Over half a century after his initial debut in Stan Lee’s Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man remains one of the most iconic figures in all of pop culture. Beloved by adults and children alike, there’s something about Peter Parker’s status as both an everyman and one of Marvel’s greatest heroes that’s endeared the character to audiences worldwide. With almost 52 years’ worth of stories to his name, it goes without saying that Spider-Man comics have played host to some of the greatest, most important stories in the history of the medium.

Both Samsung and BlackBerry quickly put the kibosh on a report Wednesday afternoon that the two are engaged in takeover talks. But why would the world’s biggest smartphone company pay a rumored $7.5 billion for a Canadian tech company whose glory days are past? Answer: Its rich intellectual property portfolio—especially all its juicy security innovations.
Much joy to you in the up coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through.
单词creative 联想记忆:
Airbnb Showdown
Self-driving cars, selfie sticks, drones, touchscreen devices, e-cigarettes, jetpacks, and many other things seem like fairly modern inventions. Indeed, most of their "inventors" list them as newly invented and even go as far as seeking patents. But the fact is, many of these "inventions" have already been in existence for quite some time. They may have earlier lookalikes that ended up not going into production or that went into limited production due to one reason or another. Some also made it into full production but were recalled due to poor sales.



Penned by one of the all-time great Spider-Man writers J. Michael Straczynski, Spider-Man: Back in Black deals with the fallout from the earth-shattering events of "Civil War", in which Peter Parker publicly reveals his identity as Spider-Man in an effort to win the public’s favor in the conflict. As was always Peter’s greatest fear however, it doesn’t take long for his loved ones to find themselves in the line of fire after Aunt May is shot by an assassin. With May in critical condition, Peter drops his usual happy-go-lucky attitude and goes full vigilante, beating his way through a list of names to find the man responsible for the attack.

Western whites have a place within their nations’ new, broader national identities. But unless they accept it, the crisis of whiteness seems likely to continue.
The top 20 comprises 13 US universities, four British and three others.
China had a full-year GDP target of “around 6.5 per cent” for 2017.
The Thomson Reuters Top 100 global innovators program identifies innovators annually through an in-depth analysis based on a series of patent-related metrics that analyze what it means to be truly innovative.
在日本博览会上,我们非常荣幸地采访到了虚渊玄,还有Nitro+社长Takaki Kosaka。让我们开始吧。
菲律宾警察总长表示,新总统罗德里戈?杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)上台后,不断升级的禁毒战争已造成近1800人死亡。
May the beauty and joy of New Year remain with you throughout the new year!愿新春美景与欢乐常伴随你!



Marvel Knights Spider-Man

With Mark Millar’s talent for balancing the inherent bleakness of his stories with genuine humor and likable characters, the prolific writer was undoubtedly the perfect fit for his 12-issue run on Marvel Knights: Spider-Man. Bringing with it the mature themes and darkness synonymous with the Marvel Knights imprint, the story follows Spider-Man as he struggles to protect his family and friends after an unknown villain learns his secret identity. Soon finding himself up against a new, improved version of the Sinister Six -- now the Sinister Twelve -- Marvel Knights: Spider-Man puts its titular hero at the center of one of his most volatile adventures to date.

The Dutch case involved sophisticated financial professionals, people accustomed to analyzing financial and economic trends. Yet, they too focused on their personal experience.
Warm hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things.
Except your Watson, he thinks it's hot.
However Mr Kwon warned that young people should be cautious when seeking such operations.
“As we work to keep and attract more young professionals and job creators, we appreciate every young person who is engaged and invested in our state.”
The report didn't comment on potential factors influencing the numbers, but many – including members of the opposing political party – are laying the blame squarely at the feet of government cost-cutting.
“The key thing about Friends is that it’s about people working out how they are going to live their lives — what kind of relationships are they going to have, what kind of job, and the difficulties of settling down,” says Mills to the Daily Mail. “You’re engaged in all those questions about escaping from your family, becoming an adult and working out what you want to be.”And that’s one of the key issues in the youth culture of the 1990s.
n. 改进,改善



The Hobgoblin Saga

With at least six characters having taken up the mantle of Hobgoblin over the years, the classic villain’s history has unfortunately become muddied since the character’s inception in 1983’s The Amazing Spider-Man #238. Thanks to the constantly shifting identity of the character, it’s become somewhat tough to keep track of exactly who the Hobgoblin is at any given point in time. Back in the character’s early days however, readers were introduced to one of Spidey’s most intimidating villains to date in the form of Roderick Kingsley -- a criminal who unintentionally stumbles upon the Green Goblin’s lair, appropriating his specialized gear and advanced tech in the process.

蒂莫西·哈顿(Timothy Hutton)的小金人对归属问题做出了最好的答复,哈顿曾在影片《凡夫俗子》中表现十分优异,并成为奥斯卡金像奖最年轻的最佳配角奖得主。在数年前的一次聚会中,他的姐姐突然从冰箱里拿出小金人,和啤酒一起随机放在某处,使宾客们能够碰巧在路上拿到它,从而提提神。显然,现在它还在那里。
Song “Beautiful China”(Sha Baoliang and Xu Qianya)
Google's top searches for 2017 included Matt Lauer and Hurricane Irma.The search giant has unveiled its annual Year In Search results that show the top Google searches in various categories globally and by country.
与此同时,有一首非常有意思的歌曲来自我们的读者Libby Russell,是她为所有世界杯期间的足球寡妇所作。非常感谢Libby的分享,太棒了!
From 'heelgate' to the Palm Dog to the 'Dad bod' – it's been a dizzying 12 days. Here are nine lessons from the film festival as it draws to a close.
The ministry expects consumption to remain a strong force driving economic growth this year.
Passion, perseverance and a positive attitude tend to set successful entrepreneurs apart. Cultivating these attributes requires an innate skill set and some tips to get started.
“It comes down to answering these questions: how do you continue to iterate the platform, how do you continue to augment the team, and how do you build a tapestry of alliances with partners that will accelerate your growth?” Case said.



