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If You Loved 'American Murder', Here Are Some True Crime Films/shows To Binge-watch

Shows like American Murder along with some films have been listed below. Read to know some of the best shows and films based in the true-crime genre.

shows like american murder

Fans of the true-crime genre were treated horrific yet intriguing documentary named American Murder: The Family Next Door. The documentary revolved around a family of four, however, when the murder and the children of the family mysteriously disappear, husband Chris confesses to the killings later on. Read below to know some of the true-crime shows and films similar to American Murder: The Family Next Door

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1Confessions with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes 

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2) Making a Murderer

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9) Well Done: It’s a cliché, no doubt. Sometimes, it isn’t enough just to say thanks. People want to know what they did was great and why. They pour so much sweat and soul into their projects.They need to know their work was special and had meaning to someone.
14. Google Calendar

3) Dream/Killer

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4) I am a Killer

Arguably one of the most spine-chilling documentaries in the list is I Am a Killer. It revolves around death row inmates sharing their tales about how they committed their crime. The documentary is just killers in front of a camera, unedited and raw, allowing viewers to have an insight into the killers' thought process. 

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Image courtesy - Still from I Am Killer 

5) Lost Girls

Netflix has dived into the genre of true-crime pretty well as it features a number of films & documentaries revolving around the topic. Lost Girls is a scripted film of how one mother takes it to herself to find her disappeared daughter. Check out the trailer below - 

6) Unbelievable 

Unbelievable is a mini-series which gives a blunt view of the series of rape cases which took over in Colorado and Washington. The mini-series explores the rape cases without holding anything back or filtering the details. Check out the trailer below -

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7) Knives Out

While Knives Out is not a true-crime film, it explores the essence of a murder mystery effectively. The ensemble star cast of the film makes up to an entertaining and engaging watch. Check out the trailer below - 

8) Casting JonBenét 

Casting JonBenét revolves around a six-year-old beauty queen who ended up murdered in her own house. While the family was suspected to be the killers, there still hasn't been a definitive resolution to the case. Check out the trailer below - 

9) The Confession Tapes

The Confession Tapes is an eight-episode series where convicted murderers confess their actions. The murderers can be seen revealing that the confessions which got them convicted were different than what actually happened. Check out the trailer below - 

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10) Long Shot

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