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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2.  "By George!" cried Lestrade. "If he answers that we've got him!""That was my idea when I put it in. I think if you could both makeit convenient to come with us about eight o'clock to Caulfield Gardenswe might possibly get a little nearer to a solution."
3.  "Is he quiet?"
4.  "You don't say so?"
5.  Our visitor sprang from his chair. "What!" he cried, "you know myname?"
6.  "So I understand. Where were you when you began to feel bad?""Where was I, sir? Why, here, near the door."


1.  Bannister entered, and shrank back in evident surprise and fear atour judicial appearance.
2.  Sir James carried away both it and the precious saucer. As I wasmyself overdue, I went down with him into the street. A brougham waswaiting for him. He sprang in, gave a hurried order to the cockadedcoachman, then drove swiftly away. He flung his overcoat half out ofthe window to cover the armorial bearings upon the panel, but I hadseen them in the glare of our fanlight none the less. I gasped withsurprise. Then I turned back and ascended the stair to Holmes's room."I have found out who our client is," I cried, bursting with mygreat news. "Why, Holmes, it is-"
3.  "The first was from Pondicherry, the second from Dundee, andthe third from London."
4.  "You then roused his anger by calling him names at a moment whenhe felt that he had deserved your warmest thanks. He could not explainthe true state of affairs without betraying one who certainly deservedlittle enough consideration at his hands. He took the morechivalrous view, however, and preserved her secret."
5.  "What an extraordinary assortment!" I exclaimed.
6.  "'Good! That's a promise,' said he, rising from his chair. 'Well,I'm delighted to have got so good a man for my brother. Here's youradvance of a hundred pounds, and here is the letter. Make a note ofthe address, 126B Corporation Street, and remember that one o'clockto-morrow is your appointment. Good-night, and may you have aH thefortune that you deserve!'


1.  "Last Monday Mr. Neville St. Clair went into town rather earlierthan usual, remarking before he started that he had two importantcommissions to perform, and that he would bring his little boy homea box of bricks. Now, by the merest chance, his wife received atelegram upon this same Monday, very shortly after his departure, tothe effect that a small parcel of considerable value which she hadbeen expecting was waiting for her at the offices of the AberdeenShipping Company. Now, if you are well up in your London, you willknow that the office of the company is in Fresno Street, whichbranches out of Upper Swandam Lane, where you found me to-night.Mrs. St. Clair had her lunch, started for the City, did some shopping,proceeded to the company's office, got her packet, and found herselfat exactly 4:35 walking through Swandam Lane on her way back to thestation. Have you followed me so far?"
2.  "What is it, madam?"
3.  "I cannot leave here," said my client firmly, "until I hear fromGodfrey's own lips that he is under no restraint."
4.  "Perhaps he was not so strong as you suppose. I should think hemay have had some secret trouble. With your assent, I will put oneor two of these papers in my pocket, in case they should bear upon ourfuture inquiry."
5.   "Six out and six back. Nothing simpler. You say yourself that thehorse was fresh and glossy when you got in. How could it be that if ithad gone twelve miles over heavy roads?"
6.  "And I wish to God I had not!" said Mrs. Merrilow.


1.  "No, I fear that even now-"
2.  "Yes, only one."
3.  "Cyanea!" I cried. "Cyanea! Behold the Lion's Mane!"
4、  "`Yes.'
5、  "Surely it would not be difficult to find out. This is not such apopulous neighbourhood."




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      "This is intolerable, sir," said I. "I came here to do you a favour-and not to be examined as if I were a schoolboy. My knowledge on thesesubjects may be second only to your own, but I certainly shall notanswer questions which have been put in, so offensive a way."He looked at me steadily. The languor had gone from his eyes. Theysuddenly glared. There was a gleam of teeth from between those cruellips.

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      "Sound as a bell."

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       "'Why, what did you think?' I asked.

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      In choosing a few typical cases which illustrate the remarkablemental qualities of my friend, Sherlock Holmes, I have endeavoured, asfar as possible, to select those which presented the minimum ofsensationalism, while offering a fair field for his talents. It is,however, unfortunately impossible entirely to separate the sensationalfrom the criminal, and a chronicler is left in the dilemma that hemust either sacrifice details which are essential to his statement andso give a false impression of the problem, or he must use matter whichchance, and not choice, has provided him with. With this short prefaceI shall turn to my notes of what proved to be a strange, though apeculiarly terrible, chain of events.

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    {  "How can you tell that?"

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      Holmes looked at me thoughtfully and shook his head.}

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      "How about the fireplace?"

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      "No, sir, but the facts might be met speciously enough. Suppose thatthis man Boone had thrust Neville St. Clair through the window,there is no human eye which could have seen the deed. What would he dothen? It would of course instantly strike him that he must get ridof the tell-tale garments. He would seize the coat, then, and be inthe act of throwing it out, when it would occur to him that it wouldswim and not sink. He has little time, for he has heard the scuffledownstairs when the wife tried to force her way up, and perhaps he hasalready heard from his lascar confederate that the police are hurryingup the street. There is not an instant to be lost. He rushes to somesecret hoard, where he has accumulated the fruits of his beggary,and he stuffs all the coins upon which he can lay his hands into thepockets to make sure of the coats sinking. He throws it out, and wouldhave done the same with the other garments had not he heard the rushof steps below, and only just had time to close the window when thepolice appeared."

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       "I could not climb it myself," said Mr. Bennett.

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    {  "None at all. I was inclined to think at one time that he knew whohad done it and was screening him or her, but I am convinced nowthat he is as puzzled as everyone else. He is not a veryquick-witted youth, though comely to look at and, I should think,sound at heart."

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      "No, I cannot say that. But I have heard words which were nearlyas bad- words of cold, cutting contempt, even before the servants.""Our millionaire does not seem to shine in private life," remarkedHolmes as we made our way to the station. "Well, Watson, we havecome on a good many facts, some of them new ones, and yet I seemsome way from my conclusion. In spite of the evident dislike which Mr.Bates has to his employer, I gather from him that when the alarmcame he was undoubtedly in his library. Dinner was over at 8:30 andall was normal up to then. It is true that the alarm was somewhat latein the evening, but the tragedy certainly occurred about the hournamed in the note. There is no evidence at all that Mr. Gibson hadbeen out of doors since his return from town at five o'clock. On theother hand, Miss Dunbar, as I understand it, admits that she hadmade an appointment to meet Mrs. Gibson at the bridge. Beyond this shewould say nothing, as her lawyer, had advised her to reserve herdefence. We have several very vital questions to ask that younglady, and my mind will not be easy until we have seen her. I mustconfess that the case would seem to me to be very black against her ifit were not for one thing."