The Lizard in Shed

本届电影节最大新闻与电影无关,而是关于鞋子。据《银幕日报》报道,上周二(5月19日),数名女性在去参加托德?海因斯(Todd Haynes)执导的《卡罗尔》(Carol)首映红毯时,因穿着装饰有莱茵石的平底鞋,而被工作人员以不符合规定为由拒之门外。报道一出,社交媒体上义愤填膺。戛纳新闻办公室仓促应对,称该报道断章取义:“这么多年来,电影节的规则都没有变过(参加电影节放映会,男士着无尾半正式晚礼服,女士穿正式礼服。)而对女性高跟鞋的跟高没有特定的要求,同样对男性的亦无特殊要求。”因此,为了确保遵守规则,男女主持会被提醒记住这些规则。好了,这下清楚了,媒体放映场没有任何着装要求:着装邋遢的记者们可穿着人字拖与运动鞋随意踏上皇宫广场(Palais)的阶梯。
China has continued to synchronize enterprises and institutions to raise the basic pension for over 100m retirees in 2017.
影片直接来自真实的Bling Ring帮,2008年,他们10个月的赃物飚升了300万美元。电影列出的所有名人都是这个团伙真实的受害者。团伙成员声称,是社会对这些名人私生活的痴迷鼓励了他们。无论动机如何,《炫富帮》都很好地提醒了人们,要时不时与媒体拉开距离。
Of course, Christian Bale won't be playing Batman, instead, a rather chubby Ben Affleck will save Gotham from the Superman.

China's best performances by subject this year come from Tsinghua University, with three top-10 places, and Peking University, with two top-10 places. Tsinghua University finishes eighth in both Architecture/Built Environment and in Engineering (Civil and Structural). Tsinghua comes in 10th place in the world's Materials Science subject rankings.
After Peking University, known as Bei Da, and Tsinghua University, the next highest-placed Chinese university is the University of Science and Technology of China at 15, Fudan University at 16, Shanghai Jiao Tong University at 18 and Zhejiang University at 19 in the top 20.
Arlie Russell Hochschild, the author of “Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right,” describes a feeling of lost opportunity as the “deep story” of the rural Louisiana communities she spent four years studying.
US billionaires hold 540 spots on the list, more than any other country in the world. In second is China with 251 and German with 120.
The lending conditions were not limited to nude pictures. Also leaked were a number of screenshots of supposed dialogues between the borrowers and lenders, with one lender demanding that the female students deliver a video of herself masturbating.
盖尔 加朵
在此次上榜的5所中国学院当中,上海高级金融学院排名最高,领先于北京大学光华管理学院(Guanghua School of Management at Peking University)和清华大学经济管理学院(School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University),后两家学院分别排名第17位和第18位。




Despite the fact that comic books fans have grown accustomed to large-scale crossovers and Universe-wide events over the years, there’s something about “Spider-Verse” that just feels so unique. Managing to remain both epic and insular at the same time, the story explores the Spider-Man mythos on a Multiversal scale, while featuring relatively few characters outside the world -- or worlds, as the case may be -- of Spider-Man. Bringing together the various incarnations of the webhead from across the Multiverse, “Spider-Verse” sees the return of Morlun, one of the most terrifying villains Spidey has ever faced, as well as his family, the Inheritors, as they embark on a violent crusade to consume the life force of every Spider Totem in the Multiverse.

A reporter was turned away at the unit where Ross lived, with a woman politely stating from behind the closed front door that the child’s mother isn’t ready to speak publicly.
This year so far, Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid has made $526 million since its release in early February during Lunar New Year.
The consumer price index rose by 1.8 per cent year-on-year in January, from 1.6 per cent in December 2015. However, CPI continues to trail Beijing’s target of “around 3 per cent“.
Plum Alley:
Who can forget Prince Harry's unprecedented communique to the media a few months ago over the then speculation over his girlfriend Meghan Markle?
n. 声明,陈述
adj. 浪漫的


One of the great things about Spider-Man as a comic book character is the sheer variety of different directions his books can go in, and still feel like they belong in his world. Light and breezy? Sounds good! Dark and gritty? Sure! Heartfelt and emotional? Go ahead! With that said, “The Conversation” easily falls into the latter category, and stands out as one of Peter Parker’s most touching stories, proving once and for all that comic books aren’t just about action and plot, but people.

After being beaten half to death by Morlun during the events of “Coming Home”, May finally learns that Peter is Spider-Man, and the issue focuses solely on the resulting conversation between the two characters. The pair commiserate over their mutual feelings of guilt over Uncle Ben’s death, with Aunt May revealing that an argument between the couple led to him leaving the house on the night of his murder. After so many years’ worth of secrets and stifled feelings between May and Peter, seeing them take an issue to clear the air and open up to each other is both incredibly satisfying and unexpectedly touching. Taking place in The Amazing Spider-Man #38, the issue really highlights the sweetness between May and Peter, and reaffirms exactly what it is Spider-Man fights for in the first place. In short, the issue is J. Michael Straczynski at his very best.



