Maintaining Healthy Habits-In Five Simple Steps


Step One: Choose Wisely

Think about what aspects of your health you'd like to change and what habits will bring the most benefit, and you're more likely to choose the best changes to make. mattjeacock/ Getty Images

Many people have excessive levels of stress in their lives and it often affects their health, happiness, and other areas of their lives. (In fact, it’s been estimated that more than 90% of ​health problems that bring people into the doctor’s office are stress-related!) But while virtually all of us could benefit from adding healthy habits to our lifestyle, it’s harder to begin a new habit than it seems, especially when you’re already overscheduled and overstressed! The following steps can help you navigate a clear path from your good intentions to the reality of a healthier, happier lifestyle that includes less stress. Ready? Here we go!

Step One: Choose Your Activity Wisely:
The first step in creating a healthy new habit that will be a long-term staple in your lifestyle is to choose an activity that fits well with who you are and how you live. If you don’t, you may find that you’re working against personality and lifestyle factors that are too ingrained to change, and your new healthy habit never quite takes root.

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A happy New Year to you.

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Step Two: Build The New Habit into Your Schedule

Put your plans into writing and they become easier to prioritize. Peter Dazeley/ Getty Images

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Step Three: Enlist Support

Getting support from others can help you make those changes stick. BJI / Blue Jean Images/ Getty Images

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Step Four: Use Goals and Rewards

Be sure to celebrate each step of your success--it can help you to stay motivated and on the right track!. Matt Dutile/ Getty Images

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The first month or so is especially important, as that’s the approximate time it takes for a new behavior to become a habit. The rewards you give yourself are a personal choice, and you probably know what would be the best incentive for your own success, but I recommend something small and enjoyable. For example, when I first started going to the gym, I would reward every five gym visits with a new piece of workout clothing—that way I’d feel like I ‘earned’ the new outfits, and I’d also get the payoff of looking better in the dressing room each time I found myself there. Others I know have given themselves pedometers (to reward regular walking), soothing music (to reward and use with yoga practice) or beautiful new pens (to reward journal writing). For additional ideas, I suggest the following:

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Step Five: Check In With Yourself to Be Sure You're On The Right Track

Be sure to look inward and re-examine your choices regularly, and make changes as needed. Yagi Studio/ Getty Images

As you move toward developing healthier habits, pay special attention to how you feel as you incorporate them into your life. Does your new practice seem to fit with your lifestyle and personality? Is it easy to maintain your new habit, or do you think you may need to try something new? If you find that you haven’t kept up with your new plans as you’ve hoped, rather than beating yourself up over it, congratulate yourself for noticing that you need a change of plans—ithis is very important as t’s the first step in building a new plan that will better serve you! And, if you’re trudging along with it, but have decided that you really may need to try something else instead, at least you know what doesn’t work for you as well, and now you can try something else that you may end up loving. All in all, it’s best to learn several new stress relievers and stress management techniques anyway, to have a few options available for reducing stress in your body and mind. (For ideas on what to try, visit this article on 北京市住建委:满足首套刚需 支持改善需求.) Good luck, and have fun!

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