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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Surely enough, a note awaited us at Baker Street. A governmentmessenger had brought it post-haste. Holmes glanced at it and threw itover to me.
2.  "Thirty feet each way."
3.  "It was an empty house, and so he knew that he would not bedisturbed in the garden."
4.  Hampstead.
5.  In the third week of November, in the year 1895, a dense yellow fogsettled down upon London. From the Monday to the Thursday I doubtwhether it was ever possible from our windows in Baker Street to seethe loom of the opposite houses. The first day Holmes had spent incross-indexing his huge book of references. The second and third hadbeen patiently occupied upon a subject which he had recently madehis hobby- the music of the Middle Ages. But when, for the fourthtime, after pushing back our chairs from breakfast we saw thegreasy, heavy brown swirl still drifting past us and condensing inoily drops upon the window-panes, my comrade's impatient and activenature could endure this drab existence no longer. He paced restlesslyabout our sitting-room in a fever of suppressed energy, biting hisnails, tapping the furniture, and chafing against inaction."Nothing of interest in the paper, Watson?" he said.
6.  "No, I don't think you would guess. Every pocket stuffed withpennies and halfpennies-421 pennies and 270 half-pennies. It was nowonder that it had not been swept away by the tide. But a human bodyis a different matter. There is a fierce eddy between the wharf andthe house. It seemed likely enough that the weighted coat had remainedwhen the stripped body had been sucked away into the river.""But I understand that all the other clothes were found in the room.Would the body be dressed in a coat alone?"


1.  "Lumbago, possibly. I have known a severe attack make a man walkin just such a way, and nothing would be more trying to the temper.""Good, Watson! You always keep us flat-footed on the ground. Butwe can hardly accept Lumbago, since he was able to stand erect in amoment."
2.  "From his father."
3.  "`Why that?' I asks.
4.  "You have clearly gone pretty deeply into my affairs or I should nothave found you where I did. Therefore, you know already, in allprobability, that I am running a dark horse for the Derby and thateverything depends upon my success. If I win, all is easy. If Ilose- well, I dare not think of that!"
5.  "No doubt you think me mad?" said he.
6.  "It is the side entrance for trades-people. Of course it is lockedat night."


1.  We passed across Holborn, down Endell Street, and so through azigzag of slums to Covent Garden Market. One of the largeststalls bore the name of Breckinridge upon it, and the proprietor,a horsy-looking man, with a sharp face and trim side-whiskers, washelping a boy to put up the shutters.
2.  "I haven't got a bicycle."
3.  "Dear me! that is friendship indeed."
4.  "Yes, sir, she must have been a cool hand."
5.   It had cleared in the morning, and the sun was shining with asubdued brightness through the dim veil which hangs over the greatcity. Sherlock Holmes was already at breakfast when I came down."You will excuse me for not waiting for you," said he; "Ihave, I foresee, a very busy day before me in looking into thiscase of young Openshaw's."
6.  "Come, Watson," said he, "our ways lie elsewhere. Our next stationmust be the office from which the papers were taken.


1.  "He is sure to come back. He must come back. He can't leave it whereit is. Ha! isn't that a ring? Yes, there is his footstep. Well, Mr.Gibson, I was just saying to Dr. Watson that you were somewhatoverdue."
2.  Lord St. Simon glanced over it. "Yes, it is correct, as far as itgoes."
3.  "On the contrary," said Holmes, "it is the brightest rift which Ican at present see in the clouds. However innocent he might be, hecould not be such an absolute imbecile as not to see that thecircumstances were very black against him. Had he appeared surprisedat his own arrest or feigned indignation at it, I should have lookedupon it as highly suspicious, because such surprise or anger would notbe natural under the circumstances, and yet might appear to be thebest policy to a scheming man. His frank acceptance of the situationmarks him as either an innocent man, or else as a man ofconsiderable self-restraint and firmness. As to his remark about hisdeserts, it was also not unnatural if you consider that he stoodbeside the dead body of his father, and that there is no doubt that hehad that very day so far forgotten his filial duty as to bandy wordswith him, and even, according to the little girl whose evidence isso important, to raise his hand as if to strike him. The self-reproachand contrition which are displayed in his remark appear to me to bethe signs of a healthy mind rather than of a guilty one."I shook my head. "Many men have been hanged on far slighterevidence," I remarked.
4、  "What were the exact relations between you and Miss Dunbar?"The Gold King gave a violent start and half rose from his chair.Then his massive calm came back to him.
5、  "But the dog, the face at the window, the creeping man in thepassage?"




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      "We will agree to suppose so," said Holmes.

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      "Mr. Holmes had it put up there three days ago. We've gotsomething funny behind it."

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       "Well, sir, I've heard there are trout in the mill-stream and pikein the Hall lake."

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      "Texas, I think."

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    {  "I see many objections to any such theory."

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      "You can see where they rested the body. Halloa, Watson! what isthis? There can be no doubt that it is a blood mark." He waspointing to faint discolourations along the woodwork of the window."Here it is on the stone of the stair also. The demonstration iscomplete. Let us stay here until a train stops."}

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      "The same reasons that bring you, I expect," said Gregson. "Howyou got on to it I can't imagine."

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      "Wonderful!" said Lestrade. "Wonderful! It's all as clear ascrystal, as you put it. But what is the object of this deep deception,Mr. Holmes?"

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       "It would be to ruin the work of three months. We should get the bigfish, but the smaller would dart right and left out of the net. OnMonday we should have them all. No, an arrest is inadmissible.""What then?"

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    {  "`It would be injustice to hesitate,' said he. `You will,however, I am sure, excuse me for taking an obvious precaution.'With that he seized my hair in both his hands, and tugged until Iyelled with the pain. `There is water in your eyes,' said he ashe released me. `I perceive that all is as it should be. But wehave to be careful, for we have twice been deceived by wigs andonce by paint. I could tell you tales of cobbler's wax whichwould disgust you with human nature.' He stepped over to thewindow and shouted through it at the top of his voice that thevacancy was filled. A groan of disappointment came up from below,and the folk all trooped away in different directions until therewas not a red-head to be seen except my own and that of themanager.

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      "`No, I forbid you. I won't have a fuss made about suchnonsense.'