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Children's Health Curriculum Lesson 4: Be Sun Smart

Lesson 4

adj. 深思的,体贴的
adj. 令人厌烦的

Kids Will Be Able To

  • define sunscreen, sunburn, vitamin D, and ultraviolet (UV) light;
  • 2016年LED照明行业十大热点新闻事件
  • 谁获得消费者口碑 谁称王互联网家装
  • However it's framed, 2018 was a strong year for many of China's biggest domestic film studios though.

How To Get This Lesson

  • proper拥有+ty→财产;所有物;特性

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Lesson 4: Be Sun Smart

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Instructor materials:
Lesson Cards (PDF) (9 pp, 3 MB)

Handouts for students:
Take Home Talk (PDF) (2 pp, 894 K)


发改委:关于推动物流高质量发展 促进形成强大国内市场的意见
Poster 1 Sunsafe

进口地板“环保先行”受认可 国产地板赶超还待考验
Poster 2 Sunsafe

港股收盘:恒指涨0.51% 内房股走高领涨板块
Poster 3 Sunsafe

Additional Resources

Instructor Resources

  • 全国商品房销售量价齐升 投资数据好于预期
  • AirNow: For Students
  • SunWise Downloads Exit - EPA's program transferred to the National Environmental Education Foundation - includes activities, posters and teacher background materials
  • 中国建材斩获欧洲单体最大电站 总金额达2亿欧元
  • 海南经济在减少对房地产依赖中“转换动能”

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