Taking place over 14 issues across several different titles in the Spider-Man franchise, 1993’s “Maximum Carnage” remains one of the largest-scale events in the history of the character. With several writers sharing scripting duties across the arc’s various titles, the story sees a recently depowered Cletus Kasady escape from Ravenscroft Asylum, becoming Carnage once again thanks to the remaining traces of the alien symbiote in his blood. Not content with wreaking havoc alone however, Carnage also frees the equally deranged Shriek, initiating a merciless killing spree across New York after bringing Carrion, Doppelganger and Demogoblin on board.

To start with, a year before the first iPhone was released, LG had introduced a full touchscreen phone. Even that was not the first, though. The world's first touchscreen phone was IBM's Simon, which was released in 1992. And touchscreen technology even predates the Simon. The first touchscreen device was a tablet made by E.A. Johnson in 1965 that was used by air traffic controllers until 1995. Bent Stumpe and Frank Beck made the first capacitive touchscreen in the early '70s. Unlike Johnson's tablet, it could not be pressed with the fingers. Instead, it required a stylus. In 1971, Samuel Hurst developed the first resistive touchscreen, which he called the "elograph." It responded to the fingers as well as a stylus. In 1985, HP invented the world's first touchscreen computer, called the HP-150. In 1993, Apple also released its first touchscreen device—the Newton Personal Digital Assistant. The product was a flop, recording low sales.
1. Peaceful Era
vt. 包含,容纳,克制,抑制
主流网络游戏仍然是大型多人在线角色扮演游戏 (MMORPG)。报告说,今年10月,中国最热门的10款网络游戏中有6款都属于大型多人在线角色扮演游戏。动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)开发的《魔兽世界》(World of Warcraft)在注册用户和最高同时在线人数方面仍然排名榜首。但报告指出,目前围绕着这款游戏大陆运营权的政府监管纷争可能会给《魔兽世界》带来负面影响。网易公司目前持有《魔兽世界》的中国大陆独家运营权。
Total growth in new orders softened as new export orders rose at about the same pace as a month prior. But job shedding quickened, while input price growth edged lower and prices charged to clients picked up slightly.
It might be that bit too far from the mainstream to make a huge awards impact.
Dachis says: Fiat suffered through a slow global sales year in 2012. Sluggish sales were reflected in sluggish social activity as the company went in reverse on positive discussion around the web.
According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China's migrant workers account for around 50 percent of the labor force in industrial and related sectors. Yet they don't enjoy equal rights as city dwellers because of household registration requirements.
(传说中的中心对称!!!!)不过Illuminati的对称文已经遗失,下面的对称文是Dan Brown在写《天使与魔鬼》的时候找朋友设计的。 就《天使与魔鬼》一书描述,尽管很多人怀疑该组织的真实性,但光照派的确存在,至今如此,并且已经渗入了当今各个领域,尤其是很多共济会成员都在其中。
"We hope the mother will come to us and verify the facts. If it's true that the user is a 13-year-old who spent the money without consent, we can negotiate a refund," the Tencent employee said.
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7.Make Practice Tests


Spider-Man The Gauntlet

Low inflation reflects weakening demand and doesn't inspire confidence about the economic shift from manufacturing to consumption, yet at the same time it should allow Beijing to enact stimulus should it seek to support the economy further .
We’ve all had them: bosses and managers who make our work lives terrible and couldn’t manage a stack of paper clips, let alone a team of employees. I’ve written about the traits that make for bad bosses before, and in that article, a thoughtful commenter came up with his own list of what makes a good boss。
The other two tweets from Obama that made the list were posted when he was leaving the office.
With an average monthly salary of 14,822 yuan five years after graduation, graduates from Tsinghua University topped the salary rankings. While graduates from 39 colleges made the 10,000-yuan list, 185 colleges saw their graduates average monthly salary top 8,000 yuan, while graduates from 789 colleges made more than 6,000 yuan a month on average.
Next year, crude from Libya--which experienced major problems exporting its oil in 2013 because of internal disputes--could flow again. Iraqi output also is set to increase. Even Iran, shut out of global markets for years, could return if an agreement is reached to relax sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear development. All this could add as much as two million to three million barrels a day of Middle East output.
Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year. I hope you will continue to enjoy good health.
You're talking with him / her late on the phone. When he / she hung up the phone, you still miss him / her, even if the phone just hung up on 2 minutes

同时,美国Rapper歌手Eminem被证明是“复出王”,摘得最佳Hip Hop歌手奖。”The Lose Yourself ”的创作者与Hip Hop的新面孔相互竞争,包括Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone。
Five programmes feature in the pre-experience ranking for the first time. The highest new entrant is Lee Kong Chian School of Business at Singapore Management University. The school came second in terms of the international mobility of its graduates, and is the first school to feature in both pre-experience and post-experience rankings.
英国剑桥大学Judge商学院(Judge Business School)排名上升速度最快,今年上升19位,名列第29位,这得益于其在高管MBA排名中的出色表现(该学院今年首次参与此项排名)。华威商学院(Warwick Business School)重返榜单前20名(位列第19),该校去年未参加管理硕士排名。
Wright is one of the most original figures of British Romantic painting, and this composition, held in the same private collection in Derbyshire since 1840, had an approachable low estimate of 100,000 because of condition issues and — not insignificantly — the fact that it was a charity donation to benefit Syrian refugees. As a result, at least three bidders pushed the price to 665,000 with fees.
9. 设身处地也能提高记忆力
4. Jennifer Aniston - $21 million
The committee *bestowed the award upon Yoshinori Ohsumi of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, for his research on *autophagy, which is a self-eating process seen in cells.



