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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I am Monsieur D'Artagnan, a Gascon gentleman, serving inthe king's Musketeers. And you?"
2.  "The Bible," said Aramis, "make our belief in them a law; theghost of Samuel appeared to Saul, and it is an article of faiththat I should be very sorry to see any doubt thrown upon,Porthos."
3.  "'You have said Puritans have but one word. Mine you have heard,and that is to pursue you--on earth to the tribunal of men, inheaven to the tribunal of God.'
4.  "That of a lieutenant of Musketeers."
5.  "I was to take your dispatches, written or verbal, and return by post;and when he shall know what you have done, he will advise what you haveto do."
6.  He left the box and dice where they fell, threw the purse tothe wounded man, and eagerly opened the pocketbook.Among some unimportant papers he found the following letter,that which he had sought at the risk of his life:


1.  "What do you mean? Speak! you kill me."
2.  "Who told you there was a woman here?" replied Aramis, becomingas pale as death.
3.  The two nobles saluted each other politely, for if no friendshipexisted between them, there was at least esteem. Both were menof courage and honor; and as M. de la Tremouille--a Protestant,and seeing the king seldom--was of no party, he did not, ingeneral, carry any bias into his social relations. This time,however, his address, although polite, was cooler than usual."Monsieur," said M. de Treville, "we fancy that we have eachcause to complain of the other, and I am come to endeavor toclear up this affair."
4.  Unfortunately, the hour was badly chosen for a privateconference. The morning drum had just been beaten; everyoneshook off the drowsiness of night, and to dispel the humidmorning air, came to take a drop at the inn. Dragoons,Swiss, Guardsmen, Musketeers, light-horsemen, succeeded oneanother with a rapidity which might answer the purpose ofthe host very well, but agreed badly with the views of thefour friends. Thus they applied very curtly to thesalutations, healths, and jokes of their companions."I see how it will be," said Athos: "we shall get into somepretty quarrel or other, and we have no need of one justnow. D'Artagnan, tell us what sort of a night you have had,and we will describe ours afterward."
5.  "Yes, I know you are a man of a stout heart, monsieur," said thecardinal, with a voice almost affectionate; "I can therefore tell youbeforehand you shall be tried, and even condemned.""Another might reply to your Eminence that he had his pardon in hispocket. I content myself with saying: Command, monseigneur; I amready."
6.  "I felt instinctively that someone approached me; it is said thatthe doomed wretch in the deserts of America thus feels theapproach of the serpent.


1.  "That's true. How much do you want?"
2.  "The Guards of the cardinal! And why so?" asked Porthos, warmly."Because he plainly perceives that his piquette* stands in needof being enlivened by a mixture of good wine."
3.  "Two hours passed away without anything fresh happening. Oh, myGod! who could have said so the evening before? I began to fearthat he would not come.
4.  The same evening the cardinal spoke to M. de Treville of theexploit of the morning, which was the talk of the wholecamp. M. de Treville, who had received the account of theadventure from the mouths of the heroes of it, related it inall its details to his Eminence, not forgetting the episodeof the napkin.
5.   "But where is Athos now?" cried D'Artagnan. "Where is Athos?""In the cellar, monsieur."
6.  "Oh, plenty! That would carry you to the end of the world.Begone, then!"


1.  At the end of a quarter of an hour, however, surprised at thelength of the journey, she leaned forward toward the door to seewhither she was being conducted. Houses were no longer to beseen; trees appeared in the darkness like great black phantomschasing one another. Milady shuddered.
2.  "Well?"
3.  "Listen, Felton," resumed Milady, "for by the side of base andcontemptible men there are often found great and generousnatures. I had an affianced husband, a man whom I loved, and wholoved me--a heart like yours, Felton, a man like you. I went tohim and told him all; he knew me, that man did, and did not doubtan instant. He was a nobleman, a man equal to Buckingham inevery respect. He said nothing; he only girded on his sword,wrapped himself in his cloak, and went straight to BuckinghamPalace.
4、  "You see plainly that I have no sword," said the Englishman."Do you wish to play the braggart with an unarmed man?""I hope you have a sword at home; but at all events, I havetwo, and if you like, I will throw with you for one ofthem."
5、  "The cardinal's Guards!" cried Aramis and Porthos at the sametime. "Sheathe your swords, gentlemen, sheathe your swords!"But it was too late. The two combatants had been seen in aposition which left no doubt of their intentions."Halloo!" cried Jussac, advancing toward them and making a signto his men to do so likewise, "halloo, Musketeers? Fightinghere, are you? And the edicts? What is become of them?""You are very generous, gentlemen of the Guards," said Athos,full of rancor, for Jussac was one of the aggressors of thepreceding day. "If we were to see you fighting, I can assure youthat we would make no effort to prevent you. Leave us alone,then, and you will enjoy a little amusement without cost toyourselves."




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      "My faith, monsieur! that will be the first time I have doneso for sixteen days."

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      "Do you know him, then?" asked Felton.

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       "How unfortunate I am!" said she; "I have been here six months withoutthe shadow of recreation. You arrive, and your presence was likely toafford me delightful company; yet I expect, in all probability, to quitthe convent at any moment."

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      "It's true, though," said Porthos; "and the proof is that I paidtwelve pistoles for it."

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    {  "Admirable and dogmatic!" repeated the curate, who, about asstrong as D'Artagnan with respect to Latin, carefully watched theJesuit in order to keep step with him, and repeated his wordslike an echo.

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      "I had been at the seminary from nine years old; in three days Ishould have been twenty. I was about to become an abbe, and allwas arranged. One evening I went, according to custom, to ahouse which I frequented with much pleasure: when one is young,what can be expected?--one is weak. An officer who saw me, witha jealous eye, reading the LIVES OF THE SAINTS to the mistress ofthe house, entered suddenly and without being announced. Thatevening I had translated an episode of Judith, and had justcommunicated my verses to the lady, who gave me all sorts ofcompliments, and leaning on my shoulder, was reading them asecond time with me. Her pose, which I must admit was ratherfree, wounded this officer. He said nothing; but when I went outhe followed, and quickly came up with me. 'Monsieur the Abbe,'said he, 'do you like blows with a cane?' 'I cannot say,monsieur,' answered I; 'no one has ever dared to give me any.''Well, listen to me, then, Monsieur the Abbe! If you ventureagain into the house in which I have met you this evening, I willdare it myself.' I really think I must have been frightened. Ibecame very pale; I felt my legs fail me; I sought for a reply,but could find none-I was silent. The officer waited for hisreply, and seeing it so long coming, he burst into a laugh,turned upon his heel, and re-entered the house. I returned tothe seminary.}

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      "Because I am not willing to die!" cried Milady, struggling. "BecauseI am too young to die!"

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      "There are people who laugh at the horse that would not dare tolaugh at the master," cried the young emulator of the furiousTreville.

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       "What, he had done you the honor to remain here?""Yes, monsieur, in this house; and we are even a little uneasy--""On what account?"

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    {  "Silence!" said Mme. Bonacieux, starting.

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      Milady seized the occasion,