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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, M. Morrel," exclaimed the young seaman, with tears inhis eyes, and grasping the owner's hand, "M. Morrel, I thankyou in the name of my father and of Mercedes."
2.  "Which box do you mean?" asked the countess.
3.  "And what does Mademoiselle d'Armilly say to you for robbingher of her pupil?"
4.  "In what year?"
5.  "Have you known what it is to have your father starve todeath in your absence?" cried Monte Cristo, thrusting hishands into his hair; "have you seen the woman you lovedgiving her hand to your rival, while you were perishing atthe bottom of a dungeon?"
6.  "There! But listen to me -- listen -- and you will pity mewho has for twenty years alone borne the heavy burden ofgrief I am about to reveal, without casting the leastportion upon you."


1.  "I fear I shall not have that honor."
2.  "You do well to boast of it," said Andrea, who, withoutbecoming angry, as Caderousse feared, at this new extortion,quietly resigned the ring. Caderousse looked so closely atit that Andrea well knew that he was examining to see if allthe edges were perfect.
3.  Franz, Albert, and the count continued to descend the Corso.As they approached the Piazza del Popolo, the crowd becamemore dense, and above the heads of the multitude two objectswere visible: the obelisk, surmounted by a cross, whichmarks the centre of the square, and in front of the obelisk,at the point where the three streets, del Babuino, delCorso, and di Ripetta, meet, the two uprights of thescaffold, between which glittered the curved knife of themandaia. At the corner of the street they met the count'ssteward, who was awaiting his master. The window, let at anexorbitant price, which the count had doubtless wished toconceal from his guests, was on the second floor of thegreat palace, situated between the Via del Babuino and theMonte Pincio. It consisted, as we have said, of a smalldressing-room, opening into a bedroom, and, when the door ofcommunication was shut, the inmates were quite alone. Onchairs were laid elegant masquerade costumes of blue andwhite satin. "As you left the choice of your costumes tome," said the count to the two friends, "I have had thesebrought, as they will be the most worn this year; and theyare most suitable, on account of the confetti (sweetmeats),as they do not show the flour."
4.  "Very good," said the major, "I do not demand more, youunderstand" --
5.  This address, delivered in the presence of Ali, who, notunderstanding one word of the language in which it wasspoken, stood wholly unmoved, produced an effect on M.Baptistin only to be conceived by such as have occasion tostudy the character and disposition of French domestics. "Iassure your excellency," said he, "that at least it shall bemy study to merit your approbation in all things, and I willtake M. Ali as my model."
6.  "Pray, sir, explain yourself," said Villefort, more and moreastonished, "I really do -- not -- understand you --perfectly."


1.  "You will permit me to make one remark?"
2.  "Where, then, are you going?" asked the marquise.
3.  "Take all needful precautions," replied the inspector.
4.  "All you were showing me. And you really understand none ofthese signals?"
5.   "I came to tell you."
6.  "Fifty feet!" responded Dantes, almost terrified.


1.  "Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti and Count Andrea Cavalcanti,"announced Baptistin. A black satin stock, fresh from themaker's hands, gray moustaches, a bold eye, a major'suniform, ornamented with three medals and five crosses -- infact, the thorough bearing of an old soldier -- such was theappearance of Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti, that tenderfather with whom we are already acquainted. Close to him,dressed in entirely new clothes, advanced smilingly CountAndrea Cavalcanti, the dutiful son, whom we also know. Thethree young people were talking together. On the entrance ofthe new comers, their eyes glanced from father to son, andthen, naturally enough, rested on the latter, whom theybegan criticising. "Cavalcanti!" said Debray. "A fine name,"said Morrel.
2.  "Gracious heavens!" exclaimed Dantes, "what is the matter?what has happened?"
3.  "Oh, come, come!"
4、  "Because the rupture or fulfilment of this engagement isconnected with the person of whom we were speaking."
5、  "How so? The fortune is not her gift, but is inherited frommy relations."




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      "I wish you would try and find me a situation with him asgrandfather, since he holds the money-chest!"

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      "Then give me a letter to him, and tell him to sell outwithout an instant's delay, perhaps even now I shall arrivetoo late."

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       "Do not mention reports, duke, to me, for I know now whatconfidence to place in them. Yet, speaking of reports,baron, what have you learned with regard to the affair inthe Rue Saint-Jacques?"

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      "As I have already told you, sir, he was a very dangerousman; and, fortunately, by his own act disembarrassed thegovernment of the fears it had on his account."

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    {  "Help! help!" cried the abbe, "I -- I -- die -- I" --

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      "Go on."

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      "Oh, no. I am condemned to witness those gentlemen everyday," said Beauchamp; "but he is perfectly unknown to me."

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       "You lie! Take this pen, and write!" Caderousse, awed by thesuperior power of the abbe, sat down and wrote: --

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    {  "It is really true," said M. de Boville.

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      "Guard carefully the secret of your birth. Make no allusionto the past; nor upon any occasion be induced to pronouncethe names of your illustrious father or ill-fated mother."