Taking place in 1993’s Spectacular Spider-Man #200, it felt appropriate that the death of Harry Osborn would be saved for a milestone issue of the comic given the complex history between Harry and Peter. In previous issues, Harry had taken up the mantle of Green Goblin after discovering the truth about both his late father and his best friend’s secret identities. Blaming Spider-Man for the death of his father, Harry quickly descended into madness, hoping to hurt Peter both physically and mentally in a bitter campaign of vengeance. Despite all of this though, there was clearly still a little piece of Harry reluctant to kill Peter, with the Goblin opting out of finishing off Spider-Man several times throughout their skirmishes.

Newt Scamander is a magiczoologist who studies magical creatures.
Her real-life sister Lexie often accompanies her dressed as Elsa's sister Princess Anna from the movie, and her best friend steps in when Lexie isn't available.
同时,美国Rapper歌手Eminem被证明是“复出王”,摘得最佳Hip Hop歌手奖。”The Lose Yourself ”的创作者与Hip Hop的新面孔相互竞争,包括Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone。
About now, new CEO Gorman is probably learning that the meager profits of a retail brokerage can't pay for all those monster Wall Street bonuses. Expect Gorman to decide that Morgan Stanley should be a lot more like trader Goldman Sachs, after all.
The immediacy for a larger-screen iPhone comes partially from the Asian market where Samsung’s phablets have made significant inroads. Assuming that Apple’s agreement with China Mobile includes these upcoming products, the pricing adjustments that normally occur with new iPhones could make the iPhone 5C significantly more affordable and attractive to the Chinese market. This would begin to make sense of the 5C, which so far seems to be a sales disappointment for Apple. Perhaps the important thing about the 5C is that it is not the 5S, so that down the road it can be discounted without putting price pressure on Apple’s flagship.
Wang Jianlin, the entertainment mogul behind a series of high-profile acquisitions in Hollywood, and internet tycoon Jack Ma retained their spots at the top of the list, with fortunes of $32.1bn and $30.6bn respectively.
Best Luxury Brand: Porsche
Not a lot of Bond villains get their own theme song, but Christopher Lee's assassin from The Man with the Golden Gun gets a flashy, catchy, groovy tune that makes him seem cool as hell. (And of course, he is.) Lulu completely sells the awesomeness of the villain Scaramanga, and although the song may seem almost ridiculously upbeat today, it only adds to the charm.


A schoolgirl aged 11 has been honoured as "America's top young scientist" for inventing a quick, low-cost test to detect lead-contaminated water.
They are calculated using a methodology that focuses on a school's research performance and reputation, not its specific undergraduate or graduate programs. This is a separate methodology than those used for other US News rankings such as Best Colleges and Best Graduate Schools.
That was in line with last month’s manufacturing PMIs, which showed an uptick in sector activity,
So what does 2015 portend? Here are some educated guesses.

Teaming up with several heroes, including Captain America, Anti-Venom and Agent Venom, the Spider Queen is eventually foiled, with a grateful Manhattan publicly thanking Spider-Man for his heroic actions throughout the incident. Slott’s writing manages to use the much maligned aspects of Spider-Man’s history to his advantage, giving convoluted characters like Kaine their due in the event. Combined with some awesome action sequences (seeing MJ with spider-powers is particularly fun) and energetic art by Humberto Ramos, “Spider-Island” remains one of the most memorable arcs in Dan Slott’s great run on The Amazing Spider-Man.



Another great story arc in J. Michael Straczynski’s incredible run on The Amazing Spider-Man, “Coming Home” also happened to be the first arc in Straczynski’s ongoing run. Kicking things off with the revelation that the spider responsible for biting Peter Parker did so intentionally, hoping to pass on its powers before dying, Spider-Man is revealed as a “Spider-Totem” -- a multidimensional entity connected to the Web of Life. The wall-crawler is then hunted by Morlun, a relentless energy vampire who feeds on these Totems, much to Peter’s chagrin. Truly giving Spider-Man the fight of his life, Morlun beats him to a bloody pulp, forcing the hero to flee on several occasions, eventually threatening innocents to bring the webslinger out of hiding.

HOW MUCH: $1,975,000
8. It’s never too late to start.
Snapchat on Tuesday launched Discover, a section of its app where media outlets including Vice, CNN andPeople magazine can publish video content within Snapchat. Already several of the channels feature ads, which aren’t cheap. According to Adweek, Snapchat ads cost $750,000 per day.
Samsung’s comment was shorter: “Media reports of the acquisition are groundless.”
单词triangle 联想记忆:
We will ensure that foreign trade continues to pick up and register steady growth.
8. Julia Roberts - $12 million
Airbnb Showdown
单词brace 联想记忆:


Almost as recognizable as the wall-crawler himself, there’s a visual and thematic symmetry between Venom and Spider-Man that make them the perfect adversaries, with their long-held hatred of each other serving as one of Marvel’s greatest rivalries. With that in mind, it’s odd to think that Eddie Brock’s Venom didn’t fully debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 in 1988, a full 26 years after the hero’s initial creation. The issue opens with a terrified Mary Jane claiming that a creature wearing Spider-Man’s black costume broke into their apartment, after which Peter begins to feel that someone is following him.

