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Meet American Idol Guest Judge, Olivia Newton-John

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Olivia Newton-John sat in as a guest judge during American Idol tryouts in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and had nothing but kind words for the hopefuls.

"Some of them are very young and they're green, but you can see their potential," she told People Magazine. "They have a different voice or a different way of presenting themselves."

Meet American Idol Guest Judge, Olivia Newton-John
The Grease star, who turned 58 on Tuesday, says she understood how the contestants must be feeling, having jump-started her own career on the Australian TV talent show Sing, Sing, Sing in the '60s.

Her advice for American Idol aspirants? Roll with what comes your way. The sting of rejection can be "terrible," she says, but sometimes it's for the best.

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Newton-John joined the show's regular judging trio and host -- Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest -- at the third-round auditions, where she was presented with a cake for her birthday.

The FOX talent show returns for its sixth season in January. Other celebrity guest judges for the current round of auditions include Jewel in Minneapolis and songwriter Carole Bayer Sager in New York City.

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