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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "With more of mildness than severity."
2.  "You speak first."
3.  "Your excellency may depend upon me." The Count made agesture of satisfaction, descended the terrace steps, andsprang into his carriage, which was whirled along swiftly tothe banker's house. Danglars was engaged at that moment,presiding over a railroad committee. But the meeting wasnearly concluded when the name of his visitor was announced.As the count's title sounded on his ear he rose, andaddressing his colleagues, who were members of one or theother Chamber, he said, -- "Gentlemen, pardon me for leavingyou so abruptly; but a most ridiculous circumstance hasoccurred, which is this, -- Thomson & French, the Romanbankers, have sent to me a certain person calling himselfthe Count of Monte Cristo, and have given him an unlimitedcredit with me. I confess this is the drollest thing I haveever met with in the course of my extensive foreigntransactions, and you may readily suppose it has greatlyroused my curiosity. I took the trouble this morning to callon the pretended count -- if he were a real count hewouldn't be so rich. But, would you believe it, `He was notreceiving.' So the master of Monte Cristo gives himself airsbefitting a great millionaire or a capricious beauty. I madeinquiries, and found that the house in the Champs Elysees ishis own property, and certainly it was very decently keptup. But," pursued Danglars with one of his sinister smiles,"an order for unlimited credit calls for something likecaution on the part of the banker to whom that order isgiven. I am very anxious to see this man. I suspect a hoaxis intended, but the instigators of it little knew whom theyhad to deal with. `They laugh best who laugh last!'"
4.  "Nothing," replied the count; "only, as you see, theCarnival his commenced. Make haste and dress yourself."
5.  "Nonsense; say on."
6.  "No; but strongly recommends M. de Villefort, and begs me topresent him to your majesty."


1.  "How so?"
2.  "Still, he ought to have been here," said Debray; "I wonderwhat will be talked about to-night; this funeral is the newsof the day. But hush, here comes our minister of justice; hewill feel obliged to make some little speech to the cousin,"and the three young men drew near to listen. Beauchamp toldthe truth when he said that on his way to the funeral he hadmet Monte Cristo, who was directing his steps towards theRue de la Chausse d'Antin, to M. Danglars'.
3.  "It is probable; but there is no occasion to squeeze sohard."
4.  "The man whose house you have just left?"
5.  "To find such a wife as my father found." Monte Cristoturned pale, and looked at Albert, while playing with somemagnificent pistols.
6.  "Eh, dear friend," said Caderousse, "are wills ever madewithout codicils? But you first came to breakfast, did younot? Well, sit down, and let us begin with these pilchards,and this fresh butter; which I have put on some vine-leavesto please you, wicked one. Ah, yes; you look at my room, myfour straw chairs, my images, three francs each. But what doyou expect? This is not the Hotel des Princes."


1.  "And what is it to me?" replied Monte Cristo, shrugging hisshoulders; "do I know those people? and must I lose the oneto save the other? Faith, no, for between the culprit andthe victim I have no choice."
2.  "Oh," cried Julie, "I have not lost all hope of some daykissing that hand, as I now kiss the purse which he hastouched. Four years ago, Penelon was at Trieste -- Penelon,count, is the old sailor you saw in the garden, and who,from quartermaster, has become gardener -- Penelon, when hewas at Trieste, saw on the quay an Englishman, who was onthe point of embarking on board a yacht, and he recognizedhim as the person who called on my father the fifth of June,1829, and who wrote me this letter on the fifth ofSeptember. He felt convinced of his identity, but he did notventure to address him."
3.  "If he says true," said the captain doubtingly. "But in hispresent condition he will promise anything, and take hischance of keeping it afterwards."
4.  "`Another of the number,'" continued the abbe, withoutseeming to notice the emotion of Caderousse, "`is calledDanglars; and the third, in spite of being my rival,entertained a very sincere affection for me.'" A fiendishsmile played over the features of Caderousse, who was aboutto break in upon the abbe's speech, when the latter, wavinghis hand, said, "Allow me to finish first, and then if youhave any observations to make, you can do so afterwards.`The third of my friends, although my rival, was muchattached to me, -- his name was Fernand; that of mybetrothed was' -- Stay, stay," continued the abbe, "I haveforgotten what he called her."
5.   "Shall I take any arms?"
6.  Such of my readers as have made a pedestrian excursion tothe south of France may perchance have noticed, about midwaybetween the town of Beaucaire and the village of Bellegarde,-- a little nearer to the former than to the latter, -- asmall roadside inn, from the front of which hung, creakingand flapping in the wind, a sheet of tin covered with agrotesque representation of the Pont du Gard. This modernplace of entertainment stood on the left-hand side of thepost road, and backed upon the Rhone. It also boasted ofwhat in Languedoc is styled a garden, consisting of a smallplot of ground, on the side opposite to the main entrancereserved for the reception of guests. A few dingy olives andstunted fig-trees struggled hard for existence, but theirwithered dusty foliage abundantly proved how unequal was theconflict. Between these sickly shrubs grew a scanty supplyof garlic, tomatoes, and eschalots; while, lone andsolitary, like a forgotten sentinel, a tall pine raised itsmelancholy head in one of the corners of this unattractivespot, and displayed its flexible stem and fan-shaped summitdried and cracked by the fierce heat of the sub-tropicalsun.


