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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Maximilian," replied Morrel, looking fixedly at his son,"you are a man, and a man of honor. Come, and I will explainto you."
2.  "But then he had the woman he loved still remaining?"
3.  "You have suffered a great deal, sir?" said Franzinquiringly.
4.  "Five or six days hence at the latest."
5.  "Ah, indeed?" said the major, who, seeing the object of hisjourney frustrated by the absence of the papers, feared alsothat his forgetfulness might give rise to some difficultyconcerning the 48,000 francs -- "ah, indeed, that is afortunate circumstance; yes, that really is lucky, for itnever occurred to me to bring them."
6.  Danglars saw in the muddled look of the tailor the progressof his intoxication, and turning towards Fernand, said,"Well, you understand there is no need to kill him."


1.  "Sire, your majesty will, I trust, be amply satisfied onthis point at least."
2.  "Everything points to the conclusion, sire," said theminister of police, "that death was not the result ofsuicide, as we first believed, but of assassination. GeneralQuesnel, it appears, had just left a Bonapartist club whenhe disappeared. An unknown person had been with him thatmorning, and made an appointment with him in the RueSaint-Jacques; unfortunately, the general's valet, who wasdressing his hair at the moment when the stranger entered,heard the street mentioned, but did not catch the number."As the police minister related this to the king, Villefort,who looked as if his very life hung on the speaker's lips,turned alternately red and pale. The king looked towardshim.
3.  "The deuce! That puts a different face on the matter. Sixdays! Why, that's as long as the Almighty took to make theworld! Too long a wait -- too long."
4.  "Your case is not an ordinary one."
5.  "Stop a minute," answered Caderousse; "we might beinterrupted in the most interesting part of my story, whichwould be a pity; and it is as well that your visit hithershould be made known only to ourselves." With these words hewent stealthily to the door, which he closed, and, by way ofstill greater precaution, bolted and barred it, as he wasaccustomed to do at night. During this time the abbe hadchosen his place for listening at his ease. He removed hisseat into a corner of the room, where he himself would be indeep shadow, while the light would be fully thrown on thenarrator; then, with head bent down and hands clasped, orrather clinched together, he prepared to give his wholeattention to Caderousse, who seated himself on the littlestool, exactly opposite to him.
6.  "Oh, let us have no gestures, no screams, no modern drama,or you will oblige me to tell you that I see Debray leavehere, pocketing the whole of the 500,000 livres you havehanded over to him this year, while he smiles to himself,saying that he has found what the most skilful players havenever discovered -- that is, a roulette where he winswithout playing, and is no loser when he loses." Thebaroness became enraged. "Wretch!" she cried, "will you dareto tell me you did not know what you now reproach me with?"


1.  "Here I am," said the young girl, who at the sound of thecarriage had run down-stairs and whose face was radiant withjoy at seeing the count return safely. Bertuccio left. Everytransport of a daughter finding a father, all the delight ofa mistress seeing an adored lover, were felt by Haideeduring the first moments of this meeting, which she had soeagerly expected. Doubtless, although less evident, MonteCristo's joy was not less intense. Joy to hearts which havesuffered long is like the dew on the ground after a longdrought; both the heart and the ground absorb thatbenificent moisture falling on them, and nothing isoutwardly apparent.
2.  "Oh," exclaimed Morrel, with a glance full of bitterreproach, "do you think it possible that I could be?"
3.  "That was an oversight, certainly," replied the count; "buttell me, does the Count of Morcerf never visit the Opera? Ihave been looking for him, but without success."
4.  "The father's?"
5.   "What is this?" asked Mercedes.
6.  "I adore her!"


1.  "Well, then, what do you say to La Specchia? Did you eversee anything more perfect than her acting?"
2.  "Oh, it is not yet fixed!" murmured Fernand.
3.  "Yes, I have," replied Franz; "I am curious to know whatwork you were perusing with so much attention as weentered."
4、  "Count." said Danglars, "are you speaking seriously?"
5、  "Well," said Franz, "anything new? -- do they refuse?"




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      "A galley-slave, escaped from confinement at Toulon."

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      "Monsieur," replied the banker, drawing himself up with ahaughty air, "the extent of my resources has never yet beenquestioned."

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       "I know him."

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      "Oh," exclaimed Morrel, with a glance full of bitterreproach, "do you think it possible that I could be?"

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    {  "Try to spend it all. They have some business with you, Ithink, from what they told me the day before yesterday. I,indeed, invited them here to-day on your account. I willintroduce you to them."

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      "Let us see the ground floor," said Caderousse.}

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      "Does the count know what answer you received?"

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      "Yes, yes, I understand," said Danglars, and then in a lowtone, he added, "To Paris, no doubt to deliver the letterwhich the grand marshal gave him. Ah, this letter gives mean idea -- a capital idea! Ah; Dantes, my friend, you arenot yet registered number one on board the good shipPharaon;" then turning towards Edmond, who was walking away,"A pleasant journey," he cried.

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       "Yes, I promised you." The Count watched Albert, waving hishand to him. When he had mounted his phaeton, Monte Cristoturned, and seeing Bertuccio, "What news?" said he. "Shewent to the Palais," replied the steward.

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    {  "My dear," said Madame de Villefort, who had just enteredthe room, "perhaps you exaggerate the evil."

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      Edmond was seized with vertigo; he cocked his gun and laidit beside him. He then closed his eyes as children do inorder that they may see in the resplendent night of theirown imagination more stars than are visible in thefirmament; then he re-opened them, and stood motionless withamazement. Three compartments divided the coffer. In thefirst, blazed piles of golden coin; in the second, wereranged bars of unpolished gold, which possessed nothingattractive save their value; in the third, Edmond graspedhandfuls of diamonds, pearls, and rubies, which, as theyfell on one another, sounded like hail against glass. Afterhaving touched, felt, examined these treasures, Edmondrushed through the caverns like a man seized with frenzy; heleaped on a rock, from whence he could behold the sea. Hewas alone -- alone with these countless, these unheard-oftreasures! was he awake, or was it but a dream?