The best bullet blenders: is the new 'smart' NutriBullet Balance a step up?

The best bullet blenders on review

A bullet blender is my breakfast weapon of choice. Unlike larger counter-top blenders for blitzing in bulk, an easy-to-store, compact blender allows you to create a delicious, health-conscious morning smoothie or protein shake directly into a hand-held beaker, to carry with you as you go about your day.

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These might include fresh or frozen vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, spices and oats, paired with liquids such as milk, juice, yogurt, coconut water or almond milk (you’ll find our guide to the best NutriBullet breakfast recipes to try here). You get the picture – the possibilities are endless. 

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So, is the NutriBullet Balance better than the standard best selling models? And is NutriBullet still the best buy in bullet blender world? When testing, I took into account factors including ease of use, smart technology, special features, price, power and speed, capacity and the success of my smoothies into account.

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1. NutriBullet Balance

£149.99, Amazon

Why we like it: The NutriBullet Balance surpassed expectations – health-conscious foodies can access hundreds of recipes via an app, calculating and tracking nutritional content with no need to measure or weigh

The NutriBullet Balance takes a very good product – the original NutriBullet – and makes it that little bit better by adding (genuinely useful) smart functionality, including an in-built weighing scale to perfect your smoothie. 

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Sadly, as with all bullet blenders, it's best to rinse and clean the blades and beakers immediately after use with warm soapy water to prevent congealing (a sponge-on-a-stick is your friend, should your nut butter cool and stick to the sides). 

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So far, this is all very standard – but the NutriBullet Balance really stands out because of the app it pairs with.

Linking to the free NutriBullet balance app via BlueTooth (available on the App Store or Google Play) proved easier than I thought – and it opened the doors to a wider world of blending. Among the many added functions are real-time nutritional data, an impressive number of recipes, and a recipe creation tool that comes up with concoctions based on what's already in your larder.

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The beauty of all this is that the app takes the guesswork out of blending – I found it particularly useful for making sure smoothies don’t end up overly sugary, but are still tasty. Usually, I just chuck them in and it’s pot luck whether the results will be pleasant and balanced or not.

I was also impressed how I could make choices based on my personal dietary preferences. You can set wellness goals and dietary restrictions via the “virtual nutritionist” tab, which has options specifically for weight loss friendly, diabetic friendly, FODMAP, sports performance, heart health and energy boosting drinks.

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2. Salter Nutripro Multi-Purpose 1200w nutrient extractor blender

£49.99, Amazon

Why we like it: We found the Salter NutriPro to be a good match for the NutriBullet – at half the price

British cookware brand Salter’s take on a bullet blender is half the price of NutriBullet's standard model (see below) and a third of the price of the NutriBullet Balance, but still promises to afford a healthier lifestyle and make consuming nutrient-extracted smoothies easy.

Like the NutriBullet Balance, it has a high power of 1200w, which makes it speedy – and the one litre blending cup makes enough smoothies for two (useful for couples or small families). We liked it so much, in fact, that we preferred it to the original NutriBullet.

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As well as the 1 litre blending cup, it comes with a "NutriPro" blender power base unit, two 800ml blending cups in which to blend and carry slightly smaller portions, two drinking lids for sipping, and two storage lids (in case you want to save some for later). The blending cups are proudly BPA free (a plastic chemical which many people prefer to avoid). 

While in the course of testing the best bullet blenders, I became an unfettered NutriBullet fan (albeit about five years late to the party, having used a less powerful Breville blender previously). But the Salter version really gives the beloved brand a run for its money and does the same job incredibly well. Aesthetically, it might not be quite as swish, but given how good the Salter is (they're very similar in terms of speed and noise), at this prince point it really is an attractive buy.

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3. Nutribullet 1000 Series 9 piece blender

£99.99, John Lewis

Why we like it: the original style NutriBullet still has much to recommend it – without the extra faff and screen time associated with the NutriBullet Balance

So, how does the NutriBullet 1000 series – an upgrade on the original bullet, but without the smart sensor technology and app connectivity – match up to the NutriBullet Balance?

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Because it has fewer features to think about it, it’s easier to get going (if you loathe screen time, it’s probably the better option for you). All you have to do is load your ingredients into the flask, blend and drink.  

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Finally, there’s the user guide and recipe book. It doesn’t contain so many recipes as the Balance app, but it’s easy to seek out ideas online, or you might want to blend instinctively and come up with your own. I tried this model after going for a morning run and blended frozen cherries, a banana, a handful of oats, oat milk and some cherry and dark chocolate flavoured pea protein powder, and it worked a dream. 


All in all, a seriously good piece of kit.

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4. Breville Colour Mix Family Personal Blender

£30, John Lewis

Why we like it: Far less powerful – but it's cheap, and it works

An upgrade on my old two piece Blend Active (£17.99, Amazon), the ColourMix Family Blender by Breville comes with two 600ml and two 300ml sports style bottles for blending on the go. 

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It also has a citrus juicer attachments, in case you want to juice oranges and lemons directly into the bottles, as well as the usual power base and standard blade attachment. The easy to grip bottles themselves are BPA free, and promise to be durable, shatterproof, odour resistant and dishwasher safe. 

Really, the Breville is a starter pack for adding smoothies into your routine, but it just doesn’t have the power to blitz tougher ingredients efficiently (you’ll just about get away with things like apples, cucumber and ginger). My other criticism is that because the bottles don’t have a wide mouth and are tall and slim, it can be quite difficult to clean them after they’ve been left for a while.

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5. Vitamix Ascent Blending Beaker attachments

£99.99, Lakeland (for use as an accessory with larger Vitamixes, such as the A3500i Ascent, 中国租房市场热度减退 业界料租金水平趋稳)

Why we like it: Buying a countertop blender with bullet attachments could be a better option if you’re after a two-in-one buy

When Meghan Markle relocated from her native LA to Toronto, where Suits was filmed, her Vitamix went with her. "If I blend some apple, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger in my Vitamix in the morning and bring it to work, I always find that sipping on that is a much better boost than a cup of espresso,” she told Today magazine. 


The 1200w A3500i Ascent is the blender I use at home to cook for a crowd and for food prep, and I was delighted with the blending beaker attachments I finally ordered, which have their own blade base and fit snugly on the same power base I already had on the countertop. 

The lids are ergonomically designed – they were the most pleasant to drink from of all the bottles, beakers and flasks I tried. Personally, I prefer this option in terms of versatility when it comes to the Vitamix, and it’s easy to switch between the two – but if you really don’t want to have a larger blender taking up space, Vitamix also make the Vitamix S30 Personal Blender (£299, Curry’s).

adj. 复杂的,复合的,合成的

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6. Lakeland Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker

£39.99, Lakeland

Why we like it: An easy to store blender with hidden features that does the job well

Lakeland’s own brand compact blender has much to recommend it. The 600ml capacity measuring jug-cum-blender has a handle and dual measurements (ml and oz), and even hides a secret 30ml measuring cup within the lid. 

The blending jug isn’t so portable, but it comes with a snazzy 600ml sports-style bottle in which to pour your creation (the problem with not drinking straight from the blending jug is that you end up with double the washing up though, sadly).  

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It worked perfectly well when I made a smoothie with frozen pineapple, dessicated coconut and coconut milk, though fresh pineapple may have been quicker and smoother.


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