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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Shall I complain of him?" demanded the inspector.
2.  "Let him follow me; I will take him to his cell."
3.  "Then who are you?"
4.  "The part of an honest man, full of courage and real regard.Twenty times he interceded for Edmond. When the emperorreturned, he wrote, implored, threatened, and soenergetically, that on the second restoration he waspersecuted as a Bonapartist. Ten times, as I told you, hecame to see Dantes' father, and offered to receive him inhis own house; and the night or two before his death, as Ihave already said, he left his purse on the mantelpiece,with which they paid the old man's debts, and buried himdecently; and so Edmond's father died, as he had lived,without doing harm to any one. I have the purse still by me-- a large one, made of red silk."
5.  This darkness and silence alarmed Morrel still more thanValentine's absence had done. Almost mad with grief, anddetermined to venture everything in order to see Valentineonce more, and be certain of the misfortune he feared,Morrel gained the edge of the clump of trees, and was goingto pass as quickly as possible through the flower-garden,when the sound of a voice, still at some distance, but whichwas borne upon the wind, reached him.
6.  "Stop a moment," said Monte Cristo; "do not let me lose bothmy companions. Return, Emmanuel, to your charming wife, andpresent my best compliments to her; and do you, Morrel,accompany me to the Champs Elysees."


1.  "I see; to your domestics you are `my lord,' the journalistsstyle you `monsieur,' while your constituents call you`citizen.' These are distinctions very suitable under aconstitutional government. I understand perfectly." AgainDanglars bit his lips; he saw that he was no match for MonteCristo in an argument of this sort, and he thereforehastened to turn to subjects more congenial.
2.  "You wish to speak to me about the circumstance which hasjust happened?"
3.  "His servant."
4.  "Why so?"
5.  Emmanuel had scarcely uttered these words when the sound ofthe bell was heard, the well-known signal given by theporter that a visitor had arrived. Nearly at the sameinstant the door was opened and the Count of Monte Cristoappeared on the threshold. The young people uttered a cry ofjoy, while Maximilian raised his head, but let it fall againimmediately. "Maximilian," said the count, without appearingto notice the different impressions which his presenceproduced on the little circle, "I come to seek you."
6.  "It is 40,000 francs which I now owe you," said MonteCristo.


1.  Chapter 113The Past.
2.  The island was familiar to the crew of The Young Amelia, --it was one of her regular haunts. As to Dantes, he hadpassed it on his voyage to and from the Levant, but nevertouched at it. He questioned Jacopo. "Where shall we passthe night?" he inquired.
3.  "Nay," said the Count; "I will give you three months ere Ijoin you; you see I make an ample allowance for all delaysand difficulties.
4.  Noirtier was prepared to receive them, dressed in black, andinstalled in his arm-chair. When the three persons heexpected had entered, he looked at the door, which his valetimmediately closed.
5.   "What was this young Corsican's name?"
6.  All night he heard the subterranean workman, who continuedto mine his way. Day came, the jailer entered. Dantes toldhim that the jug had fallen from his hands while he wasdrinking, and the jailer went grumblingly to fetch another,without giving himself the trouble to remove the fragmentsof the broken one. He returned speedily, advised theprisoner to be more careful, and departed.


1.  "Sir," said Valentine, at the height of her terror, "you sayyou endured tortures when you saw the deadly poison pouredinto my glass; but if you saw this, you must also have seenthe person who poured it?"
2.  The Count of Monte Cristo bowed to the five young men with amelancholy and dignified smile, and got into his carriagewith Maximilian and Emmanuel. Albert, Beauchamp, andChateau-Renaud remained alone. Albert looked at his twofriends, not timidly, but in a way that appeared to asktheir opinion of what he had just done.
3.  "Doubtless you made, then, some apology or explanation?"
4、  "Oh, I shall always love you. What should I care for eitherriches or poverty, if my Valentine was near me, and I feltcertain that no one could deprive me of her? But do you notfear that this communication may relate to your marriage?"
5、  "Well," he said, turning towards his wondering son, whenthis disguise was completed, "well, do you think your policewill recognize me now."




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      "What was the subject of my thoughts from the timeconsciousness returned to me? Always the same -- always thechild's corpse, coming every night in my dreams, rising fromthe earth, and hovering over the grave with menacing lookand gesture. I inquired immediately on my return to Paris;the house had not been inhabited since we left it, but ithad just been let for nine years. I found the tenant. Ipretended that I disliked the idea that a house belonging tomy wife's father and mother should pass into the hands ofstrangers. I offered to pay them for cancelling the lease;they demanded 6,000 francs. I would have given 10,000 -- Iwould have given 20,000. I had the money with me; I made thetenant sign the deed of resilition, and when I had obtainedwhat I so much wanted, I galloped to Auteuil.

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      "Oliva Corsinari."

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       "My study?"

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      "Well," said Franz with a sigh, "do as you please my dearviscount, for your arguments are beyond my powers ofrefutation. Still, in spite of all, you must admit that thisCount of Monte Cristo is a most singular personage."

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    {  "I repeat it, you must really be a very strange and superiorman, for my mother is so absorbed by the interest you haveexcited, that when I am with her she speaks of no one else."

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      "Nay," answered the countess, "I know no more of him thanyourself."}

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      "Woman, siren that you are, do you persist in fixing on methat fascinating eye, which reminds me that I ought toblush? Well, be it so; let me blush for the faults you know,and perhaps -- perhaps for even more than those! But havingsinned myself, -- it may be more deeply than others, -- Inever rest till I have torn the disguises from myfellow-creatures, and found out their weaknesses. I havealways found them; and more, -- I repeat it with joy, withtriumph, -- I have always found some proof of humanperversity or error. Every criminal I condemn seems to meliving evidence that I am not a hideous exception to therest. Alas, alas, alas; all the world is wicked; let ustherefore strike at wickedness!"

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      "Then steer for Monte Cristo."

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       "Yes, I think I saw him pass; but pray, call Emmanuel."

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    {  "Come this way." Monte Cristo took Bertuccio into his study,wrote the letter we have seen, and gave it to the steward."Go," said he quickly. "But first, let Haidee be informedthat I have returned."

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      "`A person, whose confessor I am,' replied he, `and whoentertains a high regard for me, applied to me a short timesince to procure him a confidential servant. Would you likesuch a post? If so, I will give you a letter of introductionto him.' -- `Oh, father,' I exclaimed, `you are very good.'