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Do you need more flexibility than online financial calculators can provide? Are you worried about entering your financial information on the internet? Download our free financial spreadsheets, designed for Microsoft® Excel®,and work with them on your own computer.

高恩洛夫罗列出一长串有关2014年的坏消息:“2013年一季度GDP年化增长速度为1.8%……向下修正了早前增长2.4%的估计……一季度的惨淡增长至少好于2012年四季度GDP 0.4%的增长,但离健康的增长仍然差了很多,经济学家预计短时间内也不会好到哪里去。”对进入2014年的市场来说,这是实打实的坏消息。
The truth is, to shut our door to the outside world would not help China do its own things well, so China will continue to open to the outside world, with this opening-up being a gradual process.
The blocks of flats which were up to 12 storeys high in the city of Wuhan are making way for a huge new business district including a 707-metre tall skyscraper.


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Are you a financial planner? If so, check out the 嘉兴:这名中介协助骗提住房公积金被判刑

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Mortgage and Home Affordability Calculators

Home Mortgage CalculatorHome Mortgage Calculator
The ultimate all-in-one mortgage calculator for Excel. Fixed or variable rate. Optional extra payments.
ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) CalculatorARM Calculator for Excel
Create an amortization table and graphs for adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loans.
Home Affordability CalculatorHome Affordability Calculator
Estimate the mortgage that you can afford based on income, debt-to-income ratio, down payment, and housing expenses.

Savings & Retirement Calculators

Retirement CalculatorRetirement Calculator
Estimate how much of your salary to save to reach your retirement goal.
College Savings CalculatorCollege Savings Calculator
Create a college savings plan for your child. Include costs for K-12 and high-school.
Annuity CalculatorAnnuity Calculator
Estimate how long your nest egg will last. Calculate how much you'll need to last you X years.

Budget Calculators

Yearly Budget CalculatorYearly Budget Calculator
Combines the family budget planner and monthly budget spreadsheets. Helps you look at the big picture.
Home Budget WorksheetHome Budget Worksheet
Create a simple yearly home budget, with expenses divided into deductible and non-deductible categories.
Money TrackerMoney Tracker
Track your cash, checking, credit, and savings in Excel on your mobile phone.

Loan Calculators

Auto Loan CalculatorAuto Loan Calculator
How much is that car really going to cost?
Balloon Loan CalculatorBalloon Loan Calculator for Excel
Calculate the payment required to pay off an auto or mortgage loan in one big chunk after a number of regular payments have been made.
Simple Interest Loan CalculatorSimple Interest Loan Calculator
This is a special type of mortgage based on simple interest calculations and daily interest accrual.

Debt Reduction and Credit Tracking

Debt Reduction CalculatorDebt Reduction Calculator
How fast can I get out of debt using the snowball or avalanche technique?
Line of Credit TrackerLine of Credit Tracker
For small businesses, lenders, or borrowers wanting to track draws, payments, and interest for a general line of credit.
Credit Account Register TemplateCredit Account Register Template
Keep track of your credit card transactions, fees and payments with this free account register template.

Business & General Finance Calculators

Break Even AnalysisBreak Even Analysis
Analyze a new product or business venture. Calculate the break even point.
Net Worth CalculatorNet Worth Calculator
How close are you to becoming a millionaire? Calculate your net worth to find out.
Rental Property Cash Flow AnalysisRental Property Cash Flow Analysis
Perform a basic cash flow analysis for a rental property, including capitalization rate and cash on cash return.

Payroll Calculators

Take-Home Pay CalculatorTake-Home Pay Calculator
Calculate your tax withholdings. Estimate the effect of allowances, pre-tax, and post-tax deductions on your net take-home pay.
Time Card CalculatorTime Card Calculator
Enter clock-in and clock-out times and the total breaks in minutes. Calculates total hours worked and overtime automatically.
Vacation Tracking TemplateVacation Tracking Template
Track your vacation, sick leave, and personal leave. Great for both employers and employees.

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