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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Let's stroll about," he said gayly, rising and surveying all thelovely park.
2.  He was thinking all the time that the subject of his desire wasbeing delayed. He was anxious to turn the talk to his ownfeelings. All was ripe for it. His Carrie was beside him. Hewanted to plunge in and expostulate with her, and yet he foundhimself fishing for words and feeling for a way.
3.  "Were there many there?"
4.  Chapter XXII
5.  "Are you a railroad man?" said one.
6.  "You've got to get the knack of working both arms at once," hesaid. "It takes a little practice."


1.  Still no answer.
2.  "I didn't know that," said the manager. "Felt pretty sore, Isuppose, over his defeat.""Perhaps," said the other, winking shrewdly.
3.  She made no answer.
4.  "I don't seem to have," answered Carrie. "It's about as strangeto me as when I first came here."
5.  "I came to tell you that--that I can't take the money."
6.  Hurstwood thought a while. It was all up with the bluff aboutmoney and investment. She could see now that he was "broke."


1.  Carrie's eyes flamed with the light of achievement.
2.  As he started to go he felt truly sorry that he had missed her.There was a little picture of her on the wall, showing herarrayed in the little jacket he had first bought her--her face alittle more wistful than he had seen it lately. He was reallytouched by it, and looked into the eyes of it with a rather rarefeeling for him.
3.  Beginning with half-past six, he hovered like a shadow about theThirty-ninth Street entrance, pretending always to be a hurryingpedestrian and yet fearful lest he should miss his object. Hewas slightly nervous, too, now that the eventful hour hadarrived; but being weak and hungry, his ability to suffer wasmodified. At last he saw that the actors were beginning toarrive, and his nervous tension increased, until it seemed as ifhe could not stand much more.
4.  Young Hurstwood, Jr., was in his twentieth year, and was alreadyconnected in a promising capacity with a large real estate firm.He contributed nothing for the domestic expenses of the family,but was thought to be saving his money to invest in real estate.He had some ability, considerable vanity, and a love of pleasurethat had not, as yet, infringed upon his duties, whatever theywere. He came in and went out, pursuing his own plans andfancies, addressing a few words to his mother occasionally,relating some little incident to his father, but for the mostpart confining himself to those generalities with which mostconversation concerns itself. He was not laying bare his desiresfor any one to see. He did not find any one in the house whoparticularly cared to see.
5.   "I hope you do," said Carrie.
6.  Hurstwood was arraying himself in one of his perfection vestsbefore the glass at the time.


1.  And it must be remembered that reason had little part in this.Chicago dawning, she saw the city offering more of lovelinessthan she had ever known, and instinctively, by force of her moodsalone, clung to it. In fine raiment and elegant surroundings,men seemed to be contented. Hence, she drew near these things.Chicago, New York; Drouet, Hurstwood; the world of fashion andthe world of stage--these were but incidents. Not them, but thatwhich they represented, she longed for. Time proved therepresentation false.
3.  "I'm not," he said. "Did any one else see him?"
4、  Carrie deigned no suggestion of hearing this.
5、  "Say," said Drouet, coming over to her after a few moments, witha new idea, and putting his hand upon her.




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      "Just one boy, hasn't he?" asked Hurstwood.

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      "Half 'll be enough," volunteered Hurstwood.

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       "Would he really put her to work? Oh, blessed fortune, could itbe?"

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      "Ah," thought Carrie, with mournful misgivings, "what is it Ihave lost?"

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    {  "Do you think I could get something?" she asked.

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      To those who have never wavered in conscience, the predicament ofthe individual whose mind is less strongly constituted and whotrembles in the balance between duty and desire is scarcelyappreciable, unless graphically portrayed. Those who have neverheard that solemn voice of the ghostly clock which ticks withawful distinctness, "thou shalt," "thou shalt not," "thou shalt,""thou shalt not," are in no position to judge. Not alone insensitive, highly organised natures is such a mental conflictpossible. The dullest specimen of humanity, when drawn by desiretoward evil, is recalled by a sense of right, which isproportionate in power and strength to his evil tendency. Wemust remember that it may not be a knowledge of right, for noknowledge of right is predicated of the animal's instinctiverecoil at evil. Men are still led by instinct before they areregulated by knowledge. It is instinct which recalls thecriminal--it is instinct (where highly organised reasoning isabsent) which gives the criminal his feeling of danger, his fearof wrong.}

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      As in Chicago, she was seized with stage fright as the very firstentrance of the ballet approached, but later she recovered. Theapparent and painful insignificance of the part took fear awayfrom her. She felt that she was so obscure it did not matter.Fortunately, she did not have to wear tights. A group of twelvewere assigned pretty golden-hued skirts which came only to a lineabout an inch above the knee. Carrie happened to be one of thetwelve.

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      "I never saw anybody do better than you did then, Cad," he addedruefully, as he leaned an elbow on the table; "I thought you andI were going to get along fine those days."

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       "All right," said the latter, somewhat abashed, "it might be wellto do it." Then brightening, with a show of authority, "Supposewe run right through, putting in as much expression as we can."

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    {  "Yes, I do," he said, "to be a good one. I think the theatre agreat thing."

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      "Don't worry about it. Maybe the grocer will wait. He can dothat. We've traded there long enough to make him trust us for aweek or two."