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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The Pope is the successor of St. Peter, and represents the threedivine powers; the rest-ORDINES INFERIORES-of the ecclesiasticalhierarchy bless in the name of the holy archangels and angels.The most humble clerks such as our deacons and sacristans, blesswith holy water sprinklers, which resemble an infinite number ofblessing fingers. There is the subject simplified. ARGUMENTUMOMNI DENUDATUM ORNAMENTO. I could make of that subject twovolumes the size of this," continued the Jesuit; and in hisenthusiasm he struck a St. Chrysostom in folio, which made thetable bend beneath its weight.
2.  "How so, if he love her?" asked D'Artagnan.
3.  "She is capable of anything or everything. Did you ever seeher furious?"
4.  These three yeses had been pronounced by Athos, each with asadder intonation.
5.  "Yes," said Athos; "let us give the money to the lackeys--notto our lackeys, but to the lackeys of the Englishmen."Athos took the purse, and threw it into the hand of thecoachman. "For you and your comrades."
6.  "Wait, then, monsieur, wait," said the king; "I will not detainyou long."


1.  Planchet, very proud of being raised to the dignity oflandlord, thought he would make all ready, like anintelligent man; and with this view called in the assistanceof the lackey of one of his master's guests, named Fourreau,and the false soldier who had tried to kill D'Artagnan andwho, belonging to no corps, had entered into the service ofD'Artagnan, or rather of Planchet, after D'Artagnan hadsaved his life.
2.  On entering his hotel, M. de Treville thought it best to be firstin making the complaint. He sent one of his servants to M. de laTremouille with a letter in which he begged of him to eject thecardinal's Guardsmen from his house, and to reprimand his peoplefor their audacity in making SORTIE against the king'sMusketeers. But M. de la Tremouille--already prejudiced by hisesquire, whose relative, as we already know, Bernajoux was--replied that it was neither for M. de Treville nor the Musketeersto complain, but, on the contrary, for him, whose people theMusketeers had assaulted and whose hotel they had endeavored toburn. Now, as the debate between these two nobles might last along time, each becoming, naturally, more firm in his ownopinion, M. de Treville thought of an expedient which mightterminate it quietly. This was to go himself to M. de laTremouille.
3.  "Oh, my legs, my poor legs! where are you?" murmuredCoquenard, and he tried to smile.
4.  Without a blush, men made their way in the world by the means ofwomen blushing. Such as were only beautiful gave their beauty,whence, without doubt, comes the proverb, "The most beautifulgirl in the world can only give what she has." Such as were richgave in addition a part of their money; and a vast number ofheroes of that gallant period may be cited who would neither havewon their spurs in the first place, nor their battles afterward,without the purse, more or less furnished, which their mistressfastened to the saddle bow.
5.  In the evening, at the appointed hour, the four friends met.There only remained three things to decide--what theyshould write to Milady's brother; what they should write tothe clever person at Tours; and which should be the lackeysto carry the letters.
6.  "Yez; what's the dream?" said the Swiss.


1.  "Yes, but to yield!" said Porthos.
2.  "Oh, I remember!" said Mme. Bonacieux, "the Comtesse de Winter."The four friends uttered one and the same cry, but that of Athosdominated all the rest.
3.  "How do I know it?"
4.  "God? Say the devil!"
5.   Milady let her head sink, as if crushed by this sentence. Lordde Winter went out, making a sign to Felton, who followed him,shutting the door after him.
6.  "That woman was once a young girl, as beautiful as she is today. Shewas a nun in the convent of the Benedictines of Templemar. A youngpriest, with a simple and trustful heart, performed the duties of thechurch of that convent. She undertook his seduction, and succeeded; shewould have seduced a saint.


1.  "But you say she is English?"
2.  "More intrigues! Nothing but intrigues! Thank you, madame, I amaware of them now; Monsieur Cardinal has enlightened me on thathead."
3.  "Alas," said she, "I did all for the best! One of ourclients is a horsedealer; he owes money to the office, andis backward in his pay. I took the mule and the horse forwhat he owed us; he assured me that they were two noblesteeds."
4、  Milady opened the window, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to join her.The young woman complied.
5、  "One of your friends?" interrupted Mme. Bonacieux."Without doubt; Aramis is one of my best friends.""Aramis! Who is he?"




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      Although warned that the man she had loved so much was in great danger,the queen, when his death was announced to her, would not believe thefact, and even imprudently exclaimed, "it is false; he has just writtento me!"

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      "That it is only the Pope who is infallible, and that thisinfallibility does not extend to cardinals."

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       "We are then reconciled, dear Monsieur Porthos?" said she,simpering.

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      "Oh, he was not a gentleman, I'll answer for it; besides, he didnot wear a sword, and the others treated him with smallconsideration."

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    {  "Well," said he, "let us see, gentlemen, what are hisEminence's commands," and D'Artagnan unsealed the letter andread,

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      Arrived at the foot of the bastion, there were still morethan a dozen of the enemy. A last discharge welcomed them,but did not stop them; they jumped into the ditch, andprepared to scale the breach.}

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      "What! by demanding my head of the cardinal?" criedD'Artagnan, pale with terror.

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      "Is it thus you perform your charge, monsieur?" continued theking, without directly replying to De Treville's question. "Isit for this I name you captain of my Musketeers, that they shouldassassinate a man, disturb a whole quarter, and endeavor to setfire to Paris, without your saying a word? But yet," continuedthe king, "undoubtedly my haste accuses you wrongfully; withoutdoubt the rioters are in prison, and you come to tell me justiceis done."

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    {  Milady reseated herself, foaming. The officer leaned forward,looked at her in his turn, and appeared surprised to see thatface, just before so beautiful, distorted with passion and almosthideous. The artful creature at once comprehended that she wasinjuring herself by allowing him thus to read her soul; shecollected her features, and in a complaining voice said: "In thename of heaven, sir, tell me if it is to you, if it is to yourgovernment, if it is to an enemy I am to attribute the violencethat is done me?"

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      "Yes, without the saddle."