Second Conditional Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan #3 – How to Teach The Second Conditional

Will Tesla produce more than 250,000 Model 3s
It is a timely warning. His findings, he writes, “point to a heightened risk of emerging market crises in the coming years as the Fed continues to normalise interest rates”.

Level: Pre – Intermediate + (can also be adapted for lower levels)
Language: The second conditional.
Type: Grammar

Approaching and Introducing the Second Conditional

Please note: I teach one-to-one online and, on the whole, teach grammar when the need naturally arises during a lesson. The following plan is not a rigid one, can be stretched out over several lessons, and is based on how I teach; but, it can be adapted for different teaching situations. Use what you feel is necessary, and adapt and improve on everything here.

n. 运输,运输系统,运输工具

Me: So, what did you do yesterday?
Student: I was really busy yesterday.
Me: Are you normally busy?
Student: Yeah.
Me: If you had more free time, how would you spend it?

10. How to find IP address

Potus v Korus
For co-founder Harper, a top priority for the next 12 months is shoring up Bigcommerce’s internal technical talent and creating services that help merchants build closer customer relationships. One example is offering data that helps store managers track “abandoned carts” and offer deals that help turn browsers into buyers. This can help merchants quickly add 15% to their monthly sales, he said.
单词reflection 联想记忆:

– “Do you play the lottery?” -> follow up questions.
– “How much money can you win playing the lottery?” -> followup questions.

We had everything before us, we had nothing before us…

“If you won the lottery, what would you buy?”

● “肉桂卷会在人类屁股内爆炸”

Earlier on Tuesday Mr Rutte had issued a call for calm in the dispute with Turkey.

– If I won the lottery, I would buy a new car
– I would buy a new car if I won the lottery.


When to use it

“What happens if one of these Airbnb guests starts a fire?” asked Phyllis H. Weisberg, chairwoman of the Cooperative and Condominium Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association. “Who’s paying for that?”
9.The Company Isn't Doing Well

The if clause uses the past simple. At this point, I usually ask my student to complete some sentences, and here are some examples:

– If I had more time, I…
– I would be really happy if…
– If I could travel anywhere in the world, I..

除了P2P贷款领域发展迅速以外,今年还涌现出一些网络银行和贷款机构——比如腾讯(Tencent)的微众银行(WeBank)、阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的网商银行(Mybank),以及蚂蚁金融(Ant Financial)的芝麻贷(Sesame Credit)。

Introduce a video

The helium pushes the foam upwards through a stencil.
You're right to be paranoid. The company is always watching you, and there's a record of everything you do: every phone call, every text, every tweet and instant message. At most companies, they save that data forever.

9. 杰西卡?帕尔
3. Piggyback Rider
The show’s sense of humor remains keen without relying on nudity, swearing and sexting. This gives the show a refreshing aura in an age where shows are constantly trying to push the envelope in terms of racy content.

Next ask, “What would the singer of the song buy or do if he had a million dollars?”  There are lots of examples in the video, including: a house, a car (K-Car), a tree-fort (with a fridge), a fur coat (not a real one), an exotic pet (llama or emu), John Merrick’s remains, crazy elephant bones, your love, expensive ketchups, art, and a monkey.


How it is used for advice and was -> were

从一开始,社交网络就被有效地隔离在互联网之外。比如,Facebook的海量内容通常不会显示在谷歌( Google )搜索结果之中。但是否非得是这种情形?比方说,Twitter搜索结果自动出现在一个标准的谷歌搜索显示页面,岂不是更方便?再比如,当你搜索Yelp时,为什么关于某家餐厅的最新Twitter消息没有显现出来呢?由于利益相悖,不同社交网络往往把各自的内容封锁在专利保护墙之内,但也有不少工具致力于创造性地弥合这道鸿沟。需要说明的是,本文作者的公司已经开发出了这样一种工具。


Most make the mistake here of putting in was instead of were. Show your students that was -> were when using the second conditional. This is great to lead into the next use of the second conditional: Using it for advice; here is an example:


At this stage, I usually explain that this can be used for advice, similar to using should. I then put some problems into Skype and ask my students to answer them starting with, If I were you.. 

The tightening drove some enterprises seek other financing options such as bonds or listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ).
The annual rich list of China's movers and shakers gives a temperature check on where money is flowing in China, and underlines the growing financial muscle of the country's super-rich.

