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Download TNUSRB Sub Inspector Exam Previous Year Question Papers

Tamilnadu SI Previous Year Question Papers

Here, we are providing you the Tamilnadu SI Previous Year Question Papers with Answer in Pdf format. Below you can find a list of TNUSRB’s Sub inspector exam Old Question Papers from 2010 to present 2020. All the papers are solved and available to download for free.

These previous years’ papers will help you to get aware of the SI Exam 2020 Paper Pattern.

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The benefit of attempting TNUSRB SI Exam Previous Year Question Papers

  • 8.请时刻注意证明你不是恐怖分子,这样就是对奥运组委会和主办方最大的帮助。别没事冒冷汗,别随便脱鞋子,别一边发短信一边诡异的微笑,别指着某处大喊:“嘿!看导弹部署在那边屋顶上!” 事实上,如果你的手闲着没事儿,最好能放在让所有人都能看见的地方。
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  • Topic-wise Distribution in Each subject and their sub-topics.

Download Tamilnadu SI Previous Year Question Papers in Pdf format

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S.No Previous TN SI Exam Date and Year Download Links
1 12th January 2020 (Taluk) Download
2 23rd December 2018 (Finger Print SI) Download
3 30th September 2018 (Technical SI) Download
4 23 May 2015 Download
5 24 June 2012 Download
6 8th August 2010 Download
7 4th July 2010 Download
8 3rd July 2010 Download

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