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All-American Comics

Comic Books

Publisher: DC


Introduction to All-American Comics #16 

The July 1940 issue of All-American Comics #16 was published by All American in the early days of The Golden Age of Comics. It featured the origin and first appearance of one of the most enduring and popular super-heroes of all-time – Green Lantern, created by Martin Nodell (under the pen name of Mart Dellon) with Bill Finger providing the script. After surviving a train crash and finding the Green Flame of Life Alan Scott tracks down the culprit responsible for the wreck. The incident does inspire Scott to use his powers the fight crime and to become The Green Lantern. Like Superman before him, All-American spun off the super-hero into his own title, even while continuing to feature him in All-American Comics for nearly a decade. All-American Comics #16 is considered rarer than many other “key” issues from the same era, which has played a part in a steady increase in collector demand and value. The influential Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books rates the issue a “7” or “Scarce”, meaning at the time of its publication, an estimated 21 to 50 still in existence. In 2018 a Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) 6.5 (FN+) copy was sold at Heritage Auctions for $215,100 eclipsing the 2013 Heritage Auctions higher graded Billy Wright Pedigree copy in 8.0 (VF) grade for $203,150.

Brief History of All-American Comics

All-American Comics was the flag-ship title of Max Gaines’ All-American line of comic books. In order to save money on administrative cost, All-American struck a deal with National (DC) to share office and distributive cost. Hence the DC bullet on early issues.  Begun in 1939, All-American Comics #1 debuted in the spring of 1939 featuring the first appearance of Hop Harrigan and Red White & Blue.  Scribbly made his first appearance outside of a Dell comic.  The book was filled out with newspaper favorites such as Mutt & Jeff, Skippy, Reg’lar Fellers and others.  The first attempt at a super-hero was Gary Concord, Ultra-Man in All-American Comics #8, November 1939.

The game-changer came with the July 1940 issue of All-American Comics #16.  It featured the first appearance of Green Lantern (Alan Scott).  It also set the stage for super-heroes to quickly populate the pages of All-American.  All-American Comics #19 featured the first appearance of The Atom (Al Pratt) and the last appearance of Ultra-Man.  Even Ma Hunkle from the Scribbly strip gets into the new super-hero craze by becoming Red Tornado in All-American Comics #20All-American Comics #24 features text origins for two upcoming super-heroes Dr. Mid-Nite (debuting in All-American Comics #25) and Sargon the Sorcerer (All-American Comics #26).

With a stable line-up now set, change came slowly.  The biggest change was Max Gaines selling his All-American line to National.  The 1946 titles saw the return of the DC bullet on the cover. Highlights for the rest of the run include All-American Comics #61 (origin and 1st appearance of Solomon Grundy), All-American Comics #89 (origin and 1st appearance of Harlequin) and All-American #100 (1st appearance of Johnny Thunder by Alex Toth).  All-American Comics’ last issue is #102, but only because of a title and content change.  Johnny Thunder remained as the lead feature in the new All-American Western which continued until issue #126.

How much is All-American Comics #16 worth? 

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All-American Comics prices - what is the most expensive All- American Comics sold at auction?

In 2018, a copy certified by CGC at just 6.5 (FN+) of All-American Comics #16 sold for $215,100.  Only two (8.0 & 9.4) unrestored copies have been certified but neither has been up for public auction.

What Other All-American Comics are valuable?

Other expensive issues include Green Lantern’s second appearance in All-American #17 Billy Wright pedigree CGC 9.0 copy selling for $20,315 in 2013, Atom’s first appearance in All-American #19 Billy Wright pedigree CGC 8.5 copy selling for $16,730 and a super high-grade copy of All-American Comics #21 in CGC 9.6 selling for $13,145 in 2012. 


  1. All-American #16 – origin and 1st appearance of Green Lantern at $825,000,
  2. All-American #19 – origin and 1st appearance of Atom at $65,000,
  3. All-American #61 – origin and 1st appearance of Solomon Grundy at $38,000 and rounding out the top ten to a lowest value of $8,400 are
  4. All-American #17 – 2nd Green Lantern,
  5. All-American #18 – World’s Fair cover,
  6. All-American #25 – origin and 1st appearance of Dr. Mid-Nite,
  7. All-American #20 – 1st Red Tornado, 1st DC super-heroine,
  8. All-American #1,
  9. All-American #21,
  10. All-American #8 – 1st appearance of Ultra-Man at $8,400.

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All-American Comics #16 original cover art

The cover art for All-American Comics #16 was created by Sheldon Moldoff.  Here’s a little trivia.  Mr. Moldoff drew several covers with Green Lantern but never did a story.

Characters from All-American Comics

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Popular Green Lantern villains to debut in the pages of All-American include Solomon Grundy (All-American Comics #61), Crusher Crock, later changed to the Sportsman (All-American Comics #85), Harlequin (All-American Comics #89) and the Icicle (All-American Comics #91).

Plot Summary of All-American Comics #16

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How rare is All-American Comics #16?

All-American Comics #16 is one of the rarer Golden Age key issues.  Besides Ernie Gerber giving it a scarcity rating 7 in his historic Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books, as of April 1st 2020, CGC had certified only 58 copies compared to 270 for Batman #1, which came out a few months earlier.

Original art to All-American Comics #16

No original art to All-American Comics #16 has surfaced. 

Original art to All-American Comics

Dr. Mid-Nite takes the prize for the most expense piece of art sold through Heritage Auctions.   An unpublish page to a story created in 1947 by Stan Aschmeier sold at auction in 2018 for $13,200.  The splash page to the Green Lantern story by Paul Reinman in All-American Comics #55 fetched $6,572.50 in 2013. Irwin Hasen, who drew Doiby Dickles first appearance, provides the splash page to All-American Comics #85, which sold in 2013 for $4,182.50

Why sell your vintage comics and original comic art with Heritage Auctions?

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  • World record for comic artist Robert Crumb - Fritz the Cat Cover, $717,000.
  • The world record for comic artist Frank Frazetta - Egyptian Queen, $5.4M
  • World record for comic artist Neal Adams – Batman #251 Cover, $600,000

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