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3月百城住宅均价 环比涨幅小幅回升

Financial management operational analysis dashboard showing operating expense by cost center and P&L by quarter.
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Innovations that keep finance one step ahead.

Focus less on transaction processing and more on analysis and action. With automated financial management processes and deeper insights in Workday, you can do just that.

A system you can adapt to your needs.

Businesses ebb and flow over time. With our flexible foundation, you have the agility to adapt processes and track change as you go. This empowers you to act and course correct faster than ever before.

Intelligent automation optimizes your processes.

Machine learning continuously detects anomalies and makes recommendations, making finance business processes frictionless and intelligent. So you can operate with greater efficiency and at lower cost.

A center to transform data into accounting.

As a point of comparison, the combined 29.1 million total from those old master sales was 34 percent less than the 44.2 million Christie’s and Sotheby’s took in at equivalent events five years ago, in December 2011.

Fresh insights to guide the business.

A lot of the best James Bond theme songs sound like they belong in a lounge act. That's not a complaint, just an observation. For whatever reason, the English new wave act Duran Duran was given free reign to provide A View to a Kill with a new and exciting sound all its own. "A View to a Kill" was a hit song, and it probably would have been a success even without the James Bond connection. It's entertaining and cool and energetic, and it promises one hell of a good time. (Whether or not the movie actually lives up to that promise is a matter of some debate.)

Always-on auditing for maximum control.




Efficiently manage your finance processes.

They are beginning to fret far more about insecure contracts, precarious scheduling, low wages and new forms of work via online gig economy platforms such as Uber. The OECD, the influential Paris-based club for rich countries, will publish a “jobs strategy” in 2018 that is likely to put much more emphasis on the quality and inclusiveness of work.

Drive business strategy
and growth.

It's hard enough for NBA defenders to stop Rose, so just imagine how ridiculously hard that must have been back in high school with Rose being nearly the same size that he is now.

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Stay on top of risk locally and abroad.

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