As it turns out, Peter’s stalker is none other than bitter ex-journalist Eddie Brock, who blames Parker for his recent fall from grace. Bonded with the alien symbiote previously worn by Spider-Man, Eddie Brock becomes Venom, hoping to exact revenge on Spidey by murdering him. The resulting fight between the two characters is the stuff of comic book legend, with Todd McFarlane’s jaw-dropping art giving the battle weight and substance, kicking Venom’s comic book career off with a huge bang. In fact, the character quickly became so popular that he’s since found success separate from Spider-Man altogether, going on to have several solo series’ and reinventions over the years -- including the feature film Venom, set to release later this year.



One of four entries in the “Colors” series consisting of Daredevil: Yellow, Captain America: White and Hulk: Gray, Spider-Man: Blue is the crowning achievement of the series conceived by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale. Spanning six issues released from July 2002 to April 2003, the story takes a pensive look back at the iconic relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy before her untimely death at the hands of the Green Goblin. Taking place on Valentine’s Day, Spider-Man: Blue sees Peter dictate his thoughts about Gwen into a tape recorder, revisiting several key moments from their relationship through a nostalgic, albeit melancholic lens.

adj. 特指的;指定的
Will the Democrats take back the majority in the midterm election in the US House of Representatives
4. Fiat. Brand love: -7% / Rank: 85
伦敦阿格纽艺术品交易所(Agnew’s)的主管安东尼·克赖顿-斯图尔特(Anthony Crichton-Stuart)说:“如果没有意识到我们处在非常危急的关头,那就太天真了。人们的偏好出现了重大转变。但是如果拍卖会上出现一幅18世纪前绘画大师的佳作,而且价位合理,人们还是会感到兴奋。”
源于:muscle(n 肌肉)
The shortage of supply-chain talent explains why 48% of U.S. companies plan to snap up logistics grads in 2011, according to a new survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
House prices in China continue to fall as investors shift focus from the property market into equities.


If you work hard and benefit the company you work for, you deserve to be rewarded for that. If your boss hasn't given you a raise in the last two years, ask for one. If he or she says no, get out now.
Former world number one Woods has not won a single tournament since 2013 and missed most of the last year recovering from surgery on his back. However, his name alone continued to bank him millions. He earned pound 31 million from endorsement deals with brands including Nike and Titleist, placing him 12th in the list of top earners.
Get ready to see ads from the neighborhood pub on Twitter

In the two issues following Marla’s death, The Amazing Spider-Man #655 and #656, Spider-Man is tormented by nightmares of those he’s lost over the years, many of whom criticize the hero for his failure to save them. With haunting appearances from major characters in Spider-Man’s life from Uncle Ben to Gwen Stacy to Jean DeWolff, Peter’s mind is pushed through a nightmarish hellscape of guilt and sadness trying to process the countless deaths in his life. The story’s opening is particularly effective, showing a silent Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson getting ready for Marla’s funeral, depicting the quiet despair of loss with scary accuracy. In other words, think of this as the comic book version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “The Body”.




Despite the fact that Marvel’s Ultimate Universe is far more willing to permanently kill off their heroes than their Earth-616 counterparts, the famous “Death of Spider-Man” arc in Ultimate Spider-Man sparked worldwide interest -- and some outrage -- by even those outside of the comic book fandom, with several huge news outlets covering the story in the lead up to Peter Parker’s demise. Even though the death happened outside of Marvel’s mainstream continuity, the idea that such a beloved character would meet his end was a bitter pill to swallow for some, and the outpouring of love for the wall-crawler only made Peter’s eventual death all the more powerful.

Dying from injuries sustained during an intense final stand with Norman Osborn, Electro, Sandman, Vulture and Kraven the Hunter, Peter Parker’s death was a real gut punch moment -- particularly since he dies in the presence of MJ, Aunt May, Johnny Storm and Gwen Stacy -- but also gave the character an emotionally resonant and heartfelt send off. In addition to this, Peter’s sacrifice would go on to inspire a young Miles Morales to take up the Spider-Man mantle, ushering in a whole new era of Ultimate Spider-Man, giving Marvel one of its most popular new characters in years.


Although it’s not your typical Spider-Man adventure, “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” is one of the most widely loved entries into the webhead’s canon nonetheless, consistently appearing in the conversation surrounding Spidey’s greatest stories. Written by Roger Stern, the story was initially created as a backup to “And He Strikes Like a Thunderball” -- appearing at the tail end of 1984’s The Amazing Spider-Man #248 -- but “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” subsequently became much more popular than the issue’s main story.