Using ‘could’ and ‘might’ instead of ‘would’

I also like to point out that we can use could and might in place of would. To do this, I give my students the following sentences and ask them to explain the difference.

– If I had more time, I could start learning the guitar.
– If I had more time, I would start learning the guitar.


A little practice

This can be done at anytime during the lesson, but it is a good idea to just do a few exercises to make sure that your students understand how to form the second conditional. The following questions can be done in class.

“We weren’t looking to throw the bums out, as they might say about an election. We were just really impressed with a flood of new powertrains, ” says Drew Winter, WardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief. “What was great yesterday might be less impressive tomorrow because engine technology is changing so rapidly.”
在屏幕前对女主人公大喊“不要在深夜独自下楼”,不再是徒劳无用的了。在这款互动式惊悚游戏中,玩家可以控制游戏人物的行动。游戏的剧情由电影制片人拉里o法森顿和格拉哈姆o雷兹尼克与游戏开发商Supermassive Games精心打造。故事中,八位好友被困在遥远的山区度假村,还有一名不受限制的精神病人。游戏群星云集,其中包含《神盾局特工》(Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)的演员布雷特o道顿,美剧《纳什维尔》(Nashville)的演员海顿o潘妮蒂尔和《极品飞车》(Need for Speed)的演员拉米o马雷克。玩家将控制各个角色探索这个恐怖的世界,试图在黎明到来时存活下来。没有人是安全的。在游戏中,每一个决定都会导致不同的结果。游戏剧本长达一千余页,拥有数百个不同结局等待玩家发掘。蝴蝶效应使得游戏不会有相同的剧情,而唯一不变的是,这款游戏十分惊悚。不要独自一人或是在深夜里尝试它。
马纳尔·阿尔-谢里夫(Manal al-Sharif)

Comparison with the first conditional

The 2014 ranking of 100 programmes for working senior executives is headed by Trium, runby HEC Paris, the London School of Economics and Stern School of Business at New York University. The top five places continue to be dominated by intercontinental EMBAs.
Exports to both South Korea and Asean countries fell by about 3 per cent, however, while those to re-exporter Hong Kong dropped by more than 16 per cent.
“From one son of the South and sports fanatic to another, my hat’s off to you,” tweeted Bill Clinton, the former US president, in response to the article.
In news that should come as little surprise to global air travelers, Singapore's done it again.

– If I won the lottery, I’d buy a car.
– If I win the lottery tonight, I’ll buy a car tomorrow.

However, its alumni are the most mobile internationally, with 85 per cent of the class of 2014 having worked abroad.

Comparisons with the third conditional and wish

10. 米歇尔?詹尼克(澳大利亚跨栏运动员)
The other sex toy apparently belonged to a Chinese imperial family.
A jailed con artist who falls in love with another inmate and escapes prison multiple times could only be the work of fiction, but this is more or less the real story of Steven Jay Russel. Much like his film counterpart, played by Jim Carrey, Russell was originally sent to prison for fraud. He escaped his first sentence to be with his partner Jim Kemple, who at the time was dying from AIDS. Russell was found two years later and returned to prison. Kemple died soon after.

Also, it is really beneficial to introduce the verb wish and how this is related to the second conditional. The following will show this:

– I wish I had more time. If I had more time, I could do so much more.
– I wish we had more money. If we had more money, we could go on vacation this year.
– I wish it wasn’t raining, then we could go to the beach.

Explain how this relates to the 2nd conditional and that we use wish when we want a change of circumstance.

Further videos and homework

This frame lets you hang your hammock anywhere. You can use it on the water. Snow. On the road.
This raises the risk of heavy rains and flooding, scientists pointed out, because warmer temperatures would lead to more water vapour in the world’s atmosphere.

For homework, you can give the above videos, more exercises, and ask your students to write some sentences using the second conditional and wish.

Problems with pronunciation

A lot of students have problems with pronouncing would and it sometimes sounds like they are saying good. To get around this problem I ask my students to say the following words:

  • Win
  • Wing
  • Wood
  • Would

Usually, the problem isn’t the w sound, but confusion about how would is pronounced. Practice the difference between would and good until your students can say them both clearly.


Faber laughs at Bernanke's remark that the economy would be strong enough later this year so he could take his foot off the gas, that is begin 'tapering, or scaling back it's stimulative quantitative easing (QE) program later this year.' Yes, laughed.
Cross-cultural Instrumental performance (Yanni, USA, and Chang Jing)


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