1.  "If you are already aware of the conversation that passed,the wooden partition which interposed between us and you hasproved but a slight security."
2.  "True, I was a tailor, till the trade fell off. It is so hotat Marseilles, that really I believe that the respectableinhabitants will in time go without any clothing whatever.But talking of heat, is there nothing I can offer you by wayof refreshment?"
3.  "No -- everything is all right now."
4、  "Your crime?"
5、  "Ah," said Monte Cristo, "1815 is not yesterday."




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      "You think so?"

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      "No, I really cannot."

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       "Well, my good friend," returned the abbe, in a tone thatindicated utter indifference on his part, "you are atliberty, either to speak or be silent, just as you please;for my own part, I respect your scruples and admire yoursentiments; so let the matter end. I shall do my duty asconscientiously as I can, and fulfil my promise to the dyingman. My first business will be to dispose of this diamond."So saying, the abbe again draw the small box from hispocket, opened it, and contrived to hold it in such a light,that a bright flash of brilliant hues passed before thedazzled gaze of Caderousse.

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      And, wonderful to see, in front of the tower of Saint-Jean,was a ship bearing on her stern these words, printed inwhite letters, "The Pharaon, Morrel & Son, of Marseilles."She was the exact duplicate of the other Pharaon, andloaded, as that had been, with cochineal and indigo. Shecast anchor, clued up sails, and on the deck was CaptainGaumard giving orders, and good old Penelon making signalsto M. Morrel. To doubt any longer was impossible; there wasthe evidence of the senses, and ten thousand persons whocame to corroborate the testimony. As Morrel and his sonembraced on the pier-head, in the presence and amid theapplause of the whole city witnessing this event, a man,with his face half-covered by a black beard, and who,concealed behind the sentry-box, watched the scene withdelight, uttered these words in a low tone: "Be happy, nobleheart, be blessed for all the good thou hast done and wiltdo hereafter, and let my gratitude remain in obscurity likeyour good deeds."

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    {  At this name the count, who had hitherto saluted every onewith courtesy, but at the same time with coldness andformality, stepped a pace forward, and a slight tinge of redcolored his pale cheeks. "You wear the uniform of the newFrench conquerors, monsieur," said he; "it is a handsomeuniform." No one could have said what caused the count'svoice to vibrate so deeply, and what made his eye flash,which was in general so clear, lustrous, and limpid when hepleased. "You have never seen our Africans, count?" saidAlbert. "Never," replied the count, who was by this timeperfectly master of himself again.

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      "It is but a dream, a nightmare, that has disturbed you."}

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      "Here is your chamber for to-night," said he. "It is late,and the governor is asleep. To-morrow, perhaps, he maychange you. In the meantime there is bread, water, and freshstraw; and that is all a prisoner can wish for. Goodnight."And before Dantes could open his mouth -- before he hadnoticed where the jailer placed his bread or the water --before he had glanced towards the corner where the strawwas, the jailer disappeared, taking with him the lamp andclosing the door, leaving stamped upon the prisoner's mindthe dim reflection of the dripping walls of his dungeon.

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      "Then he must be a wonder. My dear count, if you tell memany more marvellous things, I warn you I shall not believethem."

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       The day following that on which the conversation we haverelated took place, the Count of Monte Cristo set out forAuteuil, accompanied by Ali and several attendants, and alsotaking with him some horses whose qualities he was desirousof ascertaining. He was induced to undertake this journey,of which the day before he had not even thought and whichhad not occurred to Andrea either, by the arrival ofBertuccio from Normandy with intelligence respecting thehouse and sloop. The house was ready, and the sloop whichhad arrived a week before lay at anchor in a small creekwith her crew of six men, who had observed all the requisiteformalities and were ready again to put to sea.

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    {  "In person."

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      "Why not?"