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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, no, monsieur, he is very young."
2.  "Yes, Caderousse, you have seen me; you knew me once."
3.  "Certainly not, if, as you said just now, you have the meansof having Dantes arrested. Have you that means?"
4.  "I have another," replied Maximilian; "but I fear you willdeem it even more absurd than the first."
5.  In the court showing his merchandise, was a tradesman whohad been admitted with the same precautions. The baronessascended the steps; she felt herself strongly infected withthe sadness which seemed to magnify her own, and stillguided by the valet de chambre, who never lost sight of herfor an instant, she was introduced to the magistrate'sstudy. Preoccupied as Madame Danglars had been with theobject of her visit, the treatment she had received fromthese underlings appeared to her so insulting, that shebegan by complaining of it. But Villefort, raising his head,bowed down by grief, looked up at her with so sad a smilethat her complaints died upon her lips. "Forgive myservants," he said, "for a terror I cannot blame them for;from being suspected they have become suspicious."
6.  Chapter 108The Judge.


1.  The next morning Danglars awoke late, though he went to bedso early; he had not slept well for five or six nights, evenif he had slept at all. He breakfasted heartily, and caringlittle, as he said, for the beauties of the Eternal City,ordered post-horses at noon. But Danglars had not reckonedupon the formalities of the police and the idleness of theposting-master. The horses only arrived at two o'clock, andthe cicerone did not bring the passport till three. Allthese preparations had collected a number of idlers roundthe door of Signor Pastrini's; the descendants of Marius andthe Gracchi were also not wanting. The baron walkedtriumphantly through the crowd, who for the sake of gainstyled him "your excellency." As Danglars had hithertocontented himself with being called a baron, he felt ratherflattered at the title of excellency, and distributed adozen silver coins among the beggars, who were ready, fortwelve more, to call him "your highness."
2.  "Yes, yes, my boy, so we will -- so we will," replied theold man; "but how shall we be happy? Shall you never leaveme again? Come, tell me all the good fortune that hasbefallen you."
3.  "And they mean -- "
4.  "Your son shall be happy, Mercedes," repeated the count.
5.  "Yes."
6.  "You have no right to beg at night," said the groom,endeavoring to rid his master of the troublesome intruder.


1.  Having delivered himself of this pompous address, utteredwith a degree of energy that left the baron almost out ofbreath, he bowed to the assembled party and withdrew to hisdrawing-room, whose sumptuous furnishings of white and goldhad caused a great sensation in the Chaussee d'Antin. It wasto this apartment he had desired his guest to be shown, withthe purpose of overwhelming him at the sight of so muchluxury. He found the count standing before some copies ofAlbano and Fattore that had been passed off to the banker asoriginals; but which, mere copies as they were, seemed tofeel their degradation in being brought into juxtapositionwith the gaudy colors that covered the ceiling. The countturned round as he heard the entrance of Danglars into theroom. With a slight inclination of the head, Danglars signedto the count to be seated, pointing significantly to agilded arm-chair, covered with white satin embroidered withgold. The count sat down. "I have the honor, I presume, ofaddressing M. de Monte Cristo."
2.  "In his mother's laboratory."
3.  "Perfectly well, my good friend; and I will prove it to youby putting the dots to the `i,' or rather by naming thepersons. You were walking one evening in M. de Villefort'sgarden; from what you relate, I suppose it to have been theevening of Madame de Saint-Meran's death. You heard M. deVillefort talking to M. d'Avrigny about the death of M. deSaint-Meran, and that no less surprising, of the countess.M. d'Avrigny said he believed they both proceeded frompoison; and you, honest man, have ever since been askingyour heart and sounding your conscience to know if you oughtto expose or conceal this secret. Why do you torment them?`Conscience, what hast thou to do with me?' as Sterne said.My dear fellow, let them sleep on, if they are asleep; letthem grow pale in their drowsiness, if they are disposed todo so, and pray do you remain in peace, who have no remorseto disturb you." Deep grief was depicted on Morrel'sfeatures; he seized Monte Cristo's hand. "But it isbeginning again, I say!"
4.  "The table was laid in a vineyard belonging to the pope,near San Pierdarena, a charming retreat which the cardinalsknew very well by report. Rospigliosi, quite set up with hisnew dignities, went with a good appetite and his mostingratiating manner. Spada, a prudent man, and greatlyattached to his only nephew, a young captain of the highestpromise, took paper and pen, and made his will. He then sentword to his nephew to wait for him near the vineyard; but itappeared the servant did not find him.
5.   "You are right, Valentine; but how shall I ascertain?"
6.  "And Koorshid pointed out one who had more than anycontributed to the death of my father," said Haidee, in atone of chastened anger. "Then," said Albert, "you becamethe property of this man?"


1.  "No, but Madame de Morcerf saw me."
2.  "Indeed, your excellency, I had very considerable difficultyin obtaining them, and, as it is, they have cost an enormousprice."
3.  Chapter 64The Beggar.
4、  "I fully appreciate his delicacy," said Andrea, cramming thenotes hastily into his pocket.
5、  "Pardon me, you are right. I am a brute. But I was going totell you that I met M. de Morcerf the other day."




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      "Sir, my right-hand correspondent is signalling."

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      "Ma foi, it will be as well if he is not," answeredCaderousse; "for if he should be, there will be really nospeaking to him."

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       "She is, then, now at Malta?"

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      "Yes, I understand that, but what is the quarrel? Peoplefight for all sorts of reasons, you know."-

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    {  "No, no," continued Danglars; "if we resolve on such a step,it would be much better to take, as I now do, this pen, dipit into this ink, and write with the left hand (that thewriting may not be recognized) the denunciation we propose."And Danglars, uniting practice with theory, wrote with hisleft hand, and in a writing reversed from his usual style,and totally unlike it, the following lines, which he handedto Fernand, and which Fernand read in an undertone: --

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      "Galley-slaves having a nap after dinner! We may well pitythe poor fellows!" said the abbe.}

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      "Did she stay long there?"

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      "Rue de la Fontaine!" exclaimed Villefort in an agitatedtone; "at what number?"

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       "Bravo," cried Chateau-Renaud; "you are the first man I evermet sufficiently courageous to preach egotism. Bravo, count,bravo!"

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    {  "It is not for herself that she is so, but for her son, andwhat you regard as a vice becomes almost a virtue whenlooked at in the light of maternal love."

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      "Well, but he is a charming young man, according to myideas."