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The “ER” Sound in American English

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One of the more notorious incidents was when Zhu Ling, a student at the prestigious Tsinghua University, was paralyzed when her roommate allegedly poisoned her with thallium in 1994.
这家Post-it即时贴和思高(Scotch)胶带制造商在2月份授权进行120亿美元的股票回购,取代当前75亿美元的回购计划。《财富》美国500强公司3M公司(3M) 遵循了去年末发表的声明行动。这项声明称,公司在之后4年准备投入100亿美元用于收购,最多将投入220亿美元用于回购。
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Dan (from Better English) and I cover this sound a bit in our podcast, English Across the Pond and membership materials, noting that in American English, this sound is very pronounced and the “R” is heard very clearly. Imagine an American saying “water”, and imagine the difference in an English person saying “water” (wata). This post will obviously cover the details about the American English pronunciation.

Today’s 5 Minute English video lesson has 2 parts and will teach you some of the basics, help you learn how to make the sound, and give you plenty of examples and practice. Part 1 will cover the basics and teach you how the sound is made, while Part 2 will provide the examples. When you finish watching the video (don’t forget to take notes!) come back here and review the full blog post for more details, explanations, and examples.

Details about the “ER” Sound in English

Not to get too technical, sorry, but this combination of sounds is called a “murmur diphthong” which means that it’s a vowel + r combination sound. These combinations will change the sound of the vowel alone, and each combination produces only 1 sound. For example, the “ar” diphthong sounds like R (the letter – like car), and “or” sounds like the word OR (like born). The combinations “er”, “ir”, and “ur” all produce the same sound which is what we’re covering today, the “ER” sound. Take a quick note that the words “herd” “girl” and “burn” all have the same pronunciation in the center (er, ir, ur).

Let’s make sure you are producing the correct sound…

To make this “ER” sound correctly, you need to put your tongue and your lips to work! Both of these things, your tongue and lips, need to work together to accurately produce the sound. We’ll focus on the tongue first. To make this sound, you need to pull your tongue back and hold it high in your mouth. You should feel the sides of your tongue on your back top teeth. When you produce the sound it will move over your tongue, through your mouth and out your lips, which are out and slightly flared open (remember to watch the video to see these examples). A trick I learned in my speech pathology days is to practice saying the word “EAR”. This word starts with the long “E” vowel, like “eeee” and transitions to end with the sound “yer”.


Start slowly, and first say “eeeee” (the long vowel sound). Next add the linking “y” sound and the ending “er”. This linking “y” sound (the first sound in the word “yellow” or “you”) is important to accurately produce the ending “ER” sound. So you should say “eeeyer”. As you say this slowly, notice and feel the changes happening in your mouth, with your tongue and teeth. Grab and mirror and watch the changes, too! Your tongue should pull back and squeeze tighter against your back teeth in the ending “ER”, much more than “eee”. Now, if you take away the “eee-y” sound then you are left with the correct ending “ER”. Repeat….repeat…repeat!

After you perfect the sound, it’s time to move onto words…

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单词retreat 联想记忆:
4. Precious metals: 'Going dark! Economic cycles point downward'

ER words, like HERD

LED照明巨头“智能照明”理念与实践对比 谁最“拼”?

IR words like GIRL


UR words like BURN

'My first duty, my first responsibility was to be true to the original feel of the book, to be true to Ian Fleming: his creation, his world and his ideas.

Followers are also getting younger and better educated, with 77.8 percent in the 17-to-33 age group and 75 percent with a higher education.
The UK and France are the two powerhouses of business education in Europe. Nearly half of the schools listed are from either the UK (20) or France (19). French MiMs outperform UK programmes in terms of ranking, salary ($55,000 versus $49,000) and student numbers (9,000 versus 1,200). However, UK MBAs outdo French programmes in terms of numbers (18 schools in this ranking versus five) and student numbers (1,900 versus 1,300) though not in terms of salary ($115,000 versus $137,000).

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Practice Sentences

  1. Thirty girls permed their hair and dyed it purple on Thursday.
  2. Turkeys were in a circle in the dirt outside church.
  3. The nurse wasn’t a jerk, but a kind sir. He served the patients.
  4. A perk this term is my birthday on the first.
  5. The restaurant serves surf and turf on Thursdays.



Winners: Pelicans
Three stricts and three honests: Be strict in morals, power and disciplining oneself; be honest in decisions, business and behavior
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It is believed that the rise of South Korea's pop music industry is behind the boom, and many patients visit clinics with photos of celebrities, asking surgeons to emulate nose angle or eyes.

“ear” in words like EARTH


***Note: other words that produce different sounds: (fear & ear produce the “eeyer” sound) and (bear produces the “air” sound)***


“or” in words like WORD

人社部公布首批拖欠农民工工资“黑名单” 违法企业将被限制招投标

***Note: other words that produce a different sound: (corn & bored produce the long “or” sound) ***


sentences to practice:

  1. The doctor worked in pearls.
  2. The early bird searches and gets the worm.
  3. I heard the janitor was a doctor, too.

AT&T和时代华纳(Time Warner)会在不作出大的妥协(比如出售美国有线新闻网(CNN))的情况下完成合并吗?
Among the top 50 IT tycoons, five were born in the 1980s, including 33-year-old Cheng Wei, chief executive officer of Didi Chuxing.
Blige将会表演“泥土之界”中的歌曲《Mighty River》,这首获得奥斯卡提名的歌曲是她和Raphael Saadiq以及Taura Stinson共同谱写的。同时,Blige还因出演影片《泥土之界》被提名奥斯卡最佳女配角。她是同时获得奥斯卡提名歌曲和女配角的第一人。

单词administration 联想记忆:

v. 弄短,变短

Happy Studying! ♥

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vt. 打碎,破掉

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