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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At the close of the show it suddenly developed that he was notgoing back with them.
2.  "You want to see Lincoln Park," he said, "and Michigan Boulevard.They are putting up great buildings there. It's a second NewYork--great. So much to see--theatres, crowds, fine houses--oh,you'll like that."
3.  "Yes, about two or three."
4.  So peculiar, indeed, was her lonely, self-withdrawing temper,that she was becoming an interesting figure in the public eye--she was so quiet and reserved.
5.  "What's the matter?" said Carrie.
6.  "Where are you, Cad?" he said, using a pet name he had given her.


1.  "Were you ever on the stage?" he asked insinuatingly.
2.  Such of these letters as came while Carrie was still in theSeventeenth Street place were read with more interest--thoughnever delight--than those which arrived after she was installedin her luxurious quarters at the Wellington. Even there hervanity--or that self-appreciation which, in its more rabid form,is called vanity--was not sufficiently cloyed to make thesethings wearisome. Adulation, being new in any form, pleased her.Only she was sufficiently wise to distinguish between her oldcondition and her new one. She had not had fame or money before.Now they had come. She had not had adulation and affectionatepropositions before. Now they had come. Wherefore? She smiledto think that men should suddenly find her so much moreattractive. In the least way it incited her to coolness andindifference.
3.  So off he went to a poker room in the neighbourhood, feeling muchas he had in the old days. In this period of self-forgetfulness,aroused first by the shock of argument and perfected by a dinnerin the hotel, with cocktails and cigars, he was as nearly likethe old Hurstwood as he would ever be again. It was not the oldHurstwood--only a man arguing with a divided conscience and luredby a phantom.
4.  It seemed as if he thought a while, for now he arose and turnedthe gas out, standing calmly in the blackness, hidden from view.After a few moments, in which he reviewed nothing, but merelyhesitated, he turned the gas on again, but applied no match.Even then he stood there, hidden wholly in that kindness which isnight, while the uprising fumes filled the room. When the odourreached his nostrils, he quit his attitude and fumbled for thebed. "What's the use?" he said, weakly, as he stretched himselfto rest.
5.  Her first move was to buy a shirt waist, and in studying theseshe found how little her money would buy--how much, if she couldonly use all. She forgot that if she were alone she would haveto pay for a room and board, and imagined that every cent of hereighteen could be spent for clothes and things that she liked.
6.  "Who's sneaking?" he asked, mildly conscious of error on hispart, but certain that he was wronged.


1.  "When do you leave?" said Hurstwood to Drouet.
2.  They went with him to the door and there was his cab waiting, itsred lamps gleaming cheerfully in the shadow.
3.  At last the final day came. When it actually arrived, Hurstwood,who had got his mind into such a state where a thunderclap andraging storm would have seemed highly appropriate, was ratherrelieved to find that it was a plain, ordinary day. The sunshone, the temperature was pleasant. He felt, as he came to thebreakfast table, that it wasn't so terrible, after all.
4.  "He said he came because he thought I might be lonely. Youhadn't been in there so long he wondered what had become of you."
5.   Carrie at last could scarcely sit still. Her legs began to tireand she wanted to get up and stretch. Would noon never come? Itseemed as if she had worked an entire day. She was not hungry atall, but weak, and her eyes were tired, straining at the onepoint where the eye-punch came down. The girl at the rightnoticed her squirmings and felt sorry for her. She wasconcentrating herself too thoroughly--what she did reallyrequired less mental and physical strain. There was nothing tobe done, however. The halves of the uppers came piling steadilydown. Her hands began to ache at the wrists and then in thefingers, and towards the last she seemed one mass of dull,complaining muscles, fixed in an eternal position and performinga single mechanical movement which became more and moredistasteful, until as last it was absolutely nauseating. Whenshe was wondering whether the strain would ever cease, a dull-sounding bell clanged somewhere down an elevator shaft, and theend came. In an instant there was a buzz of action andconversation. All the girls instantly left their stools andhurried away in an adjoining room, men passed through, comingfrom some department which opened on the right. The whirlingwheels began to sing in a steadily modifying key, until at lastthey died away in a low buzz. There was an audible stillness, inwhich the common voice sounded strange.
6.  She did manage to inquire at the box-office, however.


1.  This interest of the manager was a large thing in itself for theperformance, for his standing among the Elks was something worthtalking about. Already he was thinking of a box with somefriends, and flowers for Carrie. He would make it a dress-suitaffair and give the little girl a chance.
2.  "What's the matter, Carrie?" said Hurstwood after a time,noticing her quiet, almost moody state.
3.  "Of course," she said, smiling; "did you think I wouldn't?"
4、  "If you'll do that, we'll call it off for the present and I'llget out."
5、  "We'll go without you."




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      "I'll not give him the rest of my money," said Carrie. "I doenough. I am going to get me something to wear."

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      He hastened about, rummaging in his valise for what he wanted,and finally pocketing it. Then he turned his attention to hisfair neighbour, who was good-looking and kindly disposed towardshim.

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       They went to look at it. Carrie had saved ten dollars from herexpenditures--enough for this and her board beside. Her enlargedsalary would not begin for ten days yet--would not reach her forseventeen. She paid half of the six dollars with her friend.

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      Carrie had bathed and was waiting when he arrived. She lookedrefreshed--more delightful than ever, but reserved. Since he hadgone she had resumed somewhat of her cold attitude towards him.Love was not blazing in her heart. He felt it, and his troublesseemed increased. He could not take her in his arms; he did noteven try. Something about her forbade it. In part his opinionwas the result of his own experiences and reflections belowstairs.

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    {  "Better get it, then; your car won't be ready for a littlewhile."

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      "I'm going away, Julia," he said, "for a few days."}

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      There was something in the tone in which he said this which madeher feel as if she must record her feelings against any localhabitation.

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      "Who's here?" said Hurstwood, passing into the theatre proper,where the lights were turned up and a company of gentlemen werelaughing and talking in the open space back of the seats.

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       He had once been accustomed to hold a pretty fair hand at poker.Many a friendly game had netted him a hundred dollars or more atthe time when that sum was merely sauce to the dish of the game--not the all in all. Now, he thought of playing.

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    {  "Yes," said Hurstwood uneasily, thinking of his handwriting onthe register.

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      The morning seemed peculiarly bright to him now. He wonderedwhatever could have put such a thought into his head. Impossibleas it was, he could not help smiling at its cleverness. Itshowed how she loved him. There was no doubt in his mind now,and he would find a way to win her.