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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And has he found consolation?"
2.  "Good-day, Penelon," returned Morrel, who could not refrainfrom smiling through his tears, "where is the captain?"
3.  "Oh, well, then," said Monte Cristo, "I am not particularabout these five notes, pay me in a different form; Iwished, from curiosity, to take these, that I might be ableto say that without any advice or preparation the house ofDanglars had paid me five millions without a minute's delay;it would have been remarkable. But here are your bonds; payme differently;" and he held the bonds towards Danglars, whoseized them like a vulture extending its claws to withholdthe food that is being wrested from its grasp. Suddenly herallied, made a violent effort to restrain himself, and thena smile gradually widened the features of his disturbedcountenance.
4.  "Oh, you may make sure of him; his charities alone amount to20,000 francs a month."
5.  The young man stopped suddenly, looked around him, andperceived Caderousse sitting at table with Danglars, underan arbor.
6.  "And do you call a man your friend whom you have only knownfor eight or ten days? Ah, Maximilian, I had hoped you set ahigher value on the title of friend."


1.  "Oh, I do not mean her fortune only; but tell me" --
2.  "Yes, he has not much to complain of; Bourges is the capitalof Charles VII. Do you not know that all Paris knew ityesterday, and the day before it had already transpired onthe Bourse, and M. Danglars (I do not know by what meansthat man contrives to obtain intelligence as soon as we do)made a million!"
3.  "M. Albert de Morcerf is no coward!" said Monte Cristo.
4.  "Yes, yes, make your mind easy, he shall be decentlyinterred in the newest sack we can find. Will that satisfyyou?"
5.  "My lord," replied Haidee, "I never will leave you, for I amsure I could not exist without you."
6.  "So much the better, I have a ray of hope left; listen."


1.  "Should we not do better in the grottos?"
2.  "Speak, speak, signora," said Albert, "I am listening withthe most intense delight and interest to all you say."
3.  "Never mind," continued the young man, "smuggler or not, youmust agree, mother dear, as you have seen him, that theCount of Monte Cristo is a remarkable man, who will have thegreatest success in the salons of Paris. Why, this verymorning, in my rooms, he made his entree amongst us bystriking every man of us with amazement, not even exceptingChateau-Renaud."
4.  "I am sure of it. To whom was this letter addressed?"
5.   "You do not like M. Franz?" The eyes repeated several times,"No, no, no."
6.  "Oh, dear, no, your excellency! I have not time foranybody's affairs but my own and those of my honorableguests; but I make an agreement with the man who pastes upthe papers, and he brings them to me as he would theplaybills, that in case any person staying at my hotelshould like to witness an execution, he may obtain everyrequisite information concerning the time and place etc."


1.  "Monsieur de Morcerf has received a letter from Franz,announcing his immediate return." Valentine turned pale, andleaned her hand against the gate. "Ah heavens, if it werethat! But no, the communication would not come throughMadame de Villefort."
2.  "I did. Aided by the remaining fragment, I guessed the rest;measuring the length of the lines by those of the paper, anddivining the hidden meaning by means of what was in partrevealed, as we are guided in a cavern by the small ray oflight above us."
3.  "It is, without the setting, which is also valuable,"replied the abbe, as he closed the box, and returned it tohis pocket, while its brilliant hues seemed still to dancebefore the eyes of the fascinated inn-keeper.
4、  "You have forgotten then?"
5、  "But," observed the honest notary, "the count is, I think,mistaken; it is only fifty thousand francs, everythingincluded."




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      "Yes; M. Danglars is a money-lover, and those who lovemoney, you know, think too much of what they risk to beeasily induced to fight a duel. The other is, on thecontrary, to all appearance a true nobleman; but do you notfear to find him a bully?"

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      "We do."

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       "Ma foi," said the young man; "was it possible there couldbe two answers to such a question?"

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      "How can I tell? You are questioning me like a king'sattorney. I only repeat what I have been told, and like myinformant I can do no more. The poor devil would eatnothing, from fear."

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    {  An instant afterwards he hastily drew back his head, saying,"I thought so!" and sliding from the shoulders of Dantes asdextrously as he had ascended, he nimbly leaped from thetable to the ground.

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      "And I did more than that," replied Morcerf, "for I caughtone. I was informed that I was prisoner until I paid the sumof 4,000 Roman crowns -- about 24,000 francs. Unfortunately,I had not above 1,500. I was at the end of my journey and ofmy credit. I wrote to Franz -- and were he here he wouldconfirm every word -- I wrote then to Franz that if he didnot come with the four thousand crowns before six, at tenminutes past I should have gone to join the blessed saintsand glorious martyrs in whose company I had the honor ofbeing; and Signor Luigi Vampa, such was the name of thechief of these bandits, would have scrupulously kept hisword."}

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      "Ah, very well, very well," said the major, clutching thebuttons of his coat at each exclamation.

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      "Take my last gold," muttered Danglars, holding out hispocket-book, "and let me live here; I ask no more forliberty -- I only ask to live!"

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       Morrel passed his hand over his brow; it seemed to him adream. At this moment the clock struck eleven. He felt as ifeach stroke of the hammer fell upon his heart. "Explain, mychild," he said, "Explain, my child," he said, "explain --where did you find this purse?"

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    {  "You need not fear." Morrel advanced towards Beauchamp andChateau-Renaud, who, seeing his intention, came to meet him.The three young men bowed to each other courteously, if notaffably.

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      "Do you really think so? Ah, that would indeed be infamous."