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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The devil! my dear Athos, you view things on the dark side,methinks."
2.  "The advice is good, monsieur, and tomorrow I will set out.""Tomorrow! Any why not this evening?"
3.  It goes without saying that this impatience to return toward Paris hadfor a cause the danger which Mme. Bonacieux would run of meeting at theconvent of Bethune with Milady, her mortal enemy. Aramis therefore hadwritten immediately to Marie Michon, the seamstress at Tours who hadsuch fine acquaintances, to obtain from the queen authority for Mme.Bonacieux to leave the convent, and to retire either into Lorraine orBelgium. They had not long to wait for an answer. Eight or ten daysafterward Aramis received the following letter:
4.  Felton stood before this strange apparition like one petrified."Who art thou? Who art thou?" cried he, clasping his hands."Art thou a messenger from God; art thou a minister from hell;art thou an angel or a demon; callest thou thyself Eloa orAstarte?"
5.  "No. no!" said Milady. "On the contrary, stay, MonsieurD'Artagnan; your agreeable company will divert me.""Oh, oh!" thought D'Artagnan. "She has never been so kindbefore. On guard!"
6.  "Before God and before men," said he, "I accuse this woman of havingpoisoned Constance Bonacieux, who died yesterday evening."He turned towards Porthos and Aramis.


1.  "What?" asked Porthos.
2.  At this word APOLOGIES, a cloud passed over the brow of Athos, ahaughty smile curled the lip of Porthos, and a negative sign wasthe reply of Aramis.
3.  "How, you will go!" said Mme. Bonacieux; "and your regiment, yourcaptain?"
4.  "I will leave you with this stranger; but as soon as he is gone, if youwill permit me, I will return."
5.  "And even what I am sure of."
6.  D'Artagnan looked with stupefaction at a man who thus employedthe unlimited power with which he was clothed by the confidenceof a king in the prosecution of his intrigues. Buckingham saw bythe expression of the young man's face what was passing in hismind, and he smiled.


1.  "Go down, Athos--he mistrusts you less than me--and see if hebe still at his door."
2.  "Nothing," replied Milady.
3.  "Yes, doubtless," replied D'Artagnan, who had never been able tocram the first rudiments of that language into his head, and whohad by his ignorance driven his master to despair, "yes,doubtless there is one."
4.  "Well, let that care be mine, and be at ease."
5.   "Now, there is one," said Kitty, "who appears to me quite adifferent sort of a man from that poor Monsieur D'Artagnan.""Go to bed, mademoiselle," said Milady; "I don't likecomments."
6.  "Perhaps you did not see well."


1.  "I ask no better," said Aramis, with that ingenious air ofconfidence which every poet has in himself; "but let me beproperly acquainted with the subject. I have heard here andthere that this sister-in-law was a hussy. I have obtainedproof of it by listening to her conversation with thecardinal."
2.  I have my youth, my prayers,
3.  Mme. Coquenard therefore entered the office from the houseat the same moment her guest entered from the stairs, andthe appearance of the worthy lady relieved him from anawkward embarrassment. The clerks surveyed him with greatcuriosity, and he, not knowing well what to say to thisascending and descending scale, remained tongue-tied."It is my cousin!" cried the procurator's wife. "Come in,come in, Monsieur Porthos!"
4、  Athos fell into a profound reverie and answered nothing.But when they were alone he said, "You have done that whichyou ought to have done, D'Artagnan; but perhaps you havebeen wrong."
5、  "Listen. This evening M. Coquenard is going to the house ofthe Due de Chaulnes, who has sent for him. It is for aconsultation, which will last three hours at least. Come!We shall be alone, and can make up our accounts.""In good time. Now you talk, my dear."




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      "She will follow you to the end of the world, Athos, if sherecognizes you. Let her, then, exhaust her vengeance on mealone!"

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      "I do not accuse them, sire; but I leave your Majesty to judgewhat five armed men could possibly be going to do in such adeserted place as the neighborhood of the Convent des Carmes.""Yes, you are right, Treville, you are right!"

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       "And I keep my word. Your hand, madame, your hand, and Idepart!"

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      "Vitray," said he, "you will go with all speed to London. Youmust not stop an instant on the way. You will deliver thisletter to Milady. Here is an order for two hundred pistoles;call upon my treasurer and get the money. You shall have as muchagain if you are back within six days, and have executed yourcommission well."

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    {  "Impossible, madame, impossible," murmured Felton, who felt tothe bottom of his heart the justness of this argument. "Aprisoner, you will not recover your liberty through me; living,you will not lose your life through me."

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      At the same instant a market cart, which some minutes before hadappeared upon the Amiens road, pulled up at the inn, and Planchetand Grimaud came out of it with the saddles on their heads. Thecart was returning empty to Paris, and the two lackeys hadagreed, for their transport, to slake the wagoner's thirst alongthe route.}

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      "And my only heir, are you not?" said Lord de Winter in his turn,fixing his eyes on those of Milady.

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      "Ah, indeed," said D'Artagnan. "Well, your publisher isvery generous, my dear Aramis, that's all I can say.""How, monsieur?" cried Bazin, "a poem sell so dear as that!It is incredible! Oh, monsieur, you can write as much as youlike; you may become equal to Monsieur de Voiture andMonsieur de Benserade. I like that. A poet is as good asan abbe. Ah! Monsieur Aramis, become a poet, I beg of you.""Bazin, my friend," said Aramis, "I believe you meddle withmy conversation."

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       "What do you mean, blockhead?"

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    {  "It seems to me," said the host, "that this is not the first timeI have had the honor of seeing Monsieur."

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      "And that running footman who waited at the door, and thatcarriage with a coachman in grand livery who sat waiting on hisseat?"