Nearly half of the Kings' roster should have been traded following the Cousins teardown move and yet none were. Nice. Bring on Buddy Mania. Plenty of good seats still available.
"That of course is in keeping with all of the developments that we have seen in China in recent years, including the current enormous emphasis on innovation as a major component in the transition of the Chinese economy from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'," he said.
Heavy air pollution from Beijing, which saw its worst bout of smog in recent history in January, to Shanghai, where pollution levels went off the charts in December, certainly don't do much to help attract tourists.
In my country, we make so much waste, we buy and throw away, buy and throw away, and yet northern countries will not share with the needy. Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to lose some of our wealth, afraid to share. 在我的祖国,我们制造了如此之多的垃圾,我们购买商品,我们随之丢弃,买来,再丢弃。然而有些国家,有些人,却不会分享给那些真正需要的人们,甚至他们拥有的远远超过自身需要的时候。他们害怕分享,害怕失去自己的财富。
Robin Wigglesworth
British golden girl, Lily Donaldson - who has been a cover girl for the likes of Vogue - showcased her own sultry take on summer style, wearing a white semi-sheer, strapless dress to the event. The 30-year-old model looked simply sensational in the nearly transparent number.
专注于新兴市场的基金集团经历了难熬的一年,安本(Aberdeen)和安石(Ashmore)的资产管理规模都严重缩水。新兴市场交易所交易基金(ETF)也遭遇大规模赎回,ETF.com数据显示,投资者从贝莱德(BlackRock)旗下基金iShares MSCI Emerging Markets以及先锋(Vanguard)富时新兴市场(FTSE Emerging Markets)撤出95亿美元。
Next year, crude from Libya--which experienced major problems exporting its oil in 2013 because of internal disputes--could flow again. Iraqi output also is set to increase. Even Iran, shut out of global markets for years, could return if an agreement is reached to relax sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear development. All this could add as much as two million to three million barrels a day of Middle East output.
*Guest Actor in a Comedy Series: Peter Scolari, “Girls”
She is home-tutored alongside her younger sister Mackenzie, who also stars in the Dance Moms series and with whom Maddie released a fashion line called The Maddie & Mackenzie Collection last year.
单词polish 联想记忆:



About as classic as they come, the introduction of the Sinister Six is everything fans love about classic Spidey comics. Created by the iconic pairing of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the Sinister Six made their debut in 1964’s The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. Formed by a recently-escaped Doctor Octopus -- bitter over his multitude of losses at the hands of the wall-crawler -- the Sinister Six comprised of half a dozen of Spidey’s most fearsome foes, including Doc Ock, Mysterio, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman and Vulture. Uniting under one single purpose, to kill Spider-Man, the group of villains resorts to kidnapping Betty Brant and Aunt May to draw their prey out. With each character hoping to deliver the fatal blow to the wall-crawler however, the gang agrees to attack their foe one by one to give each of them a shot at defeating him.

The year’s most compelling makeup and hair designs have been almost characters themselves (and are certainly more dynamic than some of those who appear on-screen). But while physical features are obvious right away, they can also give shape and nuance to the performances of those who assume them. Sometimes, a big nose creates a window of understanding.
吉迪恩拉赫曼(Gideon Rachman)
5.Paperpot Transplanter
Release date: Spring 2015
The online notice about the retraction lists all 107 articles and 524 authors, nearly all of whom are clinical cancer specialists from China. The hospitals named are all top public institutions.
vt. 控制
It is the thirdhighest overall behind the two Indian management academies at Ahmedabad and Bangalore, with respective salaries of $109,000 and $106,000.


Another classic story penned by Stan Lee, “How Green Was My Goblin” serves as an essential entry into the Spider-Man canon, marking the occasion that Spider-Man’s greatest enemy finally learns his true identity, which would go on to spell disaster for Peter Parker. Since his first appearance in 1964’s The Amazing Spider-Man #14, the mystery of who exactly the Green Goblin was an important aspect of the comic, with Lee finally giving his readers -- as well as Peter Parker himself -- the answers they were clamoring for in The Amazing Spider-Man #39.

Goldie Blox:
Slow growth around the world won't hurt the U.S. all that much. American exports might flatten out or even dip, but that would be offset by lower imports of petroleum because of sinking oil prices. So the trade deficit is unlikely to get further out of whack.
A New York City restaurant is taking a stab at creating the most decadent pizza on the market with a pie topped in gold flakes, foie gras and even truffles.
Market watchers were forced to digest the reality of negative 2.9% GDP for the first quarter of the year. All of a sudden, everyone’s forecasts seemed too rosy—or at least too smooth—compared to the lumpy reality. This led to a raft of second-guessing on the timing of the Fed’s eventual exit from its bond-buying stimulus program. We went from confidence to WTF? in a space of a few weeks, with all the asset class rotations and market corrections that come along with a fresh bout of uncertainty.
7. “Out 1: Noli Me Tangere”(Jacques Rivette)
对于英国广播公司文化部门来说,戛纳期间堆满了工作,而派对是少之又少。但是,影展之外的电影节给小镇描上了醉人的红色。在2013年,我们试图联系白雪香槟酒庄(Piper Heidsieck)计算电影节期间香槟的消费数量,但作为提供“官方饮品”的白雪香槟酒庄拒绝回应。不过看看克鲁瓦塞特(Croisette)大道上那些微醺的脸庞以及踉跄的步态,我们可以合理的推测香槟的消费数量十分庞大。电影节的第一周,在为马提欧?加洛尼影片《故事的故事》(Tale of Tales)举办的派对上香槟成河,狂欢者嗨至凌晨。次日早晨,英国广播公司的瑞贝卡?劳伦斯与某位明星进行访谈,询问其在采访前休息了多久。这位明星只是眯起了惺忪的眼睛,抬起了2根手指。
This raises the risk of heavy rains and flooding, scientists pointed out, because warmer temperatures would lead to more water vapour in the world’s atmosphere.



