Overview of the MS in Finance

CEU MS in Finance Overview

Finance at the Cutting Edge Guided by Industry

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Orientation – Pre-session, professional and personal development
Mandatory courses – Get a solid grounding in the foundations
Electives – Build your studies around your career objectives
Finance @CEU – Weekly seminars bring you industry experts
Capstone project – Apply your acquired skills as a consultant

Choose electives from any thematic module
Investments & Banking • Financial Management • Tech & Innovation • Data Tools & Analytics

Choose more courses from other programs
MS in Business Analytics • MS in Technology Management & Innovation

Fintech Management Parallel Studies
MS in Finance + MS in Technology Management & Innovation • Become a fintech leader, or develop your startup in the CEU InnovationsLab

Study and Work at the Same Time

Lawrence, 26, took the top spot largely through a slice of the profits from the final movie in the Hunger Games franchise, as well as a big upfront fee for her forthcoming space adventure movie Passengers, Forbes said.

Join full-time as a graduate or career changer – Take a part-time job or internship at any time. Should you be offered a full-time job, you may request a change of status and become a part-time student.

Join part-time as a working professional – Take a second year to take electives or to complete your capstone project. Note that we cannot guarantee course location in the second year (Budapest or Vienna).

Study in Budapest with trips to Vienna

For starters, breaches like that of Bitstamp and the much larger (valued at about $400 million at the time) 2011 hack of the exchange Mt. Gox are often misconstrued as security issues with the currency itself. But they are only signs of flaws in those particular exchanges and not a sign of an issue with the underlying technology. And it is the underlying technology behind bitcoin that most excites. As we wrote in the “Shape the Future” package of our January 2015 issue, most of the vocal enthusiasts so bullish on bitcoin—from big-name entrepreneurs like Marc Andreessen to the developers and miners who spend their days refreshing the bitcoin Reddit page—are more interested in the applications that can be built on bitcoin’s “block chain,” the currency’s foundational backbone, than they are in bitcoin as a monetary system. The block chain allows the secure exchange of any form of value between two entities.


CEU MS in Finance Faculty

PhDs from – Yale • Princeton • Toronto • INSEAD • Tillburg • SSE
Worked at – Boston • Cambridge • Oxford • ESSEC • Maastricht • NUS
Working for – BCG • BI Consulting • Causality Group • Citi • MKB Bank • Morgan Stanley • PwC • Remek! Trading Systems



Finance@CEU expert speaker series

The Finance @CEU expert speaker series brings you industry people working at the daily cutting edge of finance. Guests deliver talks, case studies and simulations at CEU or off campus. The series covers a wide range of topical themes, institutions and roles.



CEU MS in Finance Advisory Committee

The program is deeply networked into industry. The Advisory Committee is a working group of senior executives offering professional guidance, advising on and contributing to the curriculum, and helping with internships and careers.


Capstone Consulting Project

CEU MS in Finance Capstone Project

Fewer women than men have worked abroad for at least six months (42 per cent and 52 per cent respectively) but they share exactly the same motivations — to develop management skills, build their network and increase their earnings.



Mathematics & Excel Pre-session
Maximizing Your Future

Mandatory Courses

Economic Foundations
Financial Reporting & Control
Financial Management
Trading & Portfolio Theory
Asset Pricing
Regulatory & Policy Environment

Investments & Banking

Banking & Financial Institutions
Fixed Income Analysis
Behavioral Finance
Trading Design & Technology

Financial Management

Company Valuation
Corporate Restructuring
Corporate Risk Management
Advanced Reporting & Control
Strategic Managerial Accounting
Boardroom Global Challenge

Tech & Innovation

Banking IT & Fintech
Fintech in Depth
Fintech in Transaction Services
Entrepreneurial Finance
Private Equity & Venture Capital

Data Tools & Analytics

Data Analysis 1 & 2 in R & VBA
Data 3: Machine Learning
Coding 1: SQL
Coding 2: Python
Data Viz 1: Intro to Tableau
Data Viz 2: Practical with R
Data Viz 3: Advanced Tableau
Data Engineering 1-3