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7 Healthy Snacking Habits for a Flat Belly

We asked the experts on how to incorporate snacks into your diet while still maintaining a healthy weight.
healthy snacks for meal prep

Who doesn't love a good snack? Between the numerous healthy snack options at the grocery store, or even the yummy snack recipes you can make at home, having something fun to snack on in the middle of the day truly feels like a treat. So why does snacking always get a bad rep? Is there such a thing as forming healthy snacking habits in the long run?

Why yes, yes there is. In fact, numerous registered dietitians and doctors say that incorporating a snack into your daily meal plan is actually really good for your body, and can help you regulate your blood sugar and avoid any belly bloat.

So if you absolutely love snacking and want to maintain a healthy body (and a flat belly), here are a few healthy snacking habits to incorporate into your days. And for more healthy eating tips, be sure to check out our list of 消协提醒:谨慎对待“超低价装修”“征集样板间”等活动.


Eat every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar stable.

Woman eating yogurt

While it may seem counterintuitive towards your weight loss efforts, it's actually important for your overall health and blood sugar levels to eat something at least every four hours throughout the day.

"Snacks are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet," says Jean Hanks, MS, RDN, CDN from Bethany Medical Clinic of NY. "It's a good idea to eat every 3-4 hours to keep blood sugars stable, which not only prevents hunger-related crankiness ('hanger') but can help prevent overeating at the next meal. So ideally, you would have a snack between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner."

Not sure what to have? Here are 家具不用水漆将不能销售 多主流品牌称没准备好.


Snack on foods that contain protein and fiber.

Hummus carrots cucumber

"The best snacks provide a combination of protein and fiber, both of which contribute to satiety," says Hanks. "The protein could come from nuts/nut butters, hummus, yogurt, avocado, or the like. The fiber component could be fruit, raw vegetables, or whole grains. Apple slices with peanut butter, whole grain tortilla chips with guacamole, and carrot sticks with hummus are some examples of great snacks that provide both protein and fiber. Protein bars can also be an excellent snack, provided they are mostly full of whole, unprocessed ingredients, contain less than 10grams sugar, and have 5 grams protein or more."

Give your snacks a fiber boost with these 长租公寓或藏套路 房东租客不可不防.


Incorporate a carbohydrate.

mini pita pizza bites

That's right—don't be afraid of carbs! Sarah Schlichter, MPH, RDN of Bucket List Tummy says it's important to incorporate carbohydrates to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time after your snack.

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Schlichter includes a few examples that can boost your carbohydrate and protein intake during your snack time such as a piece of fruit with string cheese, whole grain bread with peanut butter, Greek yogurt and fruit, and hummus with vegetables. Or try one of these 15 Toast Recipe Ideas!


Prep your snacks.

Healthy snack meal prep with cut carrots celery hard boiled eggs apples grape almonds and rice cakes

It may seem silly, but in order to set healthy snacking habits for yourself, portion control is still important when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

"One reason snacking gets a bad rap is because of mindless munching and lack of portion control," says Dr. Tonya Sweezer, DO, ND. "We are often snacking because we don't have time for a full meal, so we are too distracted to keep track of our intake."

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"Healthy snacks such as chopped veggies, nuts or fruit should be easily accessible," says Sweezer. "This way you are less likely to reach for unhealthy items. Choosing healthier items helps to reduce cravings and keep you on track."

Not sure how to measure proper portions? Here's 2016年门窗行八大环保热词.


Treat it as a meal and don't mindlessly snack.

protein snack box with peanut butter egg grapes apples

Just because it's called a "snack" doesn't mean it has to be small. In fact, it's best if you look at your snack time as an actual meal that can provide you with those satiating macronutrients—carbohydrates, protein, and fat—that will help you feel full until dinner. Treating your snacking time as meals rather than snacks can avoid any quick blood sugar spikes and dips that happen when you eat something quick that isn't satiating for a long period.

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Don't be afraid to go over 100 calories.

healthy snack bowl with broccoli carrots hummus almonds nuts strawberries fruit

You may see trendy snacks on the shelf that promise healthy eating with just 100 calories a pack. Guess what, you don't have to snack that way! In fact, it will just leave you feeling hungry.

"Don't be afraid of snacks that provide over 100 calories! So many people have this food rule ingrained in their mind that snacks should be under 100 calories, however that's not true," says Colleen Christensen, RD. "Many times we need more than that to sustain us to our next meal. Start to pay more attention to your hunger level and you'll begin to understand more of the size of snacks your body needs. The hungrier you are, the larger your snack likely needs to be and if you shoot for a self-imposed 100 calorie 'limit' you're likely to be left feeling 'hangry' and frustrated."


Pair your snack with fluid.

tea with toast and berries

Lastly, it's important to continue drinking fluids throughout the day—especially if you're incorporating a snack that has fiber in it. And while drinking water is important for your body, that doesn't have to be your only option.

"I also recommend pairing your healthy snack with a cup of fluid —water first for hydration or try herbal tea or flavored sparkling water," says Leah Van Dolder, BScFN, RD. "Getting into the habit of having healthy snacks on hand helps to keep our energy levels up, our blood sugars stable, and prevents that afternoon dip in focus and productivity."

So, what about dessert? Yes, you can have that, too! Here are 家居市场从“拥有”向“特别”升级.

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