In terms of pure iconography, “Spider-Man No More” is one of the most instantly recognizable issues of The Amazing Spider-Man ever created, with the image of Peter Parker walking away from his discarded Spider-Man suit etching itself deep into the public’s collective consciousness. Taking place in The Amazing Spider-Man #50, “Spider-Man No More” sees a worn-out Peter Parker finally give up the mantle of Spider-Man, feeling unappreciated and under attack by the very city he’s trying to protect. While the storyline is one of Spider-Man’s most well-known however, many forget that “Spider-Man No More” also introduced one of Marvel’s biggest villains, the Kingpin, who capitalizes on Spidey’s absence by making moves to strengthen his criminal empire.

After learning of Kingpin’s rise to power -- and saving a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Ben in the process -- Peter ultimately realizes that he can’t give up being a hero, stealing his costume back from J. Jonah Jameson and resuming his career as New York’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The storyline has since become so iconic that the plot was even adapted for the big screen in 2004’s Spider-Man 2, with the movie even recreating John Romita’s iconic image of Spider-Man’s costume in the garbage.



After receiving a call from a concerned Madame Web in The Amazing Spider-Man #229, Spider-Man learns that the Juggernaut plans to kidnap her at the request of the villain Black Tom Cassidy, who himself hopes to use Web to defeat the X-Men. Granted a mystical force by the demon Cyttorak that renders him completely unstoppable, Spider-Man is unable to subdue the Juggernaut by conventional means, forcing him to improvise to take down the rampaging villain.

In that meeting, he told Jacobs that such problems would decrease, as China is reforming its management system in science and technology, according to a statement by the association on Friday.
5. bedazzled / a . 眼花缭乱的。
Girls Trip
n. 反映,映像,折射,沉思,影响
But the demagogue’s exploitation of such grievances threatens democracy.
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Piano and ballet performance “On My Fingertips And Toes” (Lang Lang and Hou Honglan)



Amazing Fantasy 15 header

One of the great comic book stories of all time, there’s no denying the impact that Spider-Man’s first appearance had on the world of comics. Debuting in Amazing Fantasy #15 way back in 1962, it’s amazing just how well Peter Parker’s origin story holds up more than five decades later. Created by Stan Lee with classic art by Steve Ditko, it’s almost impossible to find a person unfamiliar with the events of the issue. With that said, it’s easy to forget just how much happens in Amazing Fantasy #15. From the introduction of Peter Parker and his life, to the famous radioactive spider bite, to the death of Uncle Ben and the subsequent birth of Spider-Man, there’s no shortage of iconic, quotable moments in just eleven short pages -- an amazing feat for any comic book.

Moving at a breakneck pace, Stan Lee’s effortlessly charming script captivated readers across the globe thanks to Peter Parker’s awkward relatability, with his eventual decision to become a force for good despite his tragic origins becoming one of Spider-Man’s most notable characteristics. Optimistic, strong, smart and compassionate, Amazing Fantasy #15 solidified Spider-Man as the definitive superhero, making it perhaps the most important Marvel comic ever written.


We Pay Attention … Selectively
Productivity is the name of the game for entrepreneurs. The good news is that there are thousands of amazing software applications out there, designed to make your life easier. The bad news is that you don’t have time to try thousands of software applications. Which ones are worth your time?
Rounding out the top three is Fleetwood Mac at $59.5 million. Though the band contains three men, it also boasts two high-profile ladies—Stevie Nicks and the recently-returned Christine McVie—rendering the group eligible for this list. Its On With The Show tour included 86 concerts during our scoring period, grossing well over $1 million per city.
马纳尔·阿尔-谢里夫(Manal al-Sharif)
Where Goods Made From Trafficked Wildlife Go

The scientists’ analysis comes only a month after nearly 200 governments struck a new climate agreement in Paris that aims to stop global temperatures from rising more than 2C from pre-industrial levels, and ideally limit warming to 1.5C.
But as economic growth slows in China, institutional investors from further afield say the city’s property market has overheated and is entering a correctional phase.
Best Companies rank: 1
States are falling all over themselves to be chosen as the site for Tesla’s proposed $5 billion Gigafactoryto produce lithium ion batteries. California is competing with Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and the bidding for the factory, which could employ up to 6,500 people, is said to be up to $500 million.
Accelerating price growth for new housing in cities across China lost more steam in November amid a flurry of purchasing curbs in major cities, though price gains from a year earlier remained comfortably in double-digit territory.
According to the National Business Daily, the 16 listed banks plan to return 356.2 billion yuan to shareholders as cash dividends in 2015, a decrease of 8.3 billion yuan from the previous year.
若原油供应严重中断,仍可能会推高油价,但潜在的供应过剩会降低这种可能性。Saxo Bank的大宗商品策略部门主管汉森(Ole Hansen)说,新兴市场的需求曾使得供应如此紧张,因而任何一次供应中断都造成了油价的大幅波动。




Easily one of the most beloved stories in the entirety of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s legendary run on The Amazing Spider-Man, "If This Be My Destiny…” is a 3-issue story taking place between The Amazing Spider-Man #31 and #33. Amongst the most dramatic stories in Spidey’s early career, the storyline sees the introduction of the devious “Master Planner” -- later revealed as classic villain Doctor Octopus -- as he steals several pieces of high-tech equipment. It’s also discovered by Peter that Doc Ock has the only cure for an extremely sick Aunt May, who’s poisoned following a blood transfusion from Peter’s radioactive blood, causing Spider-Man to spring into action.

