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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Just so."
2.  "Well, to-morrow I will leave them when I go to Auteuil."
3.  "With what?"
4.  "What matter? you know I take but little sleep, and I do notsuppose you are very much inclined for it either." Bertucciobowed, and resumed his story.
5.  "Remember my words: `If you return home safely, I shallbelieve God has forgiven you, and I will forgive you also.'"
6.  He saw but one means of restoring lucidity and clearness tohis judgment. He turned his eyes towards the soup which thejailer had brought, rose, staggered towards it, raised thevessel to his lips, and drank off the contents with afeeling of indescribable pleasure. He had often heard thatshipwrecked persons had died through having eagerly devouredtoo much food. Edmond replaced on the table the bread he wasabout to devour, and returned to his couch -- he did notwish to die. He soon felt that his ideas became againcollected -- he could think, and strengthen his thoughts byreasoning. Then he said to himself, "I must put this to thetest, but without compromising anybody. If it is a workman,I need but knock against the wall, and he will cease towork, in order to find out who is knocking, and why he doesso; but as his occupation is sanctioned by the governor, hewill soon resume it. If, on the contrary, it is a prisoner,the noise I make will alarm him, he will cease, and notbegin again until he thinks every one is asleep."


1.  "As regards the Marchesa Corsinari" --
2.  No one had the slightest suspicion; and when next day,taking a fowling-piece, powder, and shot, Dantes declaredhis intention to go and kill some of the wild goats thatwere seen springing from rock to rock, his wish wasconstrued into a love of sport, or a desire for solitude.However, Jacopo insisted on following him, and Dantes didnot oppose this, fearing if he did so that he might incurdistrust. Scarcely, however, had they gone a quarter of aleague when, having killed a kid, he begged Jacopo to takeit to his comrades, and request them to cook it, and whenready to let him know by firing a gun. This and some driedfruits and a flask of Monte Pulciano, was the bill of fare.Dantes went on, looking from time to time behind and aroundabout him. Having reached the summit of a rock, he saw, athousand feet beneath him, his companions, whom Jacopo hadrejoined, and who were all busy preparing the repast whichEdmond's skill as a marksman had augmented with a capitaldish.
3.  "You would wish a notary to be sent for then?" saidValentine.
4.  "Dear Albert," said Beauchamp. But this sudden andfactitious joy soon forsook the young man, and was succeededby a still greater grief.
5.  "Whither are you taking me?" asked he.
6.  "Are you come to fetch me?" asked he.


1.  "So that he is quite elated about it?"
2.  Chapter 91Mother and Son.
3.  "I will help you. You were speaking of the Champs Elyseesjust now, worthy foster-father."
4.  "Well," said Danglars, "did you see him?"
5.   "Do you know, Villefort, that you are talking in a mostdreadfully revolutionary strain? But I excuse it, it isimpossible to expect the son of a Girondin to be free from asmall spice of the old leaven." A deep crimson suffused thecountenance of Villefort.
6.  This time the illusion, or rather the reality, surpassedanything Valentine had before experienced; she began tobelieve herself really alive and awake, and the belief thather reason was this time not deceived made her shudder. Thepressure she felt was evidently intended to arrest her arm,and she slowly withdrew it. Then the figure, from whom shecould not detach her eyes, and who appeared more protectingthan menacing, took the glass, and walking towards thenight-light held it up, as if to test its transparency. Thisdid not seem sufficient; the man, or rather the ghost -- forhe trod so softly that no sound was heard -- then poured outabout a spoonful into the glass, and drank it. Valentinewitnessed this scene with a sentiment of stupefaction. Everyminute she had expected that it would vanish and give placeto another vision; but the man, instead of dissolving like ashadow, again approached her, and said in an agitated voice,"Now you may drink."


1.  "Yes; you see I am as exact as you are. But you aredripping, my dear fellow; you must change your clothes, asCalypso said to Telemachus. Come, I have a habitationprepared for you in which you will soon forget fatigue andcold." Monte Cristo perceived that the young man had turnedaround; indeed, Morrel saw with surprise that the men whohad brought him had left without being paid, or uttering aword. Already the sound of their oars might be heard as theyreturned to the yacht.
2.  "That you inherit from your mother."
3.  "Why do you ask me that? -- what do you wish?"
4、  "Thank you, sir -- thank you," replied the baroness; "youforget that what you have just paid me is much more than apoor woman requires, who intends for some time, at least, toretire from the world."
5、  "My boy," said Caderousse sententiously, "one can talk whileeating. And then, you ungrateful being, you are not pleasedto see an old friend? I am weeping with joy." He was trulycrying, but it would have been difficult to say whether joyor the onions produced the greatest effect on the lachrymalglands of the old inn-keeper of the Pont-du-Gard. "Hold yourtongue, hypocrite," said Andrea; "you love me!"




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      "To the Palais."

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      "A hundred crowns."

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       "I think so, indeed! He has six millions' worth."

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      "Listen -- when one bears an irreproachable name, as I do,one is rather sensitive."

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    {  "But, father, take care; when our turn comes, our revengewill be sweeping."

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      "Justum et tenacem propositi virum."}

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      "A pardon!" cried the people with one voice -- "a pardon!"At this cry Andrea raised his head. "Pardon for whom?" criedhe.

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      "But at a tremendous discount, of course?"

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       "I have already enjoyed that treat when breakfasting withyou," said Morcerf.

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    {  "Ah," said Madame de Villefort, "why did he not take wine?Lemonade was a very bad thing for him."

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      Our readers must now allow us to transport them again to theenclosure surrounding M. de Villefort's house, and, behindthe gate, half screened from view by the largechestnut-trees, which on all sides spread their luxuriantbranches, we shall find some people of our acquaintance.This time Maximilian was the first to arrive. He wasintently watching for a shadow to appear among the trees,and awaiting with anxiety the sound of a light step on thegravel walk. At length, the long-desired sound was heard,and instead of one figure, as he had expected, he perceivedthat two were approaching him. The delay had been occasionedby a visit from Madame Danglars and Eugenie, which had beenprolonged beyond the time at which Valentine was expected.That she might not appear to fail in her promise toMaximilian, she proposed to Mademoiselle Danglars that theyshould take a walk in the garden, being anxious to show thatthe delay, which was doubtless a cause of vexation to him,was not occasioned by any neglect on her part. The youngman, with the intuitive perception of a lover, quicklyunderstood the circumstances in which she was involuntarilyplaced, and he was comforted. Besides, although she avoidedcoming within speaking distance, Valentine arranged so thatMaximilian could see her pass and repass, and each time shewent by, she managed, unperceived by her companion, to castan expressive look at the young man, which seemed to say,"Have patience! You see it is not my fault." And Maximilianwas patient, and employed himself in mentally contrastingthe two girls, -- one fair, with soft languishing eyes, afigure gracefully bending like a weeping willow; the other abrunette, with a fierce and haughty expression, and asstraight as a poplar. It is unnecessary to state that, inthe eyes of the young man, Valentine did not suffer by thecontrast. In about half an hour the girls went away, andMaximilian understood that Mademoiselle Danglars' visit hadat last come to an end. In a few minutes Valentinere-entered the garden alone. For fear that any one should beobserving her return, she walked slowly; and instead ofimmediately directing her steps towards the gate, she seatedherself on a bench, and, carefully casting her eyes around,to convince herself that she was not watched, she presentlyarose, and proceeded quickly to join Maximilian.