. In the far corner was a smithy, where agrimy lad was at work. On the other side were the stables. Holmeshad sat down again after one of these excursions, when he suddenlysprang out of his chair with a loud exclamation.
2.  "Thank God for that. But come in. You must be weary, for you havehad a long day."
3.  "So it appears."
4.  "My collection of M's is a fine one," said he. "Moriarty himselfis enough to make any letter illustrious, and here is Morgan thepoisoner, and Merridew of abominable memory, and Mathews, whoknocked out my left canine in the waiting room at Charing Cross,and, finally, here is our friend of to-night."
5.  "'"Then maybe you remember something queer about it?"
6.  "But it must be late."


1.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2.  "Three of us got separated from the others. It was very brokencountry, you may remember. There was Simpson- the fellow we calledBaldy Simpson- and Anderson, and I. We were clearing brother Boer, buthe lay low and got the three of us. The other two were killed. I gotan elephant bullet through my shoulder. I stuck on to my horse,however, and he galloped several miles before I fainted and rolled offthe saddle.
3.  "I have carried this because I thought it might be useful," said he."The policeman has recognized it."
4.  "Yes, Mr. Holmes. The Randall gang were arrested in New York thismorning."
5.  "I foresaw this situation," I explained, "and I have brought with mea friend whose discretion may absolutely be trusted. I was able onceto do him a professional service, and he is ready to advise as afriend rather than as a specialist. His name is Sir James Saunders."The prospect of an interview with Lord Roberts would not haveexcited greater wonder and pleasure in a raw subaltern than was nowreflected upon the face of Mr. Kent.
6.  "I'm fainting- I'm gone!"


1.  "That is excellent," said Mr. Bennett. "I warn you, however, thatthe professor is irascible and violent at times."
2.  "Yes, sir. But he was off like a deer after the shot that killedpoor William Kirwan was fired. Mr. Cunningham saw him from the bedroomwindow, and Mr. Alec Cunningham saw him from the back passage. Itwas quarter to twelve when the alarm broke out. Mr. Cunningham hadjust got into bed, and Mr. Alec was smoking a pipe in hisdressing-gown. They both heard William, the coachman, calling forhelp, and Mr. Alec ran down to see what was the matter. The backdoor was open, and as he came to the foot of the stairs he saw two menwrestling together outside. One of them fired a shot, the otherdropped, and the murderer rushed across the garden and over the hedge.Mr. Cunningham, looking out of his bedroom, saw the fellow as hegained the road, but lost sight of him at once. Mr. Alec stopped tosee if he could help the dying man, and so the villain got clean away.Beyond the fact that he was a middle-sized man and dressed in somedark stuff, we have no personal clue, but we are making energeticinquiries, and if he is a stranger we shall soon find him out.""What was this William doing there? Did he say anything before hedied?"
3.  I introduced him in a few words, and we both sat down. The stoutyoung man had left us, but his sister still remained with her handin that of the invalid. She was a smug-looking woman, a little shortand thick for symmetry, but with a beautiful olive complexion,large, dark, Italian eyes, and a wealth of deep black hair. Her richtints made the white face of her companion the more worn and haggardby the contrast.
4.  "I am not clear yet what you want me to do in this matter, Mr.Mason," he said at last. "Can't you make it more definite?""Perhaps this will make it more definite, Mr. Holmes," said ourvisitor.
5.   "Why do you not solve it yourself, Mycroft? You can see as far asI."
6.  "I was awakened in the night by the dog barking most furiously. PoorRoy, he is chained now near the stable. I may say that I alwayssleep with my door locked; for, as Jack- as Mr. Bennett- will tellyou, we all have a feeling of impending danger. My room is on thesecond floor. It happened that the blind was up in my window, andthere was bright moonlight outside. As I lay with my eyes fixed uponthe square of light, listening to the frenzied barkings of the dog,I was amazed to see my father's face looking in at me. Mr. Holmes, Inearly died of surprise and horror. There it was pressed against thewindow-pane, and one hand seemed to be raised as if to push up thewindow. If that window had opened, I think I should have gone mad.It was no delusion, Mr. Holmes. Don't deceive yourself by thinking so.I dare say it was twenty seconds or so that I lay paralyzed andwatched the face. Then it vanished, but I could not- I could notspring out of bed and look out after it. I lay cold and shivering tillmorning. At breakfast he was sharp and fierce in manner, and made noallusion to the adventure of the night. Neither did I, but I gave anexcuse for coming to town- and here I am."


1.  "I locked up the papers first."
2.  "Was Sir James a man who was orderly in his habits?"
3.  Holmes bent over this grotesque frieze for some minutes, and thensuddenly sprang to his feet with an exclamation of surprise anddismay. His face was haggard with anxiety.
4、  "Most devoted."
5、  "Ah, thereby hangs a rather painful tale. This fellow is madly,insanely, in love with her, but some two years ago, when he was only alad, and before he really knew her, for she had been away five yearsat a boarding-school, what does the idiot do but get into the clutchesof a barmaid in Bristol and marry her at a registry office? No oneknows a word of the matter, but you can imagine how maddening itmust be to him to be upbraided for not doing what he would give hisvery eyes to do, but what he knows to be absolutely impossible. It wassheer frenzy of this sort which made him throw his hands up into theair when his father, at their last interview, was goading him on topropose to Miss Turner. On the other hand, he had no means ofsupporting himself, and his father, who was by all accounts a veryhard man, would have thrown him over utterly had he known the truth.It was with his barmaid wife that he had spent the last three daysin Bristol, and his father did not know where he was. Mark that point.It is of importance. Good has come out of evil, however, for thebarmaid, finding from the papers that he is in serious trouble andlikely to be hanged, has thrown him over utterly and has written tohim to say that she has a husband already in the Bermuda Dockyard,so that there is really no tie between them. I think that of newshas consoled young McCarthy for all that he has suffered.""But if he is innocent, who has done it?"




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      "What do you mean by that?"

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      "I feared he would. But you held him in play just long enough for meto get the book though not long enough for an unobserved escape. Ah,Sir James, I am very glad you have come!"

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       "You will be glad to hear," said Holmes, "that your young masteris found. It is the Duke's desire that the carriage shall go at onceto the Fighting Cock Inn to bring Lord Saltire home.

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      "No, his friend. He wished us to leave him alone. He is round in thestable lane now."

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    {  "Ah!"

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      "You then roused his anger by calling him names at a moment whenhe felt that he had deserved your warmest thanks. He could not explainthe true state of affairs without betraying one who certainly deservedlittle enough consideration at his hands. He took the morechivalrous view, however, and preserved her secret."}

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      "You mean the West Country bankers," said he. "They failed for amillion, ruined half the county families of Cornwall, and Neligandisappeared."

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      But it was not destined that our investigation should have soadventurous an ending. It was about five o'clock, and the shadows ofthe March evening were beginning to fall, when an excited rusticrushed into our room.

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       "Yes, I have got it now," he answered with his thick redfinger planted halfway down the column. "Here it is. This iswhat began it all. You just read it for yourself, sir."I took the paper from him and read as follows:

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    {  "Mr. Josiah Brown, I suppose?" said Holmes.

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      "I'd be very glad of a hint or two," said the detective, changinghis manner. "I've certainly had no credit from the case so far.""What steps have you taken?"