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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How do I know it?" said D'Artagnan.
2.  "I can relate to you, day by day, your actions from yourentrance to the service of the cardinal to this evening."A smile of incredulity passed over the pale lips of Milady."Listen! It was you who cut off the two diamond studs fromthe shoulder of the Duke of Buckingham; it was you had theMadame Bonacieux carried off; it was you who, in love withDe Wardes and thinking to pass the night with him, openedthe door to Monsieur d'Artagnan; it was you who, believingthat De Wardes had deceived you, wished to have him killedby his rival; it was you who, when this rival had discoveredyour infamous secret, wished to have him killed in his turnby two assassins, whom you sent in pursuit of him; it wasyou who, finding the balls had missed their mark, sentpoisoned wine with a forged letter, to make your victimbelieve that the wine came from his friends. In short, itwas you who have but now in this chamber, seated in thischair I now fill, made an engagement with Cardinal Richelieuto cause the Duke of Buckingham to be assassinated, inexchange for the promise he has made you to allow you toassassinate D'Artagnan."
3.  "Yes, you must; see what confidence I have in you!""You overwhelm me with joy. What is his name?"
4.  "I will see this young, Treville--I will see him; and if anythingcan be done--well, we will make it our business.""When will your Majesty deign to receive him?"
5.  "I am sorry for it, madame, but I acknowledge not her power butthat of the great man whom I have the honor to serve.""You serve the cardinal?"
6.  "I think not."


1.  "I can send to each of them leave of absence for fifteen days,that is all--to Athos, whose wound still makes him suffer, to goto the waters of Forges; to Porthos and Aramis to accompany theirfriend, whom they are not willing to abandon in such a painfulcondition. Sending their leave of absence will be proof enoughthat I authorize their journey."
2.  One day when oppressed with a mortal weariness of mind, withouthope in the negotiations with the city; without news fromEngland, the cardinal went out, without any other aim than to beout of doors, and accompanied only by Cahusac and La Houdiniere,strolled along the beach. Mingling the immensity of his dreamswith the immensity of the ocean, he came, his horse going at afoot's pace, to a hill from the top of which he perceived behinda hedge, reclining on the sand and catching in its passage one ofthose rays of the sun so rare at this period of the year, sevenmen surrounded by empty bottles. Four of these men were ourMusketeers, preparing to listen to a letter one of them had justreceived. This letter was so important that it made them forsaketheir cards and their dice on the drumhead.
3.  "This is the second or third time, monsieur, that you haverepeated that name, and yet I have told you that I do not knowhim."
4.  "Just heaven, what have I read?" cried the duke. "Patrick,remain here, or rather join the king, wherever he may be, andtell his Majesty that I humbly beg him to excuse me, but anaffair of the greatest importance recalls me to London. Come,monsieur, come!" and both set off towards the capital at fullgallop.
5.  D'Artagnan entered after the cardinal, and behind D'Artagnan the doorwas guarded.
6.  "I do not like to disturb those who pray, madame," said Felton,seriously; "do not disturb yourself on my account, I beseechyou."


1.  They understood, then, from the few words which escaped fromD'Artagnan, what affair was in hand, and as they thought thatovertaking his man, or losing sight of him, D'Artagnan wouldreturn to his rooms, they kept on their way.
2.  "Why so, Planchet?" asked the young man.
3.  "But I am speaking to you!" replied the young man, additionallyexasperated with this mixture of insolence and good manners, ofpoliteness and scorn.
4.  "Endeavor not to make me wait; for at quarter past twelve I willcut off your ears as you run."
5.   "Now he is gone, it is your turn to get out," said Mme.Bonacieux. "Courage, my friend, but above all, prudence, andthink what you owe to the queen."
6.  Hearing that voice, so sweet and suppliant, seeing that look, sotimid and downcast, Felton reproached himself. By degrees theenchantress had clothed herself with that magic adornment whichshe assumed and threw aside at will; that is to say, beauty,meekness, and tears--and above all, the irresistible attractionof mystical voluptuousness, the most devouring of allvoluptuousness.


1.  "I loved Madame Bonacieux with my heart, while I only loveMilady with my head," said he. "In getting introduced toher, my principal object is to ascertain what part she playsat court."
2.  "And against whom?" cried the king.
3.  "There, now! Didn't I say so?" cried Planchet. "I was sure ofit--the cursed letter!"
4、  The face of the commissary grew still darker.
5、  At the first word Milady turned, looking at the young manwith astonishment; and when he had finished, she said invery good French, "Monsieur, I should with great confidenceplace myself under your protection if the person with whom Iquarrel were not my brother."




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      But the real adieux were made in Mme. Coquenard's chamber;they were heartrending.

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      "Madame de Lannoy, who is devoted to your Eminence, as you know.""Why did she not let me know sooner?"

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       This might be a kind remembrance of Monsieur the Cardinal.It may be observed that at the very moment when, thanks tothe ray of the sun, he perceived the gun barrel, he wasthinking with astonishment on the forbearance of hisEminence with respect to him.

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      The conversation naturally fell upon the incarceration of thepoor man. M. Bonacieux, who was ignorant that D'Artagnan hadoverheard his conversation with the stranger of Meung, related tohis young tenant the persecutions of that monster, M. deLaffemas, whom he never ceased to designate, during his account,by the title of the "cardinal's executioner," and expatiated atgreat length upon the Bastille, the bolts, the wickets, thedungeons, the gratings, the instruments of torture.D'Artagnan listened to him with exemplary complaisance, and whenhe had finished said, "And Madame Bonacieux, do you know whocarried her off?--For I do not forget that I owe to thatunpleasant circumstance the good fortune of having made youracquaintance."

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    {  Then all his suspicions were confirmed; the road by which the carriagehad disappeared encircled the forest. Athos followed the road for sometime, his eyes fixed upon the ground; slight stains of blood, which camefrom the wound inflicted upon the man who accompanied the carriage as acourier, or from one of the horses, dotted the road. At the end ofthree-quarters of a league, within fifty paces of Festubert, a largerbloodstain appeared; the ground was trampled by horses. Between theforest and this accursed spot, a little behind the trampled ground, wasthe same track of small feet as in the garden; the carriage had stoppedhere. At this spot Milady had come out of the wood, and entered thecarriage.

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      "I don't know yet."}

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      All eyes were fixed upon this man, whose words were listened to withanxious attention.

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      "Be silent, madame," cried Felton, "and do not speak to me thus;I came to entreat you to promise me upon your honor, to swear tome by what you hold most sacred, that you will make no attemptupon your life."

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       "Do you know," said Porthos, "that to twist that damnedMilady's neck would be a smaller sin than to twist those ofthese poor devils of Huguenots, who have committed no othercrime than singing in French the psalms we sing in Latin?""What says the abbe?" asked Athos, quietly.

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    {  "Dear lady," said Mme. Bonacieux, "pardon me for interrupting you; butwhat do you advise me to do? Good heaven! You have more experiencethan I have. Speak; I will listen."

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      "And what have you done with your ecclesiastics?" askedD'Artagnan.