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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Let's see," he went on, "I know quite a number of people in yourtown. Morgenroth the clothier and Gibson the dry goods man."
2.  He came over, and was about to begin a conversation with her,when a knock came at their door.
3.  That night the pretty little flat seemed a commonplace thing. Itwas not what the rest of the world was enjoying. She saw theservant working at dinner with an indifferent eye. In her mindwere running scenes of the play. Particularly she remembered onebeautiful actress--the sweetheart who had been wooed and won.The grace of this woman had won Carrie's heart. Her dresses hadbeen all that art could suggest, her sufferings had been so real.The anguish which she had portrayed Carrie could feel. It wasdone as she was sure she could do it. There were places in whichshe could even do better. Hence she repeated the lines toherself. Oh, if she could only have such a part, how broad wouldbe her life! She, too, could act appealingly.
4.  As a matter of fact she was, but only in such a way as furnishedthe least straw of an excuse. Miss Osborne and she had gone tothe office of the manager who was to produce the new opera at theBroadway and returned straight to the former's room, where theyhad been since three o'clock.
5.  "Come, now," he exclaimed to several curious observers; "eighteencents will fix us all up for the night. Eighteen cents. I havesix. Somebody give me the money. Remember, I have to go over toBrooklyn yet to-night. Before that I have to take these men downand put them to bed. Eighteen cents."
6.  At that hour, when Broadway is wont to assume its mostinteresting aspect, a peculiar individual invariably took hisstand at the corner of Twenty-sixth Street and Broadway--a spotwhich is also intersected by Fifth Avenue. This was the hourwhen the theatres were just beginning to receive their patrons.Fire signs announcing the night's amusements blazed on everyhand. Cabs and carriages, their lamps gleaming like yellow eyes,pattered by. Couples and parties of three and four freelymingled in the common crowd, which poured by in a thick stream,laughing and jesting. On Fifth Avenue were loungers--a fewwealthy strollers, a gentleman in evening dress with his lady onhis arm, some club-men passing from one smoking-room to another.Across the way the great hotels showed a hundred gleamingwindows, their cafes and billiard-rooms filled with acomfortable, well-dressed, and pleasure-loving throng. All aboutwas the night, pulsating with the thoughts of pleasure andexhilaration--the curious enthusiasm of a great city bent uponfinding joy in a thousand different ways.


1.  "In the chorus," she answered.
2.  This entanglement made Carrie anxious for a change of some sort.Hurstwood did not seem to realise that she had a right toanything. He schemed to make what she earned cover all expenses,but seemed not to trouble over adding anything himself.
3.  After it was over she dressed quickly, and as the manager hadscolded some others and passed her, she imagined she must haveproved satisfactory. She wanted to get out quickly, because sheknew but few, and the stars were gossiping. Outside werecarriages and some correct youths in attractive clothing,waiting. Carrie saw that she was scanned closely. The flutterof an eyelash would have brought her a companion. That she didnot give.
4.  "Not if you couldn't wait."
5.  "May I bring a nice little bottle of Sec?" asked Hurstwood."Certainly," said Drouet. "I'll introduce you."
6.  Hurstwood complied and the car shot away, followed by a rattle ofstones and a rain of curses.


1.  When the time came, he buoyed Carrie up most effectually. Hebegan to make her feel as if she had done very well. The oldmelancholy of desire began to come back as he talked at her, andby the time the situation rolled around she was running high infeeling.
2.  "Sure," said Drouet, "what is it?" He did not trouble to rememberthat he knew no one to whom he could appeal on this score. Hisinnate good-nature, however, dictated a favourable reply.
3.  Drouet hung on, thinking he was all in all. The dinner wasspoiled by his enthusiasm. Hurstwood went home feeling as if heshould die if he did not find affectionate relief. He whispered"to-morrow" passionately to Carrie, and she understood. Hewalked away from the drummer and his prize at parting feeling asif he could slay him and not regret. Carrie also felt the miseryof it.
5.   Chapter IV
6.  Carrie went straight forward until she crossed the river, andthen turned into Fifth Avenue. The thoroughfare, in this part,was like a walled canon of brown stone and dark red brick. Thebig windows looked shiny and clean. Trucks were rumbling inincreasing numbers; men and women, girls and boys were movingonward in all directions. She met girls of her own age, wholooked at her as if with contempt for her diffidence. Shewondered at the magnitude of this life and at the importance ofknowing much in order to do anything in it at all. Dread at herown inefficiency crept upon her. She would not know how, shewould not be quick enough. Had not all the other places refusedher because she did not know something or other? She would bescolded, abused, ignominiously discharged.


