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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  They then determined to depart. Peace with the landlord, inaddition to Athos's old horse, cost six pistoles. D'Artagnan andAthos took the nags of Planchet and Grimaud, and the two lackeysstarted on foot, carrying the saddles on their heads.However ill our two friends were mounted, they were soon far inadvance of their servants, and arrived at Creveccoeur. From adistance they perceived Aramis, seated in a melancholy manner athis window, looking out, like Sister Anne, at the dust in thehorizon.
2.  D'Artagnan rushed toward the refreshment room, the threeMusketeers and the two Guards following him.
3.  "Do you know this ring?" said D'Artagnan.
4.  There are hours which last a year.
5.  "I asked after you, and came up as soon as I could."Porthos seemed to breathe more freely.
6.  "I know that you have been abducted, madame."


1.  "Company of Treville."
2.  "This is fine!" said Porthos to himself; "I am prettilycaught!"
3.  "Well!" said Milady, embarrassed, " I know Monsieur de Louvigny,Monsieur de Courtivron, Monsieur de Ferussac."
4.  Let our readers reassure themselves. IF D'Artagnan forgets hishost, or appears to forget him, under the pretense of not knowingwhere he has been carried, we will not forget him, and we knowwhere he is. But for the moment, let us do as did the amorousGascon; we will see after the worthy mercer later.D'Artagnan, reflecting on his future amours, addressing himselfto the beautiful night, and smiling at the stars, rescinded theRue Cherish-Midi, or Chase-Midi, as it was then called. As hefound himself in the quarter in which Aramis lived, he took itinto his head to pay his friend a visit in order to explain themotives which had led him to send Planchet with a request that hewould come instantly to the mousetrap. Now, if Aramis had beenat home when Planchet came to his abode, he had doubtlesshastened to the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and finding nobody there buthis other two companions perhaps, they would not be able toconceive what all this meant. This mystery required anexplanation; at least, so D'Artagnan declared to himself.He likewise thought this was an opportunity for talking aboutpretty little Mme. Bonacieux, of whom his head, if not his heart,was already full. We must never look for discretion in firstlove. First love is accompanied by such excessive joy thatunless the joy be allowed to overflow, it will stifle you.Paris for two hours past had been dark, and seemed a desert.Eleven o'clock sounded from all the clocks of the Faubourg St.Germain. It was delightful weather. D'Artagnan was passingalong a lane on the spot where the Rue d'Assas is now situated,breathing the balmy emanations which were borne upon the windfrom the Rue de Vaugirard, and which arose from the gardensrefreshed by the dews of evening and the breeze of night. From adistance resounded, deadened, however, by good shutters, thesongs of the tipplers, enjoying themselves in the cabaretsscattered along the plain. Arrived at the end of the lane,D'Artagnan turned to the left. The house in which Aramis dweltwas situated between the Rue Cassette and the Rue Servandoni.D'Artagnan had just passed the Rue Cassette, and alreadyperceived the door of his friend's house, shaded by a mass ofsycamores and clematis which formed a vast arch opposite thefront of it, when he perceived something like a shadow issuingfrom the Rue Servandoni. This something was enveloped in acloak, and D'Artagnan at first believed it was a man; but by thesmallness of the form, the hesitation of the walk, and theindecision of the step, he soon discovered that it was a woman.Further, this woman, as if not certain of the house she wasseeking, lifted up her eyes to look around her, stopped, wentbackward, and then returned again. D'Artagnan was perplexed."Shall I go and offer her my services?" thought he. "By her stepshe must be young; perhaps she is pretty. Oh, yes! But a womanwho wanders in the streets at this hour only ventures out to meether lover. If I should disturb a rendezvous, that would not bethe best means of commencing an acquaintance."
5.  "Planchet, my friend," interrupted D'Artagnan, "you are really aprecious fellow."
6.  "Which I received this morning."


1.  "A thousand pistoles, perhaps."
2.  Meanwhile, carried away as we are by our narrative, we must leaveour three friends to themselves, and follow the Duke ofBuckingham and his guide through the labyrinths of the Louvre.
3.  "Be easy, monsieur," said Planchet; "you do not know me yet. Iam brave when I set about it. It is all in beginning. Besides,I am a Picard."
4.  "Yes, that first, and other things afterward."
5.   "No," cried Porthos; "there go three or four, limping away."In fact, three or four of these unfortunate men, coveredwith dirt and blood, fled along the hollow way, and atlength regained the city. These were all who were left ofthe little troop.
6.  Soon after she heard lighter steps than those of the sentinel,which came from the end of the corridor and stopped before herdoor.


1.  Milady fell down, and seemed to be in a swoon.
2.  D'Artagnan would have been at the height of his wishes if hehad not constantly seen Milady like a dark cloud hovering inthe horizon.
3.  "And against whom?" cried the king.
4、  The king looked at the cardinal as if to interrogate him; but hehad not time to address any question to him--a cry of admirationburst from every mouth. If the king appeared to be the firstgentleman of his kingdom, the queen was without doubt the mostbeautiful woman in France.
5、  "Well, then, instead of pitying me, you would do much betterto assist me in avenging myself on your mistress.""And what sort of revenge would you take?"




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      "Ah, monsieur," said Planchet, "I saw one fall at each of his twoshots, and he appeared to me, through the glass door, to befighting with his sword with the others."

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      "This ring would certainly only recall very bitterremembrances; then we shall never be masters of threehundred pistoles to redeem it, so that we really should losetwo hundred pistoles by the bargain. Go and tell him thering is his, D'Artagnan, and bring back the two hundredpistoles with you."

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       "By a mode of proceeding known to myself, and by which I likewiseoverheard the more animated conversation which had with thecardinal's police."

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      "Oh, don't let that disturb you," cried Mme. Coquenard. "Myhusband has five or six valises; you shall choose the best.There is one in particular which he prefers in his journeys,large enough to hold all the world."

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    {  "It is thus I will always treat my enemies and yours, Duke,however high they may be placed, and whatever peril I may incurin acting severely toward them."

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      "No, if it does not lighten."}

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      "Let us talk a little," said she.

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      Felton remained behind; he held a book in his hand.Milady, reclining in an armchair near the chimney, beautiful,pale, and resigned, looked like a holy virgin awaiting martyrdom.Felton approached her, and said, "Lord de Winter, who is aCatholic, like yourself, madame, thinking that the deprivation ofthe rites and ceremonies of your church might be painful to you,has consented that you should read every day the ordinary of yourMass; and here is a book which contains the ritual."At the manner in which Felton laid the book upon the little tablenear which Milady was sitting, at the tone in which he pronouncedthe two words, YOUR MASS, at the disdainful smile with which heaccompanied them, Milady raised her head, and looked moreattentively at the officer.

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       Athos, by signs, desired Grimaud to bring another bottle ofwine.

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    {  He found Athos and Aramis philosophizing. Aramis had someslight inclination to resume the cassock. Athos, accordingto his system, neither encouraged nor dissuaded him. Athosbelieved that everyone should be left to his own free will.He never gave advice but when it was asked, and even then herequired to be asked twice.

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      "Certes," cried Athos, "you are the best-mounted poet ofFrance or Navarre."