And while there is still a long way to go before airplanes designed and made in China compete on the world stage with the likes of the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320, the momentum is there, and the country’s aerospace industry is entering a new phase of development and maturity.
The latest commerce ministry figures do not include real estate purchases by individuals, many of whom exploit loopholes in China's capital control regime to obtain foreign currency. But the foreign exchange regulator has recently moved to close such loopholes, notably by tightening control of forex purchases by individuals, who are allowed to exchange $50,000 worth of renminbi for foreign currency each year.


Domestic data

State Statistical Office (broad sets of data for the Macedonian economy, excl. monetary and financial data)

我国宅基地也将“三权分置” (broad sets of data for the Macedonian economy – monetary, banking and external-economy data)

Ministry of finance (budget and public debt data)

Insurance Supervision Agency (insurance sector data)

135家上市房企上半年营收达7740亿 八成房企利润上涨 (pension system data)


Cross-country data

International Monetary Fund (broad sets of macro data for all economies in the world)

从数据看LED照明行业无限“钱景” (broad sets of macro data for all economies in the world)

家具销售缺乏监管到处是坑 消费者“步步惊心” (sets of data on governance and institutions)

西安长沙两个省会城市的楼市新政 会引发连锁效应吗? (sets of microeconomic data)

沪指涨1.57%站上3100点 两市成交破万亿 (sets of development indicators)

开学季来临 儿童家居市场加温 (sets of data in the domain of education)

Eurostat (broad sets of data, mainly for the European economies)

ОЕCD (broad sets of data, mainly for the OECD member states)

通州口岸一期项目竣工下月启用 将成北方最大内陆港和口岸经济区 (data on the global financial system)

UNCTAD (broad set of data on international trade and FDIs)

1月家居消费需求进入淡季 促销力度不输十一 (set of broad databases for various indicators in the areas of labor economics)

Exchange rate regimes (de-facto classification of the exchange rate regimes, Reinhart and Rogoff, 2004)

Real effective exchange rates (Darvas, 2012)

家居业玩起了七十二变:行业颓势不断减弱 (micro-datasets on remittances in the Western Balkans)



Leading Composite Index (a composite index forecasting the economic activity in Macedonia, 2010 – to date)

Index of Financial Stability (a composite index for measuring the stability of the banking system in Macedonia, 2006 – to date) (series on poverty, inequality, social programs, budget lines on social policy in Macedonia, 2000-to date)