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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It's merely taking your money, for I know that I am right.But I'll have a sovereign on with you, just to teach you not to beobstinate."
2.  "I see them clearly."
3.  "I can make neither head nor tail of it."
5.  "The old fellow looked diabolical, and I really thought he was aboutto attack me. I have said that he was a gaunt, fierce old giant, andthough I am no weakling I might have been hard put to it to hold myown against him. However, after a long glare of rage he turned uponhis heel and walked out of the room. For my part, I took the appointedtrain in the morning, with the full intention of coming straight toyou and asking for your advice and assistance at the appointment forwhich I had already written."
6.  It was a long ten minutes before Grant Munro broke the silence,and when his answer came it was one of which I love to think. Helifted the little child, kissed her, and then, still carrying her,he held his other hand out to his wife and turned towards the door."We can talk it over more comfortably at home," said he. "I am not avery good man, Effie, but I think that I am a better one than you havegiven me credit for being."


1.  "A masterpiece. You have never risen to a greater height.""I cannot agree with you there. From the moment that I conceived theidea of the body being upon the roof, which surely was not a veryabstruse one, all the rest was inevitable. If it were not for thegrave interests involved the affair up to this point would beinsignificant. Our difficulties are still before us. But perhaps wemay find something here which may help us."
2.  "He must have entered through the door. There is no opening exceptthe one pane," said our learned guide.
3.  "'Ah, smart, smart!' he cried in a kind of ecstasy of delight.'You are the very man for us. You are not to be talked over, and quiteright, too. Now, here's a note for a hundred pounds, and if youthink that we can do business you may just slip it into your pocket asan advance upon your salary.'
4.  "I cannot tell."
5.  Ferguson put his big hand to his furrowed forehead.
6.  Our visitor had gulped off the brandy and the colour had returned tohis face. With a dubious glance at the inspector's notebook, heplunged at once into his extraordinary statement.


1.  "Have you informed the sender?"
2.  fresh-complexioned young fellow, with a frank, honest face and aslight, crisp, yellow moustache. He wore a very shiny top-hat and aneat suit of sober black, which made him look what he was-a smartyoung City man, of the class who have been labelled cockneys, butwho give us our crack volunteer regiments, and who turn out morefine athletes and sportsmen than any body of men in these islands. Hisround, ruddy face was naturally full of cheeriness, but the corners ofhis mouth seemed to me to be pulled down in a half-comical distress.It was not, however, until we were in a first-class carriage andwell started upon our journey to Birmingham that I was able to learnwhat the trouble was which had driven him to Sherlock Holmes."We have a clear run here of seventy minutes," Holmes remarked. "Iwant you, Mr. Hall Pycroft, to tell my friend your very interestingexperience exactly as you have told it to me, or with more detail ifpossible. It will be of use to me to hear the succession of eventsagain. It is a case, Watson, which may prove to have something init, or may prove to have nothing, but which, at least, presents those:unusual and outre features which are as dear to you as they are to me.Now, Mr. Pycroft I shall not interrupt you again."
3.  "Apart from what you have told me, can you give me any furtherinformation about the man?"
4.  "But how is that if the horse is so good?"
5.   "`And the work?'
6.  The Count shrugged his shoulders, and it was Holmes who answered."If I may put it in a nutshell, Mr. Merton, I should say it wasall up."


1.  "Then he could not have retreated down the road, and you say thatthere are no side roads?"
2.  "The matter is very important. I would offer you a sovereign for theuse of a bicycle."
3.  An instant later our door opened, and a tall young man entered theroom. He was well but quietly dressed in a dark gray suit andcarried a brown wide awake in his hand. I should have put him at aboutthirty, though he was really some years older.
4、  Only one word of epilogue. The American, Abe Slaney, was condemnedto death at the winter assizes at Norwich, but his penalty was changedto penal servitude in consideration of mitigating circumstances, andthe certainty that Hilton Cubitt had fired the first shot. Of Mrs.Hilton Cubitt I only know that I have heard she recovered entirely,and that she still, remains a widow, devoting her whole life to thecare of the poor and to the administration of her husband's estate.-THE END-
5、  "Well, in the first place there is some very direct evidence. Arevolver with one discharged chamber and a calibre whichcorresponded with the bullet was found on the floor of herwardrobe." His eyes fixed and he repeated in broken words, "On- the-floor- of- her- wardrobe." Then he sank into silence, and I saw thatsome train of thought had been set moving which I should be foolish tointerrupt. Suddenly with a start he emerged into brisk life once more."Yes, Watson, it was found. Pretty damning, eh? So the two juriesthought. Then the dead woman had a note upon her making an appointmentat that very place and signed by the governess. How's that? Finallythere is the motive. Senator Gibson is an attractive person. If hiswife dies, who more likely to succeed her than the young lady whohad already by all accounts received pressing attentions from heremployer? Love, fortune, power, all depending upon one middle-agedlife. Ugly, Watson- very ugly!"




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      Well, it is not for me to judge you," said Holmes as the old mansigned the statement which had been drawn out. "I pray that we maynever be exposed to such a temptation."

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      "'"And so shall we be, my boy. There's a brace of pistols forevery mothers son of us; and if we can't carry this ship, with thecrew at our back, it's time we were all sent to a young misses'boarding-school. You speak to your mate upon the left to-night, andsee if he is to be trusted."

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       Holmes smiled and rubbed his hands, We were, I may say, seated inthe old sitting-room of the ancient hotel, with a bottle of the famousvintage of which Holmes had spoken on the table between us."Well, now, let us take the dates first," said he, his finger-tipstogether and his manner as if he were addressing a class. "Thisexcellent young man's diary shows that there was trouble upon July 2d,and from then onward it seems to have been at nine-day intervals,with, so far as I remember, only one exception. Thus the last outbreakupon Friday was on September 3rd, which also falls into the series, asdid August 26th, which preceded it. The thing is beyond coincidence."I was forced to agree.

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      The woman, without a word, had raised her veil and dropped themantle from her chin. It was a dark, handsome, clear-cut face whichconfronted Milverton- a face with a curved nose, strong, dark eyebrowsshading hard, glittering eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth setin a dangerous smile.

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    {  Far away, from among the Kentish woods there rose a thin spray ofsmoke. A minute later a carriage and engine could be seen flying alongthe open curve which leads to the station. We had hardly time totake our place behind a pile of luggage when it passed with a rattleand a roar, beating a blast of hot air into our faces.

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      "Hum! I am afraid Joseph's character is a rather deeper and moredangerous one than one might judge from his appearance. From what Ihave heard from him this morning, I gather that he has lost heavily indabbling with stocks, and that he is ready to do anything on earthto better his fortunes. Being an absolutely selfish man, when a chancepresents itself he did not allow either his sister's happiness or yourreputation to hold his hand."}

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      "You may have observed the same wheel-tracks going the other way.But the outward-bound ones were very much deeper-so much so that wecan say for a certainty that there was a very considerable weight onthe carriage."

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      "Mr. Sidney Johnson, the senior clerk."

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       "In the first place, both my friend and I must spend the night inyour room."

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    {  "Look here, Lestrade," said he, "has that constable in the passagebeen in charge of the place all the time?"

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      "Yes, sir, I have been much perplexed."