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The Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches


You may have already heard about the importance of niching down. At the very least, clients are more likely to hire freelancers who specialize in their area over a “jack-of-all-trades.”

Sixty-one percent of Chinese college students who graduated in 2014 are satisfied with their current jobs, a survey has revealed.
Professor Kaufmann and a colleague, Gareth Harris, found that white Britons who lived in areas that are rapidly diversifying became more likely to vote for the right-wing British National Party. Daniel Hopkins, a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, found a similar pattern of ethnic change leading to anti-immigrant politics in the United States.

What makes a niche profitable, anyway?


The first is the demand for writers in the field. As a freelancer, it’s unlikely that you’ll make a living off of just one client. For a niche to be genuinely profitable, there needs to be an adequate need to fill.

Simple supply and demand.


The second (and more obvious) mark of a profitable niche is the compensation. Whether it be per word or project, some niches pay significantly more than others. This is mainly are due to the specialization required (Just another reason niching down is super important!).

Finding the sweet spot between the two is key to finding the right niche for you and 财政部:2019年一季度国有土地使用权出让收入下降9.5%.

根据美国国会预算办公室(Congressional Budget Office)的数据,税收增加与支出削减将2013年的经济增速拉低了约1.5个百分点。许多预测人士认为,2014年财政因素对经济增速的拖累幅度将是2013年的三分之一或更低。牛津经济研究院(Oxford Economics)的美国经济学家达科(Gregory Daco)称,今年政治方面的确定性更高。

Personal Finance

?Bond has a keen eye for who to trust and who not to. This quality is frequently seen in sexually open-minded people, actually. 007 can tell when a lady is into him. And science agrees: handsome men are the best at identifying who is attracted to them.

It’s sometimes one of the scariest words in the English language, but it’s a word you should be prepared to say when opportunities arise in your career: Yes.
普斯·格洛(Pussy Galore)在本书中回归,这也是首次有邦女郎在邦德身边昙花一现后,拥有了自己的故事线。

The beautiful thing about this niche is that you don’t need to be a CPA or a financial advisor to get on board. Do you have a passion for investing? Done a lot of research when you got out of debt? Are you crazy about crypto?


10. China watchers inthe United States will continue to postulate China’s declining growth rate inthe face of evidence that it is stable at over 7%. China will grow fasterin 2014 than in 2013.


Real Estate

可穿戴设备公司Atlas Wearables创始人彼得o李表示,电池技术和用户的保守是可穿戴市场面临的两大障碍。他说,在一些情况下,电池技术需要有足够大的改进才能实现足以激发用户兴趣的体验,而在穿戴时间、充电时间、处理能力和产品特点上,各家公司也需要做出平衡。
节目29 创意乐舞《指尖与足尖》,郎朗 侯宏澜
GDP reached 74.4 trillion yuan, representing 6.7-percent growth.


n. 疲乏,疲劳,累活

Topic matter aside, there are also a lot of different types of writing needed in this niche. From blog posts to copywriting (and everything in between), real estate brokerage companies are always on the lookout for content to help their businesses grow.

Writing for a Variety Special: Patton Oswalt, “Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping”
The 24K pizza is available at Industry Kitchen, an eatery in New York City's South Street Seaport, for a whopping $2,000 and, as the name would suggest, is noted for being covered in flakes of 24-karat gold.
The fruit is placed into the mold when it's young and undeveloped.

adj. 透视的

未来楼市政策料重在刺激需求 调控将走向市场化

Digital Marketing

那么,当你看到17岁的尼克?达洛伊西奥(Nick D’Aloisio)意气风发地走进伦敦巴尔?布鲁(Bar Boulud)餐厅,与人坚定地握着手,描绘他未来事业蓝图的时候,你应该会惊讶得合不拢嘴了吧。他就像是个来自硅谷的首席执行长(CEO),应对媒体时从容不迫,技巧上可以打97的高分。聊天时,他眼神坚定地注视着你,从诺姆?乔姆斯基(Noam Chomsky)的理论、神经网络科学,到移民心态乃至佛教瑜伽,他一切话题都能自信地畅所欲言。但他又像是个One Direction男孩组合的成员,修长的身材配着嬉皮T恤和修身小西装,头发凌乱地搭在脑门前,一边咬着吉士汉堡,一边发表着让人瞠目结舌的见解。

中国灯都创新求变 加速LED产业发展

While digital marketing can encompass content marketing (articles and posts aimed at customer acquisition), it also forays into many other areas for freelance writers.

● “特朗普为想要离开美国的公民提供非洲或墨西哥单程机票”


As a digital marketer, you can present yourself as a broad-strokes marketing expert or narrow it down even further into specific topics. Remember, specialization is what brings in the big fish!


