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365bet备用网址网页版【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  It so happened that on the night when Hurstwood, Carrie, andDrouet were in the box at McVickar's, George, Jr., was in thesixth row of the parquet with the daughter of H. B. Carmichael,the third partner of a wholesale dry-goods house of that city.Hurstwood did not see his son, for he sat, as was his wont, asfar back as possible, leaving himself just partially visible,when he bent forward, to those within the first six rows inquestion. It was his wont to sit this way in every theatre--tomake his personality as inconspicuous as possible where it wouldbe no advantage to him to have it otherwise.   Carrie only smiled consciously.

    "Oh, that much?" said Carrie. "Is this right?" she asked,turning to Hurstwood.

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   "Yes," said Hurstwood, "I have a place down in Warren Street."

   "Did you hear any more from the brewery?" she asked at the end ofthe week, hoping by the question to stir him on to action.


    "Where is he?"

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   "Now," he said, addressing first Carrie and then Drouet with hiseyes, "you must be ready at 7.30. I'll come and get you."

    He nodded his head.

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   "There they are again!" exclaimed one policeman.

    If ever there was dressiness it was here. It was thepersonification of the old term spick and span.

<  "Oh, no," she said remorsefully, her tone reflecting some of herown success and more of her helplessness, "you never will."   "That's nice!" he answered, becoming angered now at the sense ofhis own approaching loss. "Use everything and abuse me and thenwalk off. That's just like a woman. I take you when you haven'tgot anything, and then when some one else comes along, why I'm nogood. I always thought it'd come out that way."

    "I can't stand much of this," said Hurstwood, whose legs achedhim painfully, as he sat down upon the miserable bunk in thesmall, lightless chamber allotted to him. "I've got to eat, orI'll die."


<  "No," he said, with a sort of pride; "you keep it."   "Well, you don't have to," he said. "He can't get what he can'tget. He'll have to wait."

    Hurstwood, still tactful in distress, added nothing to this. Itseemed an easy thing. He looked out of the door, and thengathered up his coffee when ready and came away. The game of adesperate man had begun.





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