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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Plan all things to achieve my end! Engage the attention of her friend! No milk- and - water devil be, And bring fresh jewels instantly!Mephistopheles
2.  Faust
3.  Still here! what arrogance! unheard of quite! Vanish; we now have fill'd theworld with light! Laws are unheeded by the devil's host; Wise as we are, yetTegel hath its ghost! How long at this conceit I've swept with all my might,Lost is the labour: 'tis unheard of quite!
4.  Margaret
5.  To - whit! To - whoo! It sounds more near; Plover, owl and jay appear, Allawake, around, above? Paunchy salamanders too Peer, long - limbed, thebushes through! And, like snakes, the roots of treesCoil themselves from rock and sand, Stretching many a wondrous band, Usto frighten, us to seize; From rude knots with life embued, Polyp - fangsabroad they spread, To snare the wanderer! 'Neath our tread, Mice, inmyriads, thousand - hued, Through the heath and through the moss! And thefire - flies' glittering throng, Wildering escort, whirls along, Here and there, ourpath across. Tell me, stand we motionless, Or still forward do we press? Allthings round us whirl and fly; Rocks and trees make strange grimaces,Dazzling meteors change their places, How they puff and multiply!Mephistopheles
6.  By torture driven, in open day, The kitchen he invaded, Convulsed upon thehearth he lay, With anguish sorely jaded; The poisoner laugh'd, Ha! ha! quothshe, His life is ebbing fast, I see, As if his frame love wasted.Chorus


1.  Soldiers
2.  A faculty I pray you name.
3.  Zounds, fellow, cease your deaf'ning cheers! Bring cotton - wool! He splitsmy ears.
4.  Through the stones and heather springing, Brook and brooklet haste below;Hark the rustling! Hark the singing! Hearken to love's plaintive lays; Voices ofthose heavenly days What we hope, and what we love! Like a tale of oldentime, Echo's voice prolongs the chime.
5.  His lofty step, His bearing high, The smile of his lip, The power of his eye,His witching words, Their tones of bliss, His hand's fond pressure And ah -his kiss! My peace is gone, My heart is sore, I find it never, And nevermore.My bosom aches To feel him near; Ah, could I clasp And fold him here!Kiss him and kiss him Again would I, And on his kisses I fain would die.Martha's Garden
6.  Woe is me! Them in the street I cannot wear, Or in the church, or any where.Martha


1.  No, this new Burgomaster, I like him not, God knows, Now, he's in office,daily more arrogant he grows; And for the town, what doth he do for it? Arenot things worse from day to day? To more restraints we must submit; Andtaxes more than ever pay.
2.  It all depends on habit. Thus at first The infant takes not kindly to the breast,But before long, its eager thirst Is fain to slake with hearty zest: Thus at thebreasts of wisdom day by day With keener relish you'll your thirst allay.Student
3.  Faust
4.  Captur'd there within is one! Stay without and follow none! Like a fox in ironsnare, Hell's old lynx is quaking there,
5.   I'm in no mood to see him now.
6.  Of medicine the spirit's caught with ease, The great and little world you studythrough, That things may then their course pursue, As heaven may please. Invain abroad you range through science' ample space, Each man learns onlythat which learn he can; Who knows the moment to embrace, He is yourproper man. In person you are tolerably made, Nor in assurance will you bedeficient: Self - confidence acquire, be not afraid, Others will then esteem youa proficient. Learn chiefly with the sex to deal! Their thousands ahs and ohs,These the sage doctor knows, He only from one point can heal. Assume adecent tone of courteous ease, You have them then to humour as you please.First a diploma must belief infuse, That you in your profession take the lead:You then at once those easy freedoms use For which another many a yearmust plead; Learn how to feel with nice address The dainty wrist; - and howto press, With ardent furtive glance, the slender waist, To feel how tightly it islaced.


1.  Purist
2.  Begone and leave me, I entreat!
3.  Profoundly learned I would grow, What heaven contains would comprehend,O'er earth's wide realm my gaze extend, Nature and science I desire to know.Mephistopheles
4、  Margaret
5、  Faust, Mephistopheles. Wagner, a Student.




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       By pious people, it is true, No medium is rejected; Conventicles, and not afew, On Blocksberg are erected.

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      Then I repeat, Come in! Mephistopheles

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    {  Dash! Smash! There lies the glass! There lies the slime! 'Tis but a jest; I butkeep time, Thou hellish pest, To thine own chime!(While the Witch steps back in rage and astonishment.)Dost know me! Skeleton! Vile scarecrow, thou! Thy lord and master dostthou know? What holds me, that I deal not now Thee and thine apes astunning blow? No more respect to my red vest dost pay? Does my cock'sfeather no allegiance claim? Have I my visage masked to - day? Must I beforced myself to name?

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      (As the mist sinks, comes forward from behind the stove, in the dress of atravelling scholar) Why all this uproar? What's the master's pleasure?Faust}

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      Judex ergo cum sedebit, Quidquid latet adparebit, Nil inultum remanebit.Margaret

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      Poor women! we are badly off, I own; A bachelor's conversion's hard,indeed!

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       The darling's sorrow grieves me, bring Another set without delay! The first,methinks, was no great thing.

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    {  Ay, if your priest should be an actor too, As not improbably may come topass.

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      (They pass on.)