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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Merryman.
2.  The time already I discern, When thee all honest folk will spurn, And shun thyhated form to meet, As when a corpse infects the street. Thy heart will sink inblank despair, When they shall look thee in the face! A golden chain no morethou'lt wear! Nor near the altar take in church thy place! In fair lace collarsimply dight Thou'lt dance no more with spirits light! In darksome cornersthou wilt bide, Where beggars vile and cripples hide, And e'en though Godthy crime forgive, On earth, a thing accursed, thou'lt live!Martha
3.  Titania
4.  Take proper heed, the tailor strictly charge, The nicest measurement to take,And as he loves his head, to make The hose quite smooth and not too large!Mephistopheles
5.  Christ is arisen! Blessed the loving one, Who from earth's trial throes, Healingand strengthening woes, Soars as from prison.
6.  Mephistopheles (in Faust's long gown)


1.  My friend, you now speak sensibly. In truth, Nature a method giveth to renewthy youth: But in another book the lesson's writ; It forms a curious chapter, Iadmit.
2.  Faust
3.  Like house - encumber'd snail we creep; While far ahead the women keep,For when to the devil's house we speed, By a thousand steps they take thelead.
4.  Faust
5.  How the dull boors exulting shout! Poison for the poor rats to strew A fineexploit it is no doubt.
6.  Gulp it down! No hesitation! It will prove A cordial, and your heart inspire!What! with the devil hand and glove, And yet shrink back afraid of fire? (TheWitch dissolves the circle. Faust steps out.)


1.  Faust
2.  You on the Blocksberg I'm rejoiced to find, That 'tis your most appropriatesphere is certain.
3.  At every feast he drained it, Naught was to him so dear, And often as hedrained it, Gush'd from his eyes the tear.
4.  Faust
5.   Thou happy creature!
6. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the greatest of German men of letters, wasborn at Frankfort-on-the-Main, August 28, 1749. His father was a man ofmeans and position, and he personally supervised the early education of hisson. The young Goethe studied at the universities of Leipsig and Strasburg,and in 1772 entered upon the practise of law at Wetzlar. At the invitation ofKarl August, Duke of Saxe-Weimar, he went in 1775 to live in Weimar,where he held a succession of political offices, becoming the Duke's chiefadviser. From 1786 to 1788 he traveled in Italy, and from 1791 to 1817directed the ducal theater at Weimar. He took part in the wars againstFrance, 1792-3, and in the following year began his friendship with Schiller,which lasted till the latter's death in 1805. In 1806 he married ChristianeVulpius. From about 1794 he devoted himself chiefly to literature, and after alife of extraordinary productiveness died at Weimar, March 22, 1832. Themost important of Goethe's works produced before he went to Weimar werehis tragedy "Gotz von Berlichingen" (1773), which first brought him fame, and"The Sorrows of Young Werther," a novel which obtained enormouspopularity during the so called "Sturm und Drang" period. During the years atWeimar before he knew Schiller he began "Wilhelm Meister," wrote thedramas, "Iphigenie," "Egmont," and "Torquato Tasso," and his "ReineckeFuchs." To the period of his friendship with Schiller belong the continuation of"Wilhelm Meister," the beautiful idyl of "Hermann and Dorothea," and the"Roman Elegies." In the last period, between Schiller's death in 1805 and hisown, appeared "Faust," "Elective Affinities," his autobiographical "Dichtungund Wahrheit" ("Poetry and Truth"), his "Italian Journey," much scientificwork, and a series of treatises on German Art.Though the foregoing enumeration contains but a selection from the titles ofGoethe's best known writings, it suffices to show the extraordinary fertility andversatility of his genius. Rarely has a man of letters had so full and varied a life,or been capable of so many-sided a development. His political and scientificactivities, though dwarfed in the eyes of our generation by his artisticproduction, yet showed the adaptability of his talent in the most diversedirections, and helped to give him that balance of temper and breadth ofvision in which he has been surpassed by no genius of the ancient or modernworld.


1.  How through the air the storm doth whirl! Upon my neck it strikes withsudden shock.
2.  Ere I retire, one boon I must solicit: Here is my album, do not, Sir, deny Thistoken of your favour!
3.  Artisans
4、  'Tis what you ask'd me for, at least!
5、  Master, forgive this rude salute! But I perceive no cloven foot. And your tworavens, where are they?




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      Is dead? True heart! Oh misery! My husband dead! Oh, I shall die!Margaret

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      'Tis well! I oft have envied you indeed, The twin - pair that among the rosesfeed.

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       Mephistopheles (alone)

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      Fie on you!

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    {  Sweet angel, with thy face of heavenly bliss!

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      A truce to words, mere empty sound, Let deeds at length appear, my friends!While idle compliments you round, You might achieve some useful ends. Whytalk of the poetic vein? Who hesitates will never know it; If bards ye are, asye maintain, Now let your inspiration show it. To you is known what werequire, Strong drink to sip is our desire; Come, brew me such without delay!To - morrow sees undone, what happens not to - day; Still forward press,nor ever tire! The possible, with steadfast trust, Resolve should be theforelock grasp; Then she will ne'er let go her clasp, And labours on, becauseshe must.}

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      Is it permitted here with you to sit? Then though good wine is not forthcominghere, Good company at least our hearts will cheer.Altmayer

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      Such a reproof disturbs me not a whit! Who on efficient work is bent, Mustchoose the fittest instrument. Consider! 'tis soft wood you have to split; Thinktoo for whom you write, I pray! One comes to while an hour away; One fromthe festive board, a sated guest; Others, more dreaded than the rest, Fromjournal - reading hurry to the play. As to a masquerade, with absent minds,they press, Sheer curiosity their footsteps winging; Ladies display theirpersons and their dress, Actors unpaid their service bringing. What dreamsbeguile you on your poet's height? What puts a full house in a merry mood?More closely view your patrons of the night! The half are cold, the half arerude. One, the play over, craves a game of cards; Another a wild night inwanton joy would spend. Poor fools the muses' fair regards. Why court forsuch a paltry end? I tell you, give them more, still more 'tis all I ask, Thus youwill ne'er stray widely from the goal; Your audience seek to mystify cajole; Tosatisfy them - that's a harder task. What ails thee? art enraptured ordistressed?

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       Thou dost forgive my boldness, dost not blame The liberty I took that day,When thou from church didst lately wend thy way?Margaret

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    {  Margaret (walking towards home)

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