Case Studies

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There are many types of case studies, ranging from medical and academic to B2B and B2C (Business to Business and Business to Consumer).

Since its first release in 1995, many new versions and sequels have been created. However, fans say none could replace the breath-taking and tragic tale of the original.
Winners: Pelicans

Usually comprised of information gleaned from interviews with existing clients, these pieces are used to show the value of services offered and can be quite useful in client acquisition for many types of businesses. (Kinda sounds like pitching, right?)

According to the index, tourists are "spending overwhelmingly" to shop -- and not to dine -- in the top 20 destinations outside of Europe, despite many of them being world-famous cuisine capitals.

Here are the most profitable freelance writing niches in 2018. If you want to make money as a freelancer, even as a beginner, these are the niches you’ll want to look into. Build your writing career around these topics and you’ll be able to make good money.
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Technical Writing

Before you skip over this and think, “This is only for the tech-inclined writer,” hear me out.

While it’s true that many technical writers have a tech background (professionally or academically), you don’t necessarily need to have extensive tech experience to do this type of work. What you do need is to be willing to learn and research, a lot, to get work as a technical writer.

Concerns about China’s economy have recently dragged down global financial markets, affecting prospects for the eurozone and many others. Such worries are one reason why the European Central Bank is expected on Thursday to unleash a new round of economic stimulus.

Other top ten foreign pictures were Transformers: The Last Knight, Dangal, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Kong: Skull Island.
Another love ballad for Bond, but if Nancy Sinatra's song from You Only Live Twice was playing at your orthodontist's office, it would be the sexiest orthodontist's office in town. There's a mysterious quality to the string section, and a playfulness to the declining notes. They combine to make something rather magical. From here on out all of the Bond songs on this list are bona fide classics.

6.Jack Shephard Almost Died in the First Episode

There are no such circuit breakers in Hong Kong where the H-share index of mainland equities fell less than 4 per cent on unremarkable volumes. One might have expected more of a bloodletting. Mainland retail investors participate in both markets — a function both of Stock Connect and a leaky system — and if you can’t sell what you would like, you sell what you can. Foreign H-share investors too might be presumed sellers, having been the most bearish on China’s economy. Yet yesterday, even as Shanghai opened down a further 3 per cent (before rebounding), Hong Kong’s H shares remained resilient.
As a result, 39 percent of the post-90s generation tries to avoid the negative effects of mobile phone use through measures like turning off app notifications, intentionally limiting the frequency of social media interactions and staying away from social media entirely in certain situations.


Fitness and Healthy Living

The theory that exercise boosts your intelligence might have some basis in fact according to a study conducted at Georgia Tech. Even if you don't like lifting weights, and the inside of a gym makes you want to run for the nearest doughnut shop, it might take just 20 minutes to enhance your memory, according to the 2014 study. Researchers asked participants to work out for 20 minutes in an intense manner and found that just 20 minutes of activity could help improve "episodic memory" by as much as 10% in young adults.

With going green trending worldwide, there are companies popping up every day with a heavy focus on eco-friendly and healthy living.

After enjoying a weekend of football in Manchester, David Beckham quickly jetted across the Pond to New York last night to spend Valentine’s Day with his p

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We will promote a steady increase in consumer spending.

1) I make contact easily when I meet people 0 1 2 3 4
当晚的最大赢家要属兰伯特、埃里克·丘奇、杰森·阿尔丁和卢克·布莱恩。其中兰伯特更是一骑绝尘,既收获了最佳女歌手,还凭借《Over You》一举囊获年度最佳单曲和年度最佳歌曲。
The Martian was named best comedy or musical motion picture.
宾夕法尼亚州圣约瑟夫大学(Saint Joseph’s University)的Haub商学院(Haub School of Business)是唯一一所首次上榜的学院,排在第98位。

New construction will provide luxury options for renters with deep pockets, mostly in the boroughs outside Manhattan. In Brooklyn, 6,527 new rental units are expected to hit the rental market next year, nearly twice the 3,802 units anticipated for Manhattan, according to Citi Habitats.
Kesha, 'Rainbow'

Final Thoughts on Profitable Niches

When you niche down, one of your main reasons for doing so may be to increase your bottom line. It’s worth checking out jobs in these niches to see if any piques your interest.

A sub-index tracking activity at larger enterprises softened 0.7 points to 53.1, while mid-sized companies fell 1.3 points to 49.9, indicating slight contraction. That for smaller manufacturers fell 0.4 points to 49, indicating worsening contraction.
Leila Janah
adj. 可能的,潜在的

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