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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  They locked the mercer in the same dungeon where he had passedthe night, and left him to himself during the day. Bonacieuxwept all day, like a true mercer, not being at all a militaryman, as he himself informed us. In the evening, about nineo'clock, at the moment he had made up his mind to go to bed, heheard steps in his corridor. These steps drew near to hisdungeon, the door was thrown open, and the guards appeared."Follow me," said an officer, who came up behind the guards."Follow you!" cried Bonacieux, "follow you at this hour! Where,my God?"
2.  "Reload the muskets, Grimaud," said Athos, "and we,gentlemen, will go on with our breakfast, and resume ourconversation. Where were we?"
3.  "Of the handkerchief?"
4.  "My orders?"
5.  "Eight hundred livres."
6.  "That's all well!" cried D'Artagnan. They think of me intheir pleasures, as I thought of them in my troubles. Well,I will certainly drink to their health with all my heart,but I will not drink alone."


1.  "Who are you, and what do you want?" cried she.
2.  "PARIDIEU!" said D'Artagnan to himself, to whose mind the nieceof the theologian reverted, "PARDIEU, it would be droll if thisbelated dove should be in search of our friend's house. But onmy soul, it looks so. Ah, my dear Aramis, this time I shall findyou out." And D'Artagnan, making himself as small as he could,concealed himself in the darkest side of the street near a stonebench placed at the back of a niche.
3.  As for D'Artagnan, he immediately repaired to the cabaret of thePomme-de-Pin, where he found Porthos and Aramis awaiting him.Without giving them any explanation of the alarm andinconvenience he had caused them, he told them that he hadterminated the affair alone in which he had for a moment believedhe should need their assistance.
4.  M. Dessessart, who esteemed D'Artagnan, made him offers ofhelp, as this change would entail expenses for equipment.D'Artagnan was beside himself with joy. We know that the hebegged him to have the diamond he put into his hand valued,as he wished to turn it into money.
5.  "Then," replied he, "my visit is ill-timed; you, no doubt,stand in need of repose, and I will withdraw."
6.  "'Yesterday evening.'"


1.  "When the hour of breakfast came, therefore, I did not hesitateto eat and drink. I had determined to make believe sup, but toeat nothing. I was forced, then, to combat the fast of theevening with the nourishment of the morning.
2.  M. Coquenard, after the luxuries of such a repast, which hecalled an excess, felt the want of a siesta. Porthos beganto hope that the thing would take place at the presentsitting, and in that same locality; but the procurator wouldlisten to nothing, he would be taken to his room, and wasnot satisfied till he was close to his chest, upon the edgeof which, for still greater precaution, he placed his feet.The procurator's wife took Porthos into an adjoining room,and they began to lay the basis of a reconciliation."You can come and dine three times a week," said Mme.Coquenard.
3.  "Alas!" said D'Artagnan, with the most sentimental air hecould assume, "can you be cruel enough to put such aquestion to me--to me, who, from the moment I saw you, haveonly breathed and sighed through you and for you?"Milady smiled with a strange smile.
4.  "Bills upon his Majesty's private treasury," answered D'Artagnan,who, reckoning upon entering into the king's service inconsequence of this recommendation, believed he could make thissomewhat hazardous reply without telling of a falsehood."The devil!" cried the host, at his wit's end.
5.   The two men in black bowed in their turn.
6.  "Your Lordship does me much honor," said the host, "and I thankyou sincerely for your kind wish."


1.  The dark space frightened her.
2.  "Do not exaggerate the service I have the happiness to renderyour Majesty. I have nothing to save for your Majesty; you areonly the victim of perfidious plots."
3.  "Oh, Lord, yes, monsieur! Yesterday he wrote again; but it washis servant who this time put the letter in the post.""Do you say the procurator's wife is old and ugly?""Fifty at least, monsieur, and not at all handsome, according toPathaud's account."
4、  Although he was a perfect stranger in the court of M. deTreville's courtiers, and this his first appearance in thatplace, he was at length noticed, and somebody came and asked himwhat he wanted. At this demand D'Artagnan gave his name verymodestly, emphasized the title of compatriot, and begged theservant who had put the question to him to request a moment'saudience of M. de Treville--a request which the other, with anair of protection, promised to transmit in due season.D'Artagnan, a little recovered from his first surprise, had nowleisure to study costumes and physiognomy.
5、  Milady began to think she should soon grow weary of a convent life; sheresolved, then, to risk something in order that she might know how toact afterward. Desirous of seeing how far the discretion of the goodabbess would go, she began to tell a story, obscure at first, but verycircumstantial afterward, about the cardinal, relating the amours of theminister with Mme. d'Aiguillon, Marion de Lorme, and several other gaywomen.




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      Athos rose, walked toward his friend with a slow and solemn step,embraced him tenderly, and as he burst into violent sobs, he said to himwith his noble and persuasive voice, "Friend, be a man! Women weep forthe dead; men avenge them!"

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      "He has gone," said he, "and the house door is shut.""He has gone to make his report, and to say that all thepigeons are at this moment in the dovecot"

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       "Help! murder! help!" cried he.

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      "Good!" cried D'Artagnan, "I will be there ten minutes beforetwelve." And he set off running as if the devil possessed him,hoping that he might yet find the stranger, whose slow pace couldnot have carried him far.

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    {  "Go down, Athos--he mistrusts you less than me--and see if hebe still at his door."

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      On the morning of the eighth day, Bazin, fresh as ever, andsmiling, according to custom, entered the cabaret of theParpaillot as the four friends were sitting down tobreakfast, saying, as had been agreed upon: "MonsieurAramis, the answer from your cousin."}

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      "Yes, I know it," said the soldier.

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      "I am sorry, too, monsieur; but I arrived second, and must sailfirst."

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       "PARDIEU! In the opposite direction to that which you said I wasgone. Besides, are you not as anxious to learn news of Grimaud,Mousqueton, and Bazin as I am to know what has become of Athos,Porthos, and Aramis?"

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    {  "In the first place," said Milady, "it is possible I may be deceived,and that D'Artagnan and his friends may really come to your assistance.""Oh, that would be too much!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "so much happinessis not in store for me!"

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