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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "There, monsieur, there is that letter!" cried the queen, with abroken and trembling voice; "take it, and deliver me from yourodious presence."
2.  "Tomorrow, flame of my life!"
3.  "That man," said Milady, lowering her voice, "is my brother.""Your brother!" cried Mme. Bonacieux.
4.  But Athos continued to march majestically, whatever remarkshis companions made; and they, finding their remarksuseless, regulated their pace by his.
5.  "And my only heir, are you not?" said Lord de Winter in his turn,fixing his eyes on those of Milady.
6.  D'Artagnan and Athos laughed aloud.


1.  At the first word the cardinal spoke of Mme. de Chevreuse--who,though exiled to Tours and believed to be in that city, had cometo Paris, remained there five days, and outwitted the police--theking flew into a furious passion. Capricious and unfaithful, theking wished to be called Louis the Just and Louis the Chaste.Posterity will find a difficulty in understanding this character,which history explains only by facts and never by reason.But when the cardinal added that not only Mme. de Chevreuse hadbeen in Paris, but still further, that the queen had renewed withher one of those mysterious correspondences which at that timewas named a CABAL; when he affirmed that he, the cardinal, wasabout to unravel the most closely twisted thread of thisintrigue; that at the moment of arresting in the very act, withall the proofs about her, the queen's emissary to the exiledduchess, a Musketeer had dared to interrupt the course of justiceviolently, by falling sword in hand upon the honest men of thelaw, charged with investigating impartially the whole affair inorder to place it before the eyes of the king--Louis XIII couldnot contain himself, and he made a step toward the queen'sapartment with that pale and mute indignation which, when inbroke out, led this prince to the commission of the most pitilesscruelty. And yet, in all this, the cardinal had not yet said aword about the Duke of Buckingham.
2.  Milady held out her arms; her wrists were bruised."Alas!" said Felton, looking at those beautiful hands, andshaking his head sorrowfully.
3.  "This D'Artagnan."
4.  The baron came forward.
5.  The storm increase, the flashes succeeded one another more rapidly, thethunder began to growl, and the wind, the precursor of a hurricane,whistled in the plumes and the hair of the horsemen.The cavalcade trotted on more sharply.
6.  That same evening M. de Treville announced this good news tothe three Musketeers and D'Artagnan, inviting all four tobreakfast with him next morning.


1.  "We shall know, be assured. Nothing is concealed from thecardinal; the cardinal knows everything."
2.  "Go to, my dear Athos; you have truly inconceivable ideas.""Let it pass. What do you think of Monsieur de Trevilletelling me, when he did me the honor to call upon meyesterday, that you associated with the suspected English,whom the cardinal protects?"
3.  The two men followed the company, and on leaving theaubourg St. Antoine, mounted two horses properly equipped,which a servant without livery had waiting for them.
4.  "I found my knife where I had placed it, under my pillow, andwhile feigning to sleep, my hand grasped the handle of itconvulsively.
5.   The reader hushed herself instantly. All the ladies rose, andthere was a profound silence. As to the king, he made nodemonstration of politeness, only stopping before the queen."Madame," said he, "you are about to receive a visit from thechancellor, who will communicate certain matters to you withwhich I have charged him."
6.  "Good!" said D'Artagnan to himself. "It appears that the methodI have adopted with this boy is decidedly the best. I shall useit again upon occasion."


1.  "Bad, monsieur, bad!" replied the king; "I am bored."This was, in fact, the worst complaint of Louis XIII, who wouldsometimes take one of his courtiers to a window and say,"Monsieur So-and-so, let us weary ourselves together.""How! Your Majesty is bored? Have you not enjoyed the pleasuresof the chase today?"
2.  "No, it has been stolen from you."
3.  "There again! De Wardes, one of the cardinal's men, a cousin ofRochefort! Stop, my friend, I have an idea."
4、  "These young fellows can none of them drink," said Athos, lookingat him with pity, "and yet this is one of the best!"
5、  "'Listen!' said he. 'I give you the rest of tonight and all daytomorrow. Reflect: promise to be silent, and riches,consideration, even honor, shall surround you; threaten to speak,and I will condemn you to infamy.'




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      Planchet and Grimaud appeared in their turn, leading theirmasters' steeds. D'Artagnan and Athos put themselves intosaddle with their companions, and all four set forward;Athos upon a horse he owed to a woman, Aramis on a horse heowed to his mistress, Porthos on a horse he owed to hisprocurator's wife, and D'Artagnan on a horse he owed to hisgood fortune--the best mistress possible.

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      He passed along the same corridor as before, crossed one court,then a second side of a building; at length, at the gate of theentrance court he found a carriage surrounded by four guards onhorseback. They made him enter this carriage, the officer placedhimself by his side, the door was locked, and they were left in arolling prison. The carriage was put in motion as slowly as afuneral car. Through the closely fastened windows the prisonercould perceive the houses and the pavement, that was all; but,true Parisian as he was, Bonacieux could recognize every streetby the milestones, the signs, and the lamps. At the moment ofarriving at St. Paul--the spot where such as were condemned atthe Bastille were executed--he was near fainting and crossedhimself twice. He thought the carriage was about to stop there.The carriage, however, passed on.

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       "Instantly! That is to say, when you have received myinstructions. Two men, whom you will find at the door ongoing out, will serve you as escort. You will allow me toleave first; then, after half an hour, you can go away inyour turn."

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      The assassins comprehended that if they fled toward the campwithout having killed their man, they should be accused byhim; therefore their first idea was to join the enemy. Oneof them took his gun by the barrel, and used it as he woulda club. He aimed a terrible blow at D'Artagnan, who avoidedit by springing to one side; but by this movement he left apassage free to the bandit, who darted off toward thebastion. As the Rochellais who guarded the bastion wereignorant of the intentions of the man they saw coming towardthem, they fired upon him, and he fell, struck by a ballwhich broke his shoulder.

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    {  "My faith," said D'Artagnan to Athos, "you had a triumphantidea! As you said, we have acquired glory, and were enabledto carry on a conversation of the highest importance.""Which we can resume now without anybody suspecting us, for,with the help of God, we shall henceforth pass forcardinalists."

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      "One might think you really suspected us, monseigneur, and wewere undergoing a real interrogatory. If it be so, we trust yourEminence will deign to explain yourself, and we should then atleast be acquainted with our real position."}

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      "That does not concern me."

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      "That my orders go far, madame; and that I am authorized to seekfor the suspected paper, even on the person of your Majesty.""What horror!" cried the queen.

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       "And you come?" asked Milady.

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    {  "Sooner." said Aramis.

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      "And did the mercer,"* rejoined Athos, "tell you, D'Artagnan,that the queen thought that Buckingham had been brought over by aforged letter?"