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Chris Watts

American Murder: The Family Next Door: Chris Watts' reaction to documentary revealed

The Netflix documentary looks into Chris' horrific murders 

Emmy Griffiths

It seems that everyone has been discussing Netflix's shocking new documentary, 深度解读:2017年家具行业发展趋势有哪些? which examines the horrific murders of Shanann Watts and her two daughters, Bella and Celeste, at the hands of their husband and father, Chris Watts. 

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Chris murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters after embarking on an affair with another woman. He admitted to the murders after initially claiming that his family had vanished without a trace, then claiming that Shanann had murdered their daughters and he had killed her in retaliation. 

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He is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole at the maximum-security facility, Dodge Correctional Institution. Although Chris isn't allowed to watch the documentary, according to People, he is aware of it. An insider told the site that he is curious about it and that it "makes him feel a lot of shame".


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Fans were suitably impressed with Shanann and Chris' neighbours in the documentary, who instantly suspected that Chris was behind his family's disappearance and alerted the police. Nate Trinastich was suspicious of Chris' behaviour after he had spotted him out on his drive in the early hours one morning, stating he wasn't "acting right". One person wrote: "Shannan and Chris’ neighbour knew what was up immediately." 


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