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2020 Webinars

Maximizing the Capabilities of a Two-Way Smart Utility Network During Deployment

Weds, Nov 18, 2020 2:00 PM EST

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A New Year greeting to cheer you, my good friend.希望新年祝福给你带来欢乐,我的好朋友。
7.Finding Dory
内森是少数几位在夜间拍卖会上积极出价的交易商之一。他在佳士得的拍卖会上代表一位客户以50.65万英镑拍下了查尔斯-安东尼·夸佩尔(Charles-Antoine Coypel)1737年的画作《阿米达宫的毁灭》(The Destruction of the Palace of Armida),售价是预估价的两倍。
After China hawk Steve Bannon’s exit there was a temptation to proclaim the death of the Trump White House’s economic nationalism. But that ignored the presence of Donald Trump, who is instinctually a protectionist. He wants “tariffs” rather than deals when it comes to China, as we’ve learned in recent days. He also sees cracking down on China as key to keeping his “America First” promise to his base.
The sales volume peaks at around 15 million per day, with nearly 700 tickets sold in every second.
The recession may be over, but the job market recovery is lagging way behind. And experts say the situation may get worse before it gets better.


Brian Schade, Meter Services Manager, WaterOne
Mike Wood, Chief of Technology, Utiliuse
Joseph Dryer, Solution Application Manager, Sensus, a Xylem Brand

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Bentley Systems Tech Preview – Risk-Based Pipe Renewal & Capital Planning with OpenFlows WaterCAP


Eliminate guesswork and replace “run-to-failure” maintenance with proactive “fix- before-break” maintenance using time-to-failure, user-informed predictive algorithms that alert you when an asset will need to be repaired or retired, and which projects will prevent the most negative impacts to your system. With Bentley’s new OpenFlows WaterCAP solution, you can quantify risks and deterioration patterns and instantly evaluate the effect of different strategies to find the optimum approach.

Managers are expected to manage the people below them on the corporate hierarchy, but the best managers also have ways of managing their superiors and coworkers on behalf of their team. Many times this means effective communication, managing expectations, and requesting help in a timely manner。
马拉比这部长达800页的作品今年10月由布鲁姆斯伯里出版社(Bloomsbury)和企鹅出版社(Penguin Press)出版。英国《金融时报》的一篇书评称赞该书“非比寻常”。该书是在同终选名单中的另外五部作品展开激烈竞争后脱颖而出的。另五部作品尝试解决的是世界上一些重要的经济与管理难题——从美国的生产率缺口,到持续存在的性别失衡。

  • This summer, Noel will enter restricted free agency expecting to be compensated handsomely given his demonstrated defensive impact, untapped potential and lottery pick pedigree, even though he's logged fewer than 5,000 minutes during his career.
  • LBS moves back to the top place, thanks in part to the highest salary, at $167,000, and being second best in value-for-money terms. The school is first for international course experience and second for alumni mobility.
  • How the longer maternity leave policy is implemented is up to local governments to decide. Specific and legally-binding measures should be worked out at the national level to ensure the policy is carried out and properly enforced to ensure that women are not discriminated against by employers obsessed with minimizing their labor costs.
  • 当瑞秋布鲁姆听闻自己赢得喜剧类电视最佳女主角奖项时,喜极而泣。亚马逊节目《丛林中的莫扎特》也意外斩获最佳剧集奖项。
  • 近日,某招聘行业网站发布《2016年应届毕业生就业力调研报告》。报告指出,2016年应届毕业生起薪为4765元,近三成毕业生进入互联网行业,同时互联网行业的平均月薪最高。

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Essentially this reform will help the government to focus on performing its due role more effectively instead of overreaching itself, because that will only tie down our businesses, cut government’s efficiencies and even public credibility.
“气候变化也许是我们这代人的重大挑战,”美国国家航空航天局(NASA)地球科学部主任迈克尔·H·弗莱利赫(Michael H. Freilich)说,他的部门是跟踪全球气温的机构之一。

*It is the responsibility of attendees to contact their state approval boards to verify whether they accept webinars for credit. It is free to attend a Water Finance & Management webinar. If you would like a CEU certificate for attending there will be a $10 administrative fee. Click here for CEU Form (PDF). CEUs are not offered for NASTT webinar sessions done in conjunction with Trenchless Technology/WFM.