You can make eye contact with the professor. Don't underestimate the power of this. If your teacher knows you're really listening and that you care about what you're learning, he or she will be extra willing to help you. Besides, it'll feel like you've got your own private teacher.
‘Homeland’ This Showtime espionage thriller seemed destined for irrelevance after Brody (Damian Lewis) was finally killed at the end of Season 3. Season 4 has so far turned out to be remarkably vital and exhilarating without him, this time by pitting Carrie (Claire Danes) against a beautiful, deceitful Pakistani intelligence officer, Tasneem, (Nimrat Kaur).
Actively expanding China's opening up to the world
The University of St Gallen remains top overall, the seventh consecutive year that the Swiss school’s MA in Strategy and International Management has headed the ranking. HEC Paris stays in second place, a position it has held since 2014, while Spain’s IE Business School jumps four places to third.
This technology previously existed for arms, but legs are rather more complicated. And since a misread signal can send you jumping off a bridge or in front of a moving car, thought-controlled legs need more stringent programming than equivalent arms. As one of the researchers delicately put it, “If you're using a bionic arm and it misbehaves, the elbow may move slightly. If the prosthetic leg misbehaves . . . that could be quite a safety issue.”
单词syndrome 联想记忆:


《小镇疑云》,BBC America,3月4日播出。大卫·田纳特(David Tennant)携第二季归来,在这部引人共鸣的英国推理剧中继续饰演亚力克·哈迪(Alec Hardy)探员(去年他在美国翻拍版的《小镇疑云》[Gracepoint]中饰演埃米特·卡弗探员)。这部剧将于周一在英国首映,制作人们已经开始谈起第二季的秘密情节了,编剧克里斯·齐布纳尔(Chris Chibnall)在接受英国杂志采访时说的话可能会让剧迷不爱听,“第二季不是讲罪案的。”奥莉薇娅·科尔曼(Olivia Colman)继续饰演艾丽·米勒(Ellie Miller)探员,夏洛特·兰普林(Charlotte Rampling)和玛丽安娜·琼-巴普迪斯特(Marianne Jean-Baptiste)也加入了演员阵容。
28 September

China's movie box office revenue grew 9 percent to $8.9 billion (RMB 60.98 billion) in 2018.
n. 奖章,勋章,纪念章
DNA from the bones matched that of descendants of the king's sister, while the skeleton had the twisted spine and battle injuries consistent with contemporary accounts, said researchers from the University of Leicester.
In being named CEO, Mary Barra broke through several historical barriers in moving from GM's third-most powerful executive position to its first. Her job was made both easier by the appointment of a non-executive chairman to handle the board of directors, and more difficult by the decision to give her old job to one of her rivals. As the first product engineer to head the company in two decades, she will be deluged with suggestions about everything from air conditioning vents in new pickups to the future of brands like Buick and Chevrolet.
By more than one measure, 2014 is a year the Honda Motor Co. would prefer to forget or to obscure, reflected in a roundabout way by its grand slogan for 2015, “The Year of Honda.”
8. Your appendix might not be a useless evolutionary byproduct after all. Unlike your wisdom teeth, your appendix might actually be serving an important biological function - and one that our species isn't ready to give up just yet.
‘Faultless performance, you are stunning and you could win this competition,’ Amanda said.
Summly and Yahoo refused to comment on the deal’s terms.
According to an analysis carried out by the independent health charity King's Fund, successive cuts to health budgets – especially in fields of sexual health and addiction – could be expected to hit roughly £800 million (over US$1 billion) by 2021.
The magazine put his net worth at $3.5 billion, down $1 billion from the rankings it issued a year ago.




最佳喜剧类编剧:阿兹?安萨里(Aziz Ansari)和艾伦?杨(Alan Yang),《无为大师》,“父亲母亲” (Master of None, "Parents")
French business schools top the 2017 ranking. Edhec Business School, based in Lille and Nice, leads the field for the first time. HEC Paris, which dominated this ranking since its first edition in 2011, drops to second place.
So too would be concluding the EU’s own (re)negotiation of its existing trade agreement with Mexico. And there is a good chance Brussels could beat Donald Trump to the finish line on a deal with Mexico.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a darkly comic drama from Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh.
Steven Spielberg directs Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in The Post, a thrilling drama about the unlikely partnership between The Washington Post's Katharine Graham (Streep), the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, and editor Ben Bradlee (Hanks), as they race to catch up with The New York Times to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets that spanned three decades and four U.S. Presidents. The two must overcome their differences as they risk their careers - and their very freedom - to help bring long-buried truths to light.
Holly Hunter reportedly keeps her best actress award, which she won for her portrayal of Ada McGrath in the 1994 New Zealand film, The Piano, at the New York offices of Joel and Ethan Coen. It sits alongside the statue Frances McDormand won for her role as the heavily-pregnant local police chief with the insatiable appetite, Marge Gunderson, in the Coens’ 1996 film Fargo.

The story ultimately ushered in a whole new era of comic books, with creators taking more and more risks with their characters and telling darker, more mature stories. The impact that Gwen Stacy’s death had on popular culture tends to overshadow the story’s other triumphs however, with many forgetting that the Green Goblin also met his end in the arc after being impaled by his own glider -- a moment perfectly recreated in 2002’s Spider-Man movie. Created by the dream team of Gerry Conway and Gil Kane, “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” is unquestionably the single greatest Spider-Man story ever told.

Batman vs the Avengers
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