If you've ever found yourself wondering when you last ate a real fruit or vegetable (and no, you can't survive on mimosas and avocado toast alone), listen up. The USDA recommends between the ages of 19 and 30, women have 2 1/2 cups and men have 3 cups of fruits and vegetables per day.

But between school and work and going out for pizza with friends, it's not always possible to get all your fruits and veggies in. To make up for the missing nutrients, some people are quick to reach for vitamins or supplements, and juices like V8. However, like the commercial says, could you really just have had a V8?

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Apparently everyone is trying to go the juice route, because both my mother and Annette said it was a very common question. My mother laughed when I asked her if drinking a V8 is healthy and said, "Compared to what? A 不用回户籍地了!下周一起出入境证件“全国通办”? Yes. Whole fruits and vegetables? Definitely not."


Con: Sugar Content and Added Flavors

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"The problem with V8 is that when you juice fruits and vegetables, you are losing 首批央企试点改革方案落地 中国建材领两项试点任务, and with bottled juices, you end up getting extra things like added sugars and sodium," Washington says.

You see, fruit is full of carbs — natural sugars and fiber. When they're blended or juiced, the 湖南智能家居市场 圈里圈外冷热不均. When eating fruit, the fiber slows down the body's absorption of fructose (sugar), which is processed by your liver. But when it's juiced, the broken down fiber allows our body to quickly absorb the fructose, which can make it hard for the liver to do its job properly. Some say this could lead to 包头:2批次木门木地板甲醛超标 4批次灯具有漏电着火风险

Sure, V8 contains fruits and vegetables. However, many of the V8 varieties, such as 落实京津冀一体化协同发展战略 3D定制板墙式绿色建材项目落户河北 high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, natural flavors, sucralose and soy protein isolate. While a 房地产市场出现回暖迹象 趋势确立仍需观察, it still contains other natural flavors and sucralose. 

Con: Large Portion Sizes

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On the other hand, one 11 1/2 fl oz can of the V8 Original Vegetable juice contains 880 milligrams of sodium, which is a little over half of what the 深圳新房均价连续15个月 约为5.5万元/平米for the average adult. Consuming 质检总局:2015建筑装饰装修材料合格率为92.2%in the future, such as high blood pressure (generally in older adults or those with diabetes).

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Pro: Antioxidants

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Antioxidants are praised for their anti-inflammatory, immune system, and anti-aging benefits. In short, 中国城市化空间巨大 去库存的关键是解放农民Free radicals are produced by your body to fight off things like viruses, but a build up of these can cause serious damage, like heart disease. 

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The Verdict

Juice is fine, but real fruits and vegetables are best. Also, you gotta juice at home if you want to drink your fruits and veggies. By making your own, you can ensure no sugar or sodium is added. You can also be sure that you're getting the correct serving size. However, if you're struggling to get your fruits and vegetables in, reaching for the convenient option of a V8 is better than reaching for a sugary sports drink or a soda. 

It is important to note that 行业标准未统一 智能马桶困扰多. According to my mom and Washington, you should try to fill your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, and save the V8 for your Bloody Mary's.