Archived Webinars

Water Asset Management Conference Online Spring Series

Two Chinese universities have been placed in the top 20 of this year's Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, according to data released last Thursday.
Against: Strong in many categories, but without quite managing to be a front runner in any. Perhaps Timothee Chalamet's performance is its best chance of awards success.
单词intelligence 联想记忆:
That feeling of success may have provided a sort of identity in itself.
STEP 5: GET RID of most of your friends

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Bentley Systems Tech Preview – Real-time Water Distribution Insights with OpenFlows WaterSight

Bentley’s new water infrastructure digital twin solution, OpenFlows WaterSight, connects SCADA, GIS, hydraulic modeling, and customer information into a single interoperable dashboard. Register for this webinar to see how a scalable cloud-based environment can provide your entire utility access into the detection of critical system and individual asset performance information, enhancing operations and maintenance planning decisions.


  • The upshot: The world's largest economy can still function as an oasis in a desert despite the claims of doomsayers that those days are over.
    The values of the citizenry are a democracy’s most important asset.
  • 4. Am I eating healthy? The types of foods we eat can greatly affect how we feel both physically and emotionally. Eating too much junk food can lead to crankiness and a relatively low energy level, whereas eating healthy foods can lead to better moods and a more positive energy level.
  • Starting a business can wreak havoc on the owner’s personal life. While all the above tips are necessary for success, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is also imperative. Exercise, sleep and diet play a central role in ensuring you implement these policies successfully. All of them drive attitude, motivation and relationships.

Learn more about OpenFlows WaterSight, visit:

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Power vs. Policy; What is Involved in Remote Shutoff for Water?

sensusIntegrated remote shutoff water meters capable of on, off, or reduced flow allow utilities to adapt to policy and provide the power to better manager service connections during emergencies. This presentation will discuss options around the technology and what to look for before deciding if this technology is right for you. Look beyond the hardware benefits and explore more about potential internal policy changes and external programs needed to go along with this exciting new technology available to Water Utilities today.

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Using a Smart Utility Network for Water Loss Control Through District Metering and Pressure Monitoring

sensusToday the city is using their Smart Utility Network to do even more; monitoring pressure zones within DMA’s as an alternative method when SCADA can’t be used and monitoring district metered areas on not only the customer meter information but also on the flow meter assigned to the DMA by incorporating the virtual meter too.
This utility’s case study will walk through the deployment strategy and show the impact of using DMA and pressure monitoring in the distribution system.

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5 Purchasing Risks Your Organization Faces (And How to Mitigate Them)

除了跳舞,玛蒂还唱歌和表演,她已经出演了电视剧《美女上错身》(Drop Dead Diva)和《奥斯汀与艾丽》(Austin & Ally)。
Millions of people working or studying out of their hometowns will be hurrying home to reunite with families as the Chinese Spring Festival approaches. This long-held tradition is the main reason for the rush. The other is that the holiday is one of the two week-long holidays of the year, a perfect travel time for many people. The rush usually begins 15 days ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year and 25 days after that.
In 2016, China's box-office experienced a shock correction, with growth plummeting to just 3.7 percent from a roaring 48 percent rate in 2015.
It is up to other institutions — notably, Congress, courts and media — and the citizens at large now to do so.

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Water Asset Management Conference Online Archived Sessions

water asset management conferenceThis 2020 Water Asset Management Conference will be hosted entirely in an online format, allowing attendees the flexibility to log in to view single presentations or multiple, all without leaving the office. The best part? Registration is FREE for all attendees! This online series is geared toward executive-level decision makers of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities – CEOs, CFOs, directors, general managers, superintendents and asset management professionals – as well as engineers and consultants.

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