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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Fall voluntarily into my arms, hypocritical and dangerouswoman," said D'Artagnan, likewise to himself, "after havingabused me with such effrontery, and afterward I will laughat you with him whom you wish me to kill."
2.  "I would rather have had a hat," said D'Artagnan. "Mine wascarried away by a ball. By my faith, it is very fortunate thatthe letter was not in it."
3.  "There remains the valise," added Porthos.
4.  "Granted; but if you please, let us not theologize, Aramis. Youmust have had enough for today. As for me, I have almostforgotten the little Latin I have ever known. Then I confess toyou that I have eaten nothing since ten o'clock this morning, andI am devilish hungry."
5.  "My own service!" said D'Artagnan.
6.  He left the box and dice where they fell, threw the purse tothe wounded man, and eagerly opened the pocketbook.Among some unimportant papers he found the following letter,that which he had sought at the risk of his life:


1.  Porthos had seen neither the footman nor the carriage, but withhe eye of a jealous woman, Mme. Coquenard had seen everything.Porthos regretted that he had not at once made the lady of thered cushion a princess.
2.  "And what has became of him?"
3.  "It is that your Majesty will make him come here, willinterrogate him yourself, TETE-A-TETE, without witnesses, andthat I shall see your Majesty as soon as you have seen the duke.""What, then! You will bind yourself," cried the king, "by whatMonsieur de la Tremouille shall say?"
4.  Eight days had been occupied in preparations at the Hotel deVille for this important evening. The city carpenters haderected scaffolds upon which the invited ladies were to beplaced; the city grocer had ornamented the chambers with twohundred FLAMBEAUX if white wax, a piece of luxury unheard of atthat period; and twenty violins were ordered, and the price forthem fixed at double the usual rate, upon condition, said thereport, that they should be played all night.
5.  "Which?"
6.  Then, calling Planchet, he said, "Now, my lad, you may claimyour seven hundred livres, but you did not run much riskwith such a note as that."


1.  "You have truly, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, bowing again, "acourtesy, for which, I assure you, I am very grateful.""You confuse me," replied Athos, with his gentlemanly air; "letus talk of something else, if you please. Ah, s'blood, how youhave hurt me! My shoulder quite burns."
2.  "Well, well! Rochefort, all is not lost; and perhaps--perhapseverything is for the best."
3.  "All this will not advance your outfit," said Athos; "for ifI am not mistaken, you have left the best of your apparelwith Milady, and she will certainly not have the politenessto return it to you. Fortunately, you have the sapphire.""The jewel is yours, my dear Athos! Did you not tell me itwas a family jewel?"
4.  "It is done; as your Excellency may have observed, your horse isin the great gateway, ready saddled for your departure.""That is well; do as I have directed you, then."
5.   "You have committed a piece of folly," said Athos, "but it can'tbe helped; there is no drawing back. Kill the fellow, and rejoinus as soon as you can."
6.  M. de Treville, after having written the letter, sealed it, andrising, approached the young man in order to give it to him. Butat the very moment when D'Artagnan stretched out his hand toreceive it, M. de Treville was highly astonished to see hisprotege make a sudden spring, become crimson with passion, andrush from the cabinet crying, "S'blood, he shall not escape methis time!"


1.  "Very well," said the cardinal; "and you, Monsieur Aramis?""Monseigneur, being of a very mild disposition, and being,likewise, of which Monseigneur perhaps is not aware, aboutto enter into orders, I endeavored to appease my comrades,when one of these wretches gave me a wound with a sword,treacherously, across my left arm. Then I admit my patiencefailed me; I drew my sword in my turn, and as he came backto the charge, I fancied I felt that in throwing himselfupon me, he let it pass through his body. I only know for acertainty that he fell; and it seemed to me that he wasborne away with his two companions."
2.  "Well," said Porthos, "arrange the table, Mousequeton, and whilewe breakfast, D'Artagnan will relate to us what has happened tohim during the ten days since he left us."
3.  At first sight, nothing denoted the cardinal; and it wasimpossible for those who did not know his face to guess in whosepresence they were.
4、  "Wait, then, wait."
5、  "In truth," murmured D'Artagnan, to whom M. de Treville'srecommendation recurred, "this animal will end by making meafraid." And he put his horse into a trot.




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      "Eating what?" said D'Artagnan.

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      "I will be accountable for her," said Athos.

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       "But you will not follow me; you will not watch me?""I will return home instantly."

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      "What you believe?"

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    {  They soon arrived at the silent, solitary inn. No doubt thehost knew what illustrious visitor was expected, and hadconsequently sent intruders out of the way.

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      This evening, especially, Aramis was melancholy and thoughtful.D'Artagnan asked some questions about this prolonged melancholy.Aramis pleaded as his excuse a commentary upon the eighteenthchapter of St. Augustine, which he was forced to write in Latinfor the following week, and which preoccupied him a good deal.After the two friends had been chatting a few moments, a servantfrom M. de Treville entered, bringing a sealed packet."What is that?" asked Aramis.}

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      "For all this," continued Milady, "I should long ago haverevenged myself on him if, and I don't know why, thecardinal had not requested me to conciliate him.""Oh, yes; but Madame has not conciliated that little womanhe was so fond of."

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      The next day Kitty went to see the young man again, andrelated to him all that had passed on the preceding evening.D'Artagnan smiled; this jealous anger of Milady was hisrevenge.

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       "I can see nothing inconvenient in that," said the cardinal."Well, now I have an enemy much more to be dreaded by methan this little Madame Bonacieux."

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    {  "Had his Majesty," asked he, "any intention of holding thishunting party yesterday?"

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      "You are right, Mr. Jackson," replied Buckingham. "He will say,in that case, to the king that I am determined on war, and thatthis measure is my first act of hostility against France."The secretary bowed and retired.