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Jessie J's health problems drove her to success: 'Being that sick made me Jessie J'

The singer reflects on her minor stroke: "I've done a lot more than I thought I could."


The 27-year-old singer - who suffered a minor stroke as a teenager - made the comments while promoting her stint on The Voice Australia alongside fellow coach Ricky Martin on Mornings.

"It's affected me my whole life," she told Sonia Kruger. "I had a minor stroke when I was 17. The weirdest thing is that being that sick made me Jessie J."


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"There are things that make you become you and make you feel confident enough to do it and that was my thing. I started writing songs because that was my get-out of feeling unwell and down, and I'm still the same person.

5.Emma Watson

Jessie J recently posted a video of herself on Instagram preparing to undergo a mystery operation, and 依丽兰涉嫌抄袭左右坐客产品 following the procedure.

It was announced earlier this year that the star 广州闲置宅基地可拆旧建新 建设民宿发展乡村旅游 of The Voice. She joined Martin, Deltra Goodrem and Benji and Joel Madden on the coaches' panel.

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"I've enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience in vocals and in music and really enjoyed being on The Voice UK for two series."

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