1.  "You can't be, dearest, and say that. Not when you know how Ilove you. Look at last night."
2.  "No; frown," he said. "Frown as you did before."
3.  "Do you need any help?" she stammered.
4、  The ten rooms of the house were occupied by himself, his wifeJulia, and his son and daughter, George, Jr., and Jessica. Therewere besides these a maid-servant, represented from time to timeby girls of various extraction, for Mrs. Hurstwood was not alwayseasy to please.
5、  "I get twelve," said Carrie.




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      "The crazy ass!" he said to himself. "What does he want toadvertise for?"

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      "I think I've done a good deal," said the drummer, lookingaround. "I've given you all the clothes you wanted, haven't I?I've taken you everywhere you wanted to go. You've had as muchas I've had, and more too."

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       "Oh, no," said Carrie. "Don't try."

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      In this atmosphere Hurstwood had moved for a number of years, notthinking deeply concerning it. His was not the order of natureto trouble for something better, unless the better wasimmediately and sharply contrasted. As it was, he received andgave, irritated sometimes by the little displays of selfishindifference, pleased at times by some show of finery whichsupposedly made for dignity and social distinction. The life ofthe resort which he managed was his life. There he spent most ofhis time. When he went home evenings the house looked nice.With rare exceptions the meals were acceptable, being the kindthat an ordinary servant can arrange. In part, he was interestedin the talk of his son and daughter, who always looked well. Thevanity of Mrs. Hurstwood caused her to keep her person rathershowily arrayed, but to Hurstwood this was much better thanplainness. There was no love lost between them. There was nogreat feeling of dissatisfaction. Her opinion on any subject wasnot startling. They did not talk enough together to come to theargument of any one point. In the accepted and popular phrase,she had her ideas and he had his. Once in a while he would meeta woman whose youth, sprightliness, and humour would make hiswife seem rather deficient by contrast, but the temporarydissatisfaction which such an encounter might arouse would becounterbalanced by his social position and a certain matter ofpolicy. He could not complicate his home life, because it mightaffect his relations with his employers. They wanted noscandals. A man, to hold his position, must have a dignifiedmanner, a clean record, a respectable home anchorage. Thereforehe was circumspect in all he did, and whenever he appeared in thepublic ways in the afternoon, or on Sunday, it was with his wife,and sometimes his children. He would visit the local resorts, orthose near by in Wisconsin, and spend a few stiff, polished daysstrolling about conventional places doing conventional things.He knew the need of it.

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    {  "Is it the Casino show you told me about?"

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      In the drive of the wind and sleet they pushed in on one another.There were wrists, unprotected by coat or pocket, which were redwith cold. There were ears, half covered by every conceivablesemblance of a hat, which still looked stiff and bitten. In thesnow they shifted, now one foot, now another, almost rocking inunison.}

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      Drouet was just finishing a little incident he was relating, andhis face was expanding into a smile, when Hurstwood's eye caughthis own. The latter had come in with several friends, and,seeing Drouet and some woman, not Carrie, drew his ownconclusion.

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      "You'll hurt your eyes," he said when he saw her.

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       He was, above all, sympathetic, and the sight of Carrie wanderingout, he knew not where, affected him, despite his grievance.

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    {  Carrie swallowed this story in all its pristine beauty. Shesincerely wished he could get through the summer. He looked sohopeless.

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      Carrie was surprised to